1. Rastafoo

    Rastafoo's game reviews/recommendations

    Prostitute of Magmell has ten sex scenes in total, each with a unique CG. The sex positions are very typical, all the standard positions from doggystyle, to blowjob to Claire riding on top. There are no exotic positions or particularly perverted niche kinks. Because of the story premise, the...
  2. F

    Dialogue suggestions

    I don't think i will be able to finish the translation of the "A Girl's submission"dialogue by VincentL this evening. and I'm still catching up with the posts i missed but it seems (at least for me) there are still some dialogue topics that i couldn't find yet. Since i lack the talent and the...
  3. VincentL

    VincentL's dialogues - A Girl's Submission (NEW) and Loving Wife

    Welcome to Vincent's glorious dialogue thread. Loving Wife The full version (named Loving Wife (Full) v2.txt) requires the Loader with the mods animtools v14 and DialogueActions v.4.01 to work. The simplified version (named Loving Wife (Part One).txt) requires absolutely no mods to work...
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