1. Will most likely forget

    Vector W8 supercar background 2021-08-04

    One of my all time dream rides has been the Vector W8. One of the most seductive cars ever made and will make every woman's panties drop within a 5 mile radius. Think of this BG as if its like a porn photoshoot or its a rich man and his GF.
  2. Will most likely forget

    Gunslinger monster truck background 2021-08-02

    This is my first attempt at a resource/add-on to SDT, so I decided to start by making a background. Two of the greatest things known to man are big tits and monster trucks. I felt that they needed to be put together. I dedicate this one to Scott Hartsock, driver of the Gunslinger monster truck...
  3. DigitalSmutExports

    Sexy Empire Background 1.1

    16:9 background with an animation of the girl in the middle masturbating. Shoutout to @SyntaxTerror for creating the template and to @sby for the 16:9 precum flashing script embedded in it. Default zoom Zoomed in Default position
  4. sclover13

    Onsen Animated Foreground and Background T1 1.0 LDR

    Onsen Animated Foreground and Background T1 [LOADER] This mod is to simulate being actually in the onsen rather then outside it. There is a foreground layer and background layer. The foreground is loaded in via LOADER and does persist until reset. ***The steam causes lag when zooming, however...
  5. Faceless

    Loader Mods Vol 3 2019-11-06

    Loader Mods Vol 3 by Faceless Mod List: Condom v2, Horse Crop, Fingerless Gloves, Ring for Her, Kaa Eye, Mileena Gloves, Minotaur (Male), Nipple Chain (new), Peephole, Poison Gear, Rinnegan Eye, Shibari (v2?), Shigure Eyebrow v2, Sonia Gloves, Tentacles, Thick Eyebrows, Tree Canopy (Foreground...
  6. sclover13

    Glitch Techs Nerd Girl Room Background Animated 2.0 V

    Glitch Techs Miko Kubota Nerd Girl Room Background Animated [Vanilla] >>This mod will randomly cycle through various porn channels in the background.<< Version 2.0 [Still Vanilla] Hi_5 just popping in to say hey. To get him to join the party click the invisible toggle button on the left side...
  7. sclover13

    Industrial Rain - Animated Background 1.0 V

    Industrial Rain - Animated Background [Vanilla] This is a very old mod (from 2013) that I'm moving from it's dusty home on mediafire to here on the resource manager.
  8. sclover13

    StarCraft Battlefield - Animated Background 1.0V

    Original Title: Nuclear Wasteland [Background][Vanilla] This is a very old mod (from 2013) that I'm moving from it's dusty home on mediafire to here on the resource manager.
  9. sclover13

    Nicole Watterson Custom Animated Background Type I 1.0 V

    Animated Background - Nicole Watterson Custom Type I [VANILLA] (The Amazing World of Gumball) Original animation art by Manyakis, masked and repurposed for SDT. Recommended mod to use with this background: @Rod 's BG Depth Of Field...
  10. B

    sdt background animated

    Forgive the English, I created this animated background "cinema". I would like to contribute for the customization of the SDT character. in the drawing I'm fine, but in the script text less (due to inexperience), I attach gif as in preview and the swf, maybe someone can download it, modify it...
  11. M

    Star Wars Backbrounds (23) v2011

    Star Wars Backbrounds (23) by Moocher
  12. M

    City Background 1 v2011

    City Background 1 by Moocher
  13. T

    Tennis Wimbledon Background 2012-06-19

    Tennis Wimbledon Background by TheCount
  14. T

    Tennis French Open Background 2012-06-19

    Tennis French Open Background by TheCount
  15. chainsawplayin

    chainsawplayin's backgrounds

    Mainly beach and pool backgrounds for now, also some wrestling ring and house construction. Download link HERE!
  16. Chuckles H.W. Jones

    The Backrooms 2021-03-08

    hee ho
  17. sclover13

    Glitch Techs Miko Kubota Nerd Girl Room Background 1

    Request by Hank for Nerdy Girl Bedroom. Animated version to come soon.
  18. R

    Temple of Anubis 1.0

    Made for use with Pharah, for example: Enjoy.
  19. sclover13

    Pika Punks Animated Background 1

    Ever wanted an elevator full of Japanese people wearing Pikachu costume's to barge in on your blowie time? Well, now you can.
  20. Failing Up

    Tent Background Pack with Template 1.0

    I wanted a camping background to go with my Yuru Camp girl hairs, but the tent backgrounds in the archive were set by a beach rather than a forest and none set at night. I realized that I could edit the old tent background and create a tent template for making easy camping backgrounds set in a...