Dragon's Dogma


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May 29, 2011
Dragon's Dogma (Capcom)

Published: 22nd May 2012
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Genre: Action RPG
Ryona rating: 3/5

For general info about the game, see this post: http://www.ryonani.com/commercial-games/3890-dragons-dogma-2.html#post33612

Female Characters:

This being an RPG, you can create your female character in many ways that you see fit. Will it be short and pretty? Or tall and muscular, but not so pretty? Choice is yours.


For the below portion I'll copy VoreQ's section of ryona elements from the DD thread on Commercial games, since I haven't done much experimenting myself. I excluded parts where it involves your pawns.

- Can divebomb into the hero, knocking her to the ground. Can pick her up and fly with her to a great height, then dropping her for a splatter combo.

Snow Harpy
- Same as harpy, but it can also freeze your hero.

- Can divebomb the hero. Can land on her shoulders and snack on her neck for a while.

- If it gets close to your hero, it will land on her shoulders and prep its stinger to strike. Fail in QTE and feel the stinger turn her slowly to stone. Petrified hero is shattered upon physical attack.

Wolf / Direwolf
- Both types can tackle your hero to knock her on the ground, and then chew on her lying on the ground.

- Same as wolves, but it can drag hero away by the arm.

- It can grab the hero from behind or the front and feast on her neck.

Phantasm / Phantom
- Both versions can possess the hero.

- Tentacles with mouths at the end. The longer, larger tentacles can swallow up your lower half before eventually swinging around and throwing them.

- Ogre will grab the hero, run away with her, then chew on her.

- The cyclops will also take a couple bites out of your hero if it manages to grab her.

Chimera / Gorechimera
- Pins your hero to the ground and chews on her. Snake in the back can grab the hero which then proceeds to hold her over the goat who licks her and is then thrown to the lion in the front who mauls her.

Golem/Metal Golem
- Golems will grab your hero with both hands and squeeze her.

- Can swallow your hero whole. If the bulge she makes in its throat reaches Hydra's main body, bye bye.

- Griffin can pin and peck at your hero.

- Can inflict petrification.

Evil Eye
- Tentacles with mouths sprout out along its body. It'll use these to throw your hero if she's too close. It can also "fall" onto her with its mouth, swallowing her - it will then chew on her but it will eventually spit her out. Also if she's climbing on its back it'll grab her with a tentacle and then shove her into its mouth.

Drake / Wyrm / Wyvern
- They share the same grab as far as I can tell. Each can grab your hero and slam her into the ground.

Dragon / Ur-Dragon
- The Dragon and Ur-dragon share the grab-an'-slam move as the guys above. They can also pick up your hero in their mouth.

Your hero
- Eventually you get a certain weapon in the game, which is not equippable as a weapon. Instead you get the option to "Hold" it - execute the command and she will stab herself in the chest to death.

Female bandits
- There are female bandits in the game (dressed like skimpy ninjas, IIRC) on which you can perform fatalities. It's also possible that your main/support pawn will grab female bandit from behind or pin her to the ground, allowing you to more easily execute them.

Female townsfolk
- For this one I first recommend backing up your save. Once you have done that, seek out the many female NPCs walking around and perform various fatalities on them. I especially like how a killed female falls on her knees in agony, holding her chest (or raising an arm for help) and then slumps down to die.

Female support pawns
- Once your support pawns are owned, it takes a while before they fade away. Meanwhile you can enjoy their pleads for help, and how they cannot hold on much longer, etc.

Ryona example:


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Very nice, but you can cut out all the non-ryona stuff from the article, since that info can be found from other sites as well (I think). These articles should focus on ryona related info, and tell about the ryona in as detail as possible.
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