character folders

  1. thelonelyturtle

    dark skin character oc

    So I update the file with more gal. update: so I got around to add more gal. this time I add other two color being purple and blue. MEGA [EDITED BY A STAFF MEMBER] Moved back to the Imports section as it is not mods per se, but only a custom characters file.
  2. M

    Skin Change in Char Code is Removing SWF Mods

    I've been using Custom Character folders for the Loader for a bit now and I've got a good handle of the process, there's just one minor annoyance in which some of the Mods I use, like Skinny_Stomach don't load because the character code changes the skin color and removes the mod. I've gotten...
  3. Kent

    New Loader unloads mods when loading a custom character

    Ok, before I fully describe this bug and how to replicate it, let me explain how I save my characters. I save them as a mod. Within my mods folder is another folder just for characters, and each character folder has its own code.txt, a hair file and in some cases, a background file. I don't...
  4. M

    SDT: How to install male mods/How to make custom characters save with hair/clothes

    Well the title is self explanatory. I'd like to know how to install the male mods and if there's a way to save my custom characters with the .swf files/ hair/ clothes. Also completely unrelated when I click one of those links that says "SDT" it always sends me to the forums and I have to...
  5. R

    Erase All Saved Characters in Loader

    Hello all! I'm using SBY loader pack 5.545 and Flashplayer 11 After loading characters from "sby's Char List Backup18", I've decided to wipe them all and start fresh. I've been having a heck of a time doing this without going through 1 by 1. Before I start the manual process, are these...