1. K

    New to the game, just need a lil help on a few things

    Hey, so i downloaded the Sb loader pack and all seems to be going well, except a few things the first issue is that when i go to change the female character in the scene tab, some characters do not load properly. It will say this () Im assuming im missing the files for the hair and some...
  2. ExpandLonger

    Where are the Character Files for the base Loader characters ?

    As mentionned in the title, I am searching for the characters that are in the base version of the SDT loader. I use th sby loader pack, but there isn't any of the base characters such as Miku, Samus, Tifa etc... Does anyone know how I can get these characters in sby loader pack version of the game ?
  3. Super18

    How to add clothing presets like default savefile in modlist?

    Hi! I was really wondering how to set the clothing presets to your own characterfolders. If you take a look at the name preset for example, she has an icon in the top right corner that allows you to dress her up in her default clothing. I wish to know if there is an easy approach to getting...
  4. Vez

    Lyra Static Hair 1.0

  5. T

    Can't load a character I've previously made?

    I'm fairly new to SDT. I've made 2 different characters on separate occasions, and I'm trying to load them now and it's refusing. I've not changed the mods since then either?
  6. ds14048

    Include dialogue into mod?

    First I did search so I apologize if I missed it. Is it possible to include my custom dialogue into my next character mod? By dialogue I mean just the plain text type. Thanks
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