tera adult mods

  1. L

    [TERA] Elin simple nude patch (working as of Mar.2.2021)

    Hello! This is my first post here and I'm not very familiar with formatting with these tools so this won't be the prettiest post ever but I hope it helps someone. I've been a long time on and off TERA player both on the Japanese server and English server and I'm also a huge pervert and love...
  2. Exannger

    Tera nude mod males

    Hey I'm trying to get a nude mod for males on Tera online but can't find anything "good". I've seen some and really good ones with nipples, and well done detailed parts for females but not interested lol. As much I've done this: That one with happy trail For human race also But they dont...
  3. P

    XTera (Tera Physics Adjuster by mxjzm_) Fix Request!

    Hi, everyone! I was wondering if anyone could help out with fixing mxjzm's body mod for Tera Online! Mxjzm hasn't been able to fix the crashing issues that started to occur after the xigncode updates nor has anyone been able to address the issue of abnormal results being displayed in-game due to...
  4. A

    Tera Online nude mods 2018 ( not decensors )

    Played TERA years ago, however after picking it up a month ago, I have not found any nude mods that work for high elves. Perhaps looking in the wrong place. Ill post what I have found and everyone can add your own, and eventually all the links will be consolidated here for an updated list. Ive...