1. P

    Braixen Static Hair (Pokemon) 1.0

    I am a bit impressed that no one has done this before...
  2. S

    Cream the Rabbit head

    Hi, first time posting a request so sorry if I'm not doing this right. I was wondering if someone could make or maybe edit this Judy Hopps head to look like Cream the Rabbit's fur pattern. Cream Reference Judy Hopps Head
  3. Vasyan

    Furry Mouth ... Lipstick??? v1

    Ok, so I found at "Furries's Furry mods!" a great "furry mouth small" mod... So, I conjured on the .fla Furries left to other modders and make mod that removes jaw and cheeks and makes lipstick replace the jaw. Alright, thats it for now. Hope you'll enjoy it. Xo xo. P.s. Sorry for...
  4. Apollion

    Foxy's head sfm 2020-11-14

    Hoy ! Well uh I haved posted my Foxy's head not a the good place tho so im moving it here so now people can see it (This hair mod is not at all the best i have made ._.) Well uh for people who want have fun with foxy, well there is it :D Little view of the mod(it took me 4 hours and it was...
  5. FerityWorld

    [PC] Ferity World - New 3D Adult Game

    Hey folks, We are working on a 3D, Open World Adult Game with a focus on survival mechanics, real-time relationships and breeding. A variety of different game modes will be available to our players in the base game, but we also have plans to eventually release a level editor which will allow...
  6. Perdition

    Dahlia Hair 2020-01-12

    Static hair mod of Dahlia/Tsuki from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  7. V

    Thicker Ass And Hooves 2019-11-19

    This mod combines @stuntcock's Thicker Ass and Legs mod with @dantethedarkprince's Hooves mod and recolors for the 4 different skin tones. Color will automatically change when you select different skin tone. I will not be making this for normal legs, sorry, but if someone else wants to do it...
  8. K

    Real Horsedicks 2019-10-03

    Hi all, this is my first upload here, hope you like it somehow. Template of the horsecocks thanks to lemurian seed, who seems to be gone now for a while.
  9. S

    [HTML] A Space Sovereign [First release, RPG]

    A Space Sovereign Before talking about the game and the proyect, well, I wanted to thanks to everyone who make this type of games, games that were my inspirations to start with this, my first project. A Space Sovereign is a classic turn RPG ambientated in a futuristic outer space. For now is...
  10. yiggityyo

    Him replacer: dog person (furry)

    I have seen many many female furry mods on here but very few, if any him replacers to go along with them. I am requesting somebody makes a furry male replacer, dog/wolf themed. Priorities would be having it match the art style of SDT, and having it be dog/wolf/fox type of fur and not...
  11. F

    Flora - TwoKinds - Hair 2019-05-31

    Just a quick hair mod I made for myself, modified a little bit to fit. Figured others might enjoy it. Two versions, one with a face stripe and one without. Mods used for the screenshot: Countess mod in sby's loaderpack Tiger Girl by superduper2019 Character code...
  12. Perdition

    Miqote Tail 2019-04-21

    Based on @Synonymous's 'Miqote' mod, this mod isolates the tail and turns it into a panty, bottoms, and body mod. Panties and bottoms mods are RGB adjustable and use the secondary RGB slider.
  13. sqerdel40

    snake tail (sdt)

    i would like a snake tail based off the reference images shown for a sdt character (dynamic optional)
  14. Baskilla

    Dogey Dogma ver. 1.0

    I just wanted to share with you all a dialogue I edited of Nepeta-"by f93" called "Dogey Dogma" that I slaved over with my nooby skills, but great word craftsmanship! I was really inspired after reading f93s' really funny cat girl dialogue, it was unlike anything else I have found on this site...
  15. Gil The Mute

    Sonic The Hedgehog - Miles "Tails" Prower

    I'm new here (My english is not that good) and this are my first hairs. I did them on base with the fox hair of Furries' Furry Mods! so also credits to @Furries @stuntcock and @wolsik You can edit them if you want and tips are also welcome.
  16. metaleroda

    lola bunny 2018-11-20

  17. Perdition

    Lopunny Paws 2018-11-19

    RGB adjustable shoes shaped like Lopunny paws. Uses the footwear slot.
  18. Perdition

    Tyuule Ears 2018-11-19

    Based on @Mineur's static hair mod 'Tyuule', this mod gives her rabbit like ears. Uses the Headwear slot.
  19. metaleroda

    wolfgirl 2018-10-30

  20. AdeptusSteve

    [PC] Wild Life - Open World Adult RPG (Development Thread)

    September 2018 Public Build: Copy of PatreonBuild09_2018_Public.zip September 2018 Patreon Build: Patron (10$) Build September 2018 | Adeptus Steve on Patreon Greetings and welcome, Im Steve, my team and me are creating Wild Life - an open world adult RPG. Just recently we have released a...