How can I create a "save" file?

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I'm ceating a dialogue witch grew over the time of a few years and now I have a really big dialouge witch contains several hours to play through.
I want to save my progress on the dialogue at any time and continue where I left it sometimes.
So, my question is:
Is there a possibility to "create" a "save file" in the dialogue on a button and load it even if I closed the game?
All the initial_settings that have changed while the ongoing of the dialogue.

I saw game saving in the dialogue of WeeWillie's Slave Bazaar.
I looked through his code and ended in following dependency after dependency.

I would appreciate any asnwer even if it takes much effort to write the "save file" dialogue of what ever it takes to save.
Giving me any idea of loading ist would be nice too, so why should I save it, if I can load it. :grin:
The Loading looked like that:
SaveChoice:"[SETGLOBALBYNAME_Constant.slave4.Name][SAVESETVARS_BAZAAR_Progression._Player.][SAVESETVARS_CUSTOM_Sister._PlayerCustom.][SaveChoice2]" {"style":"him", "set":{"Progression.Rev":94}}
SaveChoice2:"[WW_PLAYERSTATS_1][LoadFile*Progression.FileID*]" {"style":"him"}

LoadFile0:"Loading Foyer" {"style":"him","set":{"da.dialogue.load":"Girl0.txt"}}
LoadFile1:"Loading Girl1" {"style":"him","set":{"da.dialogue.load":"Girl1.txt"}}
LoadFile2:"Loading Girl2" {"style":"him","set":{"da.dialogue.load":"Girl2.txt"}}

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you get my point.

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Hi German Prince,

The DialogueActions mod (DA) permit you to save variables and load them again when you restart the game. You need to write your dialogue in such a way that the saved variables actually progress the story in a meaningful way - you need to make your variables "come alive" so to speak.

For example, let's say you have the variable "chapter", and your dialogue has five chapters. Then you could do this:

intro:"[int*chapter*]" {"style":"Thought"}
int1:"This is what I say in chapter 1 of the story"
int2:"I won't say this until chapter 2 of the story, and only then"
int3:"My intro lines for chapter 3 go here"

You use the DA triggers SAVESETVARS and SAVEGETVARS to set and retrieve saved variables. Refer to the DA mod documentation for details. If all this seems daunting, start small - make small dialogues that work with the save mechanic. Then upscale and rewrite your huge dialogue to work in the same way.

German Prince

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Hello Slingerbult,

I really appreciate your answer.
So this is more like generic checkpoints, I guess?

This will be a hell of work to integrate it into some dialogue with almost 4000 lines.
I will try that on some shorter dialogues. I'am a bit sad that there's no way to "collect" the data.

Thank you very much for your fast reply and you actually helping advise.

Best regards,

edgelord 3000

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If you have something in common with your lines, you could probably do a search/replace and just put [SAVEGETVARS_filename_progressvariable] into each line. Assuming that you have a variable that determines how far you've progressed trough the dialogue.


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I'am a bit sad that there's no way to "collect" the data.

Thank you very much for your fast reply and you actually helping advise.
Glad it helped! ”Collecting” the data is the hard part. The system requires you to think about your variable structure beforehand, so that key save variables are updated at the right moments.

For example, my current project is about training an inexperienced girlfriend to become more experienced. So I have one set of 3-4 save variables that govern sexual experience in various areas (such as oral), and they in turn govern her sexual behaviour and what she says and what happens next. Then I also have two generic variables, one save and one non-save, for general progression. The non-save variable governs things as back and forth dialogue to keep it from repeating during the same date - the save variable keeps track of how many dates you’ve been on thus far. By using this handful of variables creatively, it is possible to create an illusion of seamless progression without completely steering the dialogue user along a linear path.


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If I may, I'd like to ask a question concerning this topic too. I was looking into the documentation for DA and I found the trigger [SAVESETVARS_name_variable1_variable2_variableN] and I found it used in the previously mentioned Slave Bazaar. However, I only found examples where it saves or loads 3 variables. Is it limited to only 3 or can it have any other number of variables in the same trigger? I would assume any number, within reason, but it's safer to ask than to assume.