1. UmperSnark

    Duplicate problem not resolved by past fix: Mods from Character folders not loading

    Hello, all. Longtime fan of SDT, first time on the forums. I would like to try my hand at making some dialogues because I think I'm a pretty good writer, so I am challenging myself to start learning how the game works! The first dialogue I want to do involves an Android, so I set out to gather...
  2. M

    Clothes color problem

    Hello ! I am using SDT Loader with "flashplayer_10_3r183_90_win_sa". I am creating new characters by creating folders into the Mods directory, like this: . Everything works well everytime, my only problem is that swf mods for clothes don't save their color set into the RGB sliders. For example...
  3. fleet

    Are you having a problem requiring administrator attention?

    If registered members are having a problem at Undertow (such as being unable to upload or download) please start a topic in the linked section Link -> Very respectfully, fleet (global moderator)

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