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Help with throatcumbulge v2

Discussion in 'Help' started by odbbghzw, May 23, 2016.

  1. odbbghzw

    odbbghzw Potential Patron

    Nov 27, 2014
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    So I downloaded the mod and placed the "throatcumbulgev2" swf file inside the INIT folder. However, I don't know if I actually have it working or not. Is it supposed to load upon start and tell me it's loaded or something? And once working do additional options show up in-game?

    Appreciate any assistance.
  2. stuntcock

    stuntcock Staff Member Moderator

    Jun 5, 2012
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    Please take a look at Huitznahua's guide. He has described the role of the $INIT$ folder and provided usage examples. It is especially important to note that merely dropping a SWF file into the folder is not sufficient; you must also declare that file within the $INIT$\Mods.txt file.

    Mods generally do not add options to the GUI, because such additions would tend to overlap or collide with each other. Animtools is a noteworthy exception; it adds convenient buttons to activate the various custom character positions. sby's allalphaslidersV5 mod adds small RGB selector buttons to the GUI. WeeWillie's dialogs draw buttons within the actual gameplay space - to support new forms of player control and choice.

    But in general: you should look for a Settings file. Many Loader mods will include one, and it will allow you to tinker with various configurable elements provided by the mod author. The files themselves will often include inline comments describing the purpose of each adjustable parameter (and/or recommended limits). If such details are missing, then you can reply to the author's thread and ask for additional information.