Help Finding a Particular Dialogue

Vivacious Visitor
Oct 28, 2012
Howdy there folks,

I humbly ask for some help locating a certain dialogue that was a favorite of mine. It was a dialogue that revolved around an office setting, where the boss/supervisor was blackmailed by a co-worker/subordinate for stealing money from the company, or something to that effect. The boss gets all flustered about the worker wanting his blowjob payment now, when there is a board meeting in the adjoining conference room. She gets all irritated at the situation, and of course, how massive the guy's dong is, saying if she knew it was this big, she'd have just had sex with him.

A secondary request, is if somehow, someway, one of you awesome dialogue modder's were able to update this dialogue into the whole Dialogue Options era, to include the sex this boss mentioned, that'd be pretty freaking awesome too.
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