modder resource

  1. sclover13

    ThiccAsFreakness [TAF] - Mod Template 1.0

    ---- Link to the ThiccAsFreakness TAF Mod [Light Skin] ---- Modding template FLA for people interested in creating mods, clothes, or costumes for the TAF mod.
  2. sclover13

    SkinnyBitch - Mod Template 1.0

    ---- Link to SkinnyBitch Body Mod [Light Skin] --- Currently only the light skin mod is available. This will be updated in the near future. This modding tool should help any modder who would like to design clothing or costumes for SkinnyBitch body mod.
  3. SyntaxTerror

    SDT 1.21.1b.fla .

    This is SDT.swf (version 1.21.1b) decompiled and recompiled into an FLA file with JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler. It is completely useless if you don't have Adobe Flash Pro/Animate to edit it, but it can be helpful to some modders that want to recover some body parts, clothing or hair from the...
  4. SyntaxTerror

    Loader - Screenshot Positions 1.0

    This is only intended for artists and modders that release screenshot example of their mods. This is a Loader version especially set up for me by @sby that has minimal addons and shows only the girl on a white background, avoiding that she closes her eyes. The girl has SD Chan 2's hair, with...
  5. Perdition

    Making basic Isolation Mods

    After having a conversation with ZeroTheFinal, I thought I should make thread of that conversation to help anyone that wants to make their own basic isolation mods. If people show interest in this then I'll update this thread with more details on how to use this program. The method I used...
  6. The Hacker Known As Snow

    How to make mods

  7. SyntaxTerror

    Custom Data Cleaner 1.3

    This tool is only intended for artists and modders that release their mods along with custom datas. When providing custom datas with mods, most of the time it is unneccessary (if not a source of bother for users), to leave parts like His clothing, Her mood, body positions, background, etc. This...
  8. Rincewiend

    Found a nice resource for real hairstyles.

    I guess i will post this here... Found a Lingerie shop site that also sells wigs and hairpieces and most of them have nice sideview photos of them. Someone might want these as imports or could use them as inspiration for creating anime/toon hairs. The images are bigger on the site itself...
  9. C

    Custom Automation 7.0

    Provides extra triggers for dialogues to use to gain much greater control of the action. Not terribly useful for the majority of dialogues currently available, but VERY useful for those trying to create a story rather than just adding lines for different situations. For example: With the...
  10. Toffi

    Tutorial 1.0

    Includes a demo-project as well as hardsaves and poses to fiddle around with. Release: June 2016 Download the FM2nd-engine here: 2D_FIGHTER_MAKER_2K2.rar (2.34MB) -
  11. The Hacker Known As Snow

    SDT Decompiled v1.21.1b

    This is a decompile of the vanilla game, v1.21.1b, the last release from Konashion's blogspot. It was made using Sothink SWF Decompiler 7.4 In it you will find all of the game's: Sprites(.svg) Images(.jpeg/.png) Sounds(.mp3) Animations/Morph Shape(.swf) Action Script code(.as) Text(.txt) HTMLs...
  12. AdrianMcClean 0.1

    This Python script can be used to replace shapes in a SWF file with ones you have drawn in Inkscape and saved as SVG. It is a cheapskate alternative to a full flash authoring environment, if all you want to do is tweak somebody else's flash mod. You will need to download and install a separate...
  13. ModGuy

    SDT Loader 5.45d

    To use the SDT Loader, extract it into a new folder and run Loader.swf using the standalone Flash Player projector application. Extracting the folder into an existing vanilla SDT folder is possible, but not recommended. Playing the game via a web browser is possible, but not recommended. If...
  14. stuntcock

    Dynamic Hair Extender 5.91

    The physics system built into SDT provides support for fairly simplistic hair animation. Hair strands must usually dangle directly towards the ground when at rest. Inertia and gravity are the dominant forces. This code library extends the physics system. It allows for greater emphasis on...