[Release] Echo of Soul Mod Loader v1


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Feb 26, 2014
Posted first on tumblr.


It’s not as pretty as the one I showed off, I know…. But it is working. Included in this package is the mod loader itself and as an example the tribal tattoo I showed off previously which replaces the dragon tattoo on archers.

Download: EDIT: Deleted broken link
This program was written by Miyako Productions. Please like/reblog the tumblr post if you found it usefull.
How to use:
1. Edit settings.ini with the appropriate file paths.
modInstallPath=I:\AeriaGames\EOS\GameClient\Data\Textures // Path to the textures folder.
launcherPath=I:\AeriaGames\EOS\EOSLauncher.exe // Path to the launcher here.
2. Place custom .utx files into the “mods” folder.
3. Run “EOS Mod Loader v1.exe”
4. Open the launcher first and allow it to repair any files.
5. Click “Apply Mods” and wait for the message box to appear.
6. Start game as usual and enjoy custom textures.

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May 27, 2012
bad news, korea server just went down permanently.

it is just matter of days before rest of the servers will shut down also.
Sorry for the belated reply after 3 years hehe. They relaunched it using a byname called Phoenix and been up since quite a while. Korean team got renewed new community staff new developer team this time at Daum EOS | Daum 게임. Their XignCode protection service at Aeria Games is still tricky as it stays up to date. No time to figure it out now but hell yea.... they got a new hot sexy female class Paladin. This makes me wanna mod that so bad.

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