dialogue actions

  1. C

    My Male Best Friend is a Succubus - Dialogue 2021-04-05

    Fairly short dialogue that changes after cumming, can be failed with enough effort Aniki in Japanese means big brother, one's superior Requires dialogueactions, moretriggers
  2. GrimUrsine

    Dialogue trigger/event.

    Hey, um, noob question? I'm trying to write a dialogue, everything's fine and dandy, but is there any way I can force a line to play instantly as a variable reaches a certain value? More specifically, I want a line to trigger and to add to a custom variable as soon as da.pleasurePercentage...
  3. Wither

    Gagged Reactions 3.1

    "Gagged Reactions" is exactly what it says on the tin: A dialogue designed to be used primarily when "she" is gagged with a ring, dental, plug or other open-mouthed gag, for fans of bondage and/or breathplay. However, this also includes normal dialogue if you want the submissive to speak or if...
  4. sleeperservice

    Dialogue linetype for Him cumming

    Originally posted about this in the DialogueActions thread but it looks like that modder is dead now, so I'm breaking it out into its own thread. Simply, I'd like a small mod, or extension to DialogueActions or AnimTools, that adds a linetype triggered by Him cumming. SDT and AnimTools only...
  5. Antimatter42

    At the Dentist ver. 2.0

    After seeing this background by @astounded (found here: Backgrounds presented by Astounded (Mainly real) [Updated on 15.04.02]) I decided to create a dialogue based on this background. The scenario is that a dentist tells his patient that her oral health is less than satisfactory, and that his...
  6. A

    RWBY Neo (filled request)

    Hey, all! I've been slowly getting into dialogue writing lately and have recently finished a dialogue for Neo from RWBY (as requested here: My Dialouge Requests). The female character doesn't really talk in this dialogue (much like on the show), but you should have her name set. Obviously...
  7. Pim_gd

    Pim_gd's Mods - DialogueActions v4.08 (15 Jan 2017)

    DialogueActions - v4.08 (15 Jan 2017) Current "stable" version is v4.08, uploaded 15 January 2017. Check the bitbucket repo for the latest sources. There's also a development version v4.09, which contains the most recent bugfixes and various poorly tested features. Requires Loader 5.41b+...