1. R

    Haru (Beastars) head 1.0

    Wanted to see if this was possible. It's not perfect but I think it's serviceable. And I made different versions so you can decide what looks good. (I would've made the ears just straight but they wouldn't fit the template hence why I tried different options) I covered up the in game eyes with...
  2. Apollion

    Weaver Bonnie 2020-11-23

    Hey ! today I see a request for Weaver bonnie so I made it ._. :D But this one is Better than my failure of foxy here's a look ! Dark and Light I used the mods in the moreclothing 8 The armwear and legwear are the ringed gloves/Stockings (they are not from me !!) I used too the back of the...
  3. Apollion

    usada pekora o((>ω< ))o 2020-11-21

    Hello agin ._. Ye I know, 3 mods allready in 1 day, but I cannot resist to make her o((>ω< ))o Hope you will like her :D btw the original image I used https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/881/029/691
  4. Perdition

    Dahlia Hair 2020-01-12

    Static hair mod of Dahlia/Tsuki from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
  5. Perdition

    Dva Bunny Tattoo 2019-10-30

    RGB adjustable tattoo of the Dva bunny symbol from Overwatch. Comes in a version for breast, arm, butt, and ankle.
  6. V

    Bunny Ears And Tail 2019-09-04

    The tail is from @dantethedarkprince's Bunny Suit and the ears are from @Ah P's Shimakaze Dynamic Hair. The tail is a panties mod, RGB1 adjustable and the ears are headwear, RGB1 and 2 adjustable. The tail may have problems if you don't use Thicker Ass And Legs.
  7. Perdition

    Playboy Bunny Tattoo 1+3

    RGB adjustable tattoo of the Playboy logo on her upper arm, breast, ankle, and butt. It uses the armwear slot and the secondary RGB slider.
  8. Perdition

    RGB Bunny Ears Hairband 2018-04-05

    Based on @RajasGrime's 'Bunny Ears Hairband' mod, this mod makes it RGB adjustable. This one was also amazingly easy to make RGB adjustable though I did have to make a few more touches on this than his 'Demon Horns' mod.
  9. casketa

    Disgaea 5 - Usalia 2017-08-22

    Disgaea 5 Toto Bunny Overlord Usalia. Also included a version without eyebrow...
  10. D-Oxygen

    Junko Enoshima Static Hair (Ponytail) (w/ Glasses) 1.0

    Edited version of deadreaver's Junko mod, available here. Outfit by Sieg Warheit Without glasses: Suggested body...
  11. Shade

    Bunny Suit 1.0

    This is a vanilla conversion of the Bunny Suit Loader Mod by @dantethedarkprince.
  12. RajasGrime

    Bunny Ears Hairband 1.0

  13. RajasGrime

    Bunny Ears Hairband 1.0