1. K

    How to develop a SDT Loader SWF Mods?

    Hi. I'm new here and wanting to know how you get information and make SWF Mods of SDT Loader. Is there any manuals or tutorials, or someone's blog posts? Or, all is a kind of products of reverse engineering??
  2. I

    Mabel Pines

    Hi art wizards! I'm hoping to request swfs for (an all grown up) Mabel Pines' hair and sweater. I was actually able to track down a pretty solid reference for her with a good side profile, attached below. Also, if anyone knows of a good forest bg I'd be glad to hear of it. if not I'll have to...
  3. ly27318

    Please help decompile it into fla, I will lose the frame when unpacking with ffdec

  4. Gwen Stacy's Bangs

    Gwen Stacy's Bangs 1.0 [Static] [RGB] [hair add]

    Based on SyntaxTerror's RGB Dynamic Ponytail (03), extract the static bangs
  5. Makoto Nanaya (Blazblue) Hair + Tail + Kneesocks + Boots

    Makoto Nanaya (Blazblue) Hair + Tail + Kneesocks + Boots 2013

    Makoto Nanaya (Blazblue) Hair + Tail + Kneesocks + Boots by MaxLinkMax
  6. Hatsune Miku  twintails

    Hatsune Miku twintails 1.0 [Dynamic][RGB] [hair add]

    Based on Konashion "Miku" hair, extract the twintail and make it RGB adjustable
  7. Pixie Cut

    Pixie Cut 2013

    Pixie Cut (Dynamic Hair) by Rufferto
  8. Backless Top

    Backless Top 2013

    Backless Top (Loader) by TOlive
  9. Bob's bang

    Bob's bang 1.0 [Static] [RGB] [hair add]

    make a stand-alone of a bob's bang.
  10. Jinx's wick

    Jinx's wick 1.0 [Static] [RGB] [hair add]

    Based on dantethedarkprince's "Jinx's Dynamic Hair", extract the static hair top and make it RGB
  11. [RGB] Static Leaf's bangs [hair add]

    [RGB] Static Leaf's bangs [hair add] 1.0

    Based on Sombra's Leaf Dynamic Hair, extract the static top&back layers and make it RGB adjustable
  12. [RGB] Static Chinese buns [hair add]

    [RGB] Static Chinese buns [hair add] 1.1

    Based on @Konashion "Chun-li" static hair, extract the buns and make it RGB adjustable
  13. [RGB] Tassel

    [RGB] Tassel 1.0

    Based on dantethedarkprince's 'Ahri's Outfit'', isolates the tassel and makes it RGB adjustable.
  14. L

    Cant save SWF mods anymore

    Hey so, i've recently downloaded the Loader, Amnitools, PenisRange, ans AnySizeHer (Only did it now because I found a flash player that actually works) and i've been having lots of fun, but recently for whatever reason I cant save SWF mods to my characters anymore. I can still USE them and load...
  15. Gloria Outfit

    Gloria Outfit v2

    Based on the default outfit of the female protagonist in Pokemon Sword and Shield
  16. Nessa Outfit

    Nessa Outfit 2020-07-03

    An outfit for the water gym leader from Pokemon Sword and Shield
  17. Deleted member 232679

    How to convert Static Hair into dynamic Swf files?

    I just need the program that is used, Adobe Creative Cloud fucked up my computer so I had to delete that. Any other programs that work?
  18. Sonia Outfit

    Sonia Outfit 2019-07-01

    Based on the granddaughter of the new professor in Pokémon Sword and Shield
  19. Saphron Cotta-Arc Outfit

    Saphron Cotta-Arc Outfit 2019-03-23

    Based on Jaune's sister from Volume 6 of RWBY
  20. Terra Cotta-Arc Outfit

    Terra Cotta-Arc Outfit 2019-02-03

    Based on the local Argus technician from Volume 6 of RWBY


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