1. Y

    Paid request for Black Desert clothing mods

    我需要移植和定制全新的黑色沙漠服装,请使用 discord NEG#5227 与我联系。每个模组将支付不同的报酬 I need to transplant and customize a brand new Black Desert costume, please contact me using discord NEG#5227
  2. T

    Looking for specific clothing

    Hello there, I need help finding these specific clothing, I know the tights, are 'Overknee' the skirt, i'm not sure of, any ideas?
  3. Cleaned up Little Black Dress

    Cleaned up Little Black Dress 1

    tweaked version of Dante's breast slider little black dress mod
  4. W

    Is it easy to adjust existing clothing to fit different body mods?

    I maybe biting off more than I can handle here, but for context there's a couple of really nice body mods combined (thicker thighs 1.0 and skinny stomach 2013) that give her a really nice athletic figure, but of course, most of the clothing for the bottom doesn't fit right. Is it possible to...
  5. S

    Clothing Request - Business Pants [HER] - REQUEST FILLED

    Hello everyone! new here! I think its a simple request (dont know how much work it actually is) for some business pants for Her. I searched everywhere for something like that and only found jeans and skirts. There is a lack of pants like loose ones or business pant to name a few. I found a...
  6. D

    Clothing Request - Sex Arcade Gag

    Hello, I am making this request for this gag made by The Sabu. Thank you to whoever takes up this task.
  7. marine helmet

    marine helmet 1.0

    a mod of the halo reach marine helmet
  8. Dirtyglasses7

    SDT Clothing Request: Fallout Vault Suit

    Requesting the Vault Tech jumpsuits from fallout.
  9. S

    Loader Saved Character Clothing

    Hello! I have properly created Character Folders per the SDT Newbie Guide on my loader, however, the clothing colors are not saving over. Whenever I startup the Loader, the character's swf clothing starts off as black. If I change the color, it then transfers over to when I change to another...
  10. A

    Clothing for the BreastExpansion mod?

    I'm somewhat of a fan of the Taimanin Series, mostly because of Igawa Sakura. Now I have the hair mod for her I just want to know if there's a way for the clothing to stretch as her belly expands, same in the breasts too. Oh, and the Clothing is Igawa Sakura's costume btw. I hope it's not too...
  11. D

    Clothing Request - Some Shoes for Feet 4 Heels

    Hello, I am making this request for some shoes compatible with the Feet 4 Heels mod. I really like the shape and look of the feet from it, but the only shoes available for it are heels, which do not work with every outfit. I am hoping someone is able to create some of the shoes I have included...
  12. Tombstone

    Fuzzy 'Mule' Slippers

    I would like someone to make Fuzzy 'Mule' Slippers. I would like them to be Type: Footwear (obviously), and if possible, the Primary RGB slider should control the Vamp and the Sole (the suede-like parts), and the Secondary RGB slider should control the insole and upper (the "fuzzy" parts)...
  13. RGB Soi Fon Clothes

    RGB Soi Fon Clothes 2022-01-18

    RGB adjustable clothes of Soi Fon from Bleach
  14. RGB Morrigan Leotard

    RGB Morrigan Leotard 2022-01-08

    RGB adjustable leotard worn by Morrigan from Darkstalkers
  15. RGB Tinkerbell Dress

    RGB Tinkerbell Dress 2022-01-07

    RGB adjustable dress worn by Tinkerbell from Peter Pan
  16. RGB Ayaka Skirt

    RGB Ayaka Skirt 1.0

    RGB adjustable skirt worn by Ayaka from Genshin Impact
  17. Yura Costume (Colors Edit)

    Yura Costume (Colors Edit) 2013

    Yura Costume (Colors Edit) by GOLLUM
  18. White Dress (Color Edits)

    White Dress (Color Edits) 2013

    White Dress (Color Edits) by GOLLUM
  19. Librarian Skirt (Color Edit)

    Librarian Skirt (Color Edit) 2013

    Librarian Skirt (Color Edit) by Gollum
  20. Underworld Latex Bodysuit (Colors + Neckless Edits)

    Underworld Latex Bodysuit (Colors + Neckless Edits) 2013

    Underworld Latex Bodysuit (Colors + Neckless Edits) by Gollum


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