1. B

    My Wife Broken and Tortured in Her First Wrestling Match

    I watch as my wife swaggers confidently into the ring, to face her mystery opponent in the match I arranged for her. She knows that she’s not likely to win, having never wrestled before, and she knows it’s a no-DQ 30 minute match with very little in the way of rules; so she’s expecting some pain...
  2. WrestleGuy

    Wrestling Manga (Using MMD)

    Artemis Vs Eleanor - A free match on my Pixiv (Split into three parts) Howdy all, I've been making long form wrestling comics for a while now and wanted to find more places to share it . It's a beginning to end match with a lot of Ryona and Pinfalls.
  3. B

    My wife brutalized in mixed wrestling mismatch

    This is the 3rd story in a series I've been writing about my wife's journey being roped into matches as a jobber to be brutalized and broken. I have really been liking this one so I figured I would start with it. If you all like it, I will post the others! Enjoy. (This is a fictional story and...
  4. Soba

    Silver Giantess: What If...

    Prologue: A Naive Silver Goddess Ultra Madam, is an Ultra alien who is a member of the Galactic Security Forces Headquarters in the S53 Galaxy. She is a new recruit to the GSF and became an Ultra Warrior at the age of 20. She is the top graduate of the GSF Academy and the strongest Ultra of...
  5. Soba

    Video Games Mighty Yukiko vs SA-KI

    Mighty Yukiko vs SA-KI VS [Allied Force Waiting Room] Hikawa: “We went very close, but it was not enough. It was a shame.” Kurihama: “...I messed up this time, but next time I will win. But...” Sakurazaki: “Are you worried about what I said...
  6. Soba

    Video Games Mighty Yukiko vs Dark Star Chaos

    Mighty Yukiko vs Dark Star Chaos Mighty Yukiko The ace of New Japan Women's Pro Wrestling and the current IWWF Heavyweight Champion. Holding the IWWF Heavyweight belt, the largest professional wrestling organization in the U.S. and the world is said to be proof of the world's strongest...
  7. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Savan Rowe (OC) in Kiss From a Rose (with art!)

    Blessed with warm, caramel skin, an insanely fit body, and the adorable features of a pop idol, Savan Rowe has an easy time finding bookings. But she’s about to find out that her fan-friendly look is both a gift and a curse. Savan Rowe in Kiss From a Rose When the invitation came for Savan to...
  8. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Savan Rowe (OC) in The Silver Trap (with art!)

    Will lucky OC #3 fare better than my other girls, Rina Hartling and Kherington Campbell? Spoiler: Naaaaaaaaaah! Meet Savan Rowe! Art and design by the brilliant ColorVirus! Full profile can be read on DeviantArt. And now, her first misadventure: Savan Rowe in The Silver Trap Savan hadn’t...
  9. TheCrimsonRisk

    WWE Wrestling Fiction - Liv Morgan Faces The Music (with art!)

    I usually have two dozen different fantasy wrestling matchups bouncing around in my head at all times. This is one of them and thanks to an assist from the brilliant ColorVirus, I was able to get this one out of my system and share it with all of you. Liv Morgan, beautiful babyface. Jazz, the...
  10. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Kherington Campbell vs. Rose Gold (with art!)

    (Art by ColorVirus) Kherington Campbell gets her shot in the big leagues against a League of Anime Wrestling superstar! Obviously, it doesn't go well, and once again Kherington finds herself subjected to some unsavoury post-match humiliation. What is it about our skirt-wearing warrior that...
  11. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Kherington Campbell (OC) in The Swedish Face Massage (with art!)

    Time to introduce wrestling OC #2, Kherington Campbell, though she shares the #1 spot in my heart with my dear Rina Hartling. Once again, art and design by the brilliant ColorVirus! Here's what she looks like, you can read more about this British babe's background on my DeviantArt posting...
  12. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Rina Hartling vs. The Duchess of Doom (with art!)

    Rina Hartling suffers her most devastating defeat yet at the hands of a far more experienced and extraordinarily cruel wrestler. A four-part series. Art by ColorVirus. Rina Hartling vs. The Duchess of Doom Rina wasn’t scheduled wrestle that night, so she was thrilled when she heard a spot had...
  13. C

    Alissa the Jobber vs. Tyrant

    Alissa trained in the few weeks she had before her match with Tyrant. She hit the gym frequently and took to the mats trying to devise ways to take down a much larger, more fit opponent. The problem was finding a sparring partner. No one seemed to want to waste their time trying to help Alissa...
  14. V

    Bad girls wrestling 21 Ryona

    Curious if anyone would like to try it its free on google playstore thinking of doing some online Ryona matches
  15. C

    Alissa's Bra and Panties Knockout (ryona wrestling)

    "The following contest is a bra and panties knockout match!" The announcer's voice boomed as the crowd buzzed around, eagerly awaiting the match. "The rules are simple - to win, you must strip your opponent to her bra and panties and knock her out for a ten count!" "Introducing first...hoping...
  16. TheCrimsonRisk

    Original Wrestling Fiction - Rina Hartling (OC) in Her Last Rodeo (with art!)

    Oh no, what has Rina Hartling got herself into now? Who knew the consequences of losing a wrestling match could be so humiliating? This encounter with the mighty Brynhild Ederne certainly isn't Rina's first rodeo, but after this embarrassment, it could just be her last... Credit goes to...
  17. C

    Alissa outboxed, knocked out, and shamed

    Alissa's next matches we're not kind to her. The very next week she faced a former boxing champion. Terrance Little was positively ripped. Alissa stood in the ring as he shadowboxed on the outside, before climbing the steps and entering through the ropes. The crowd hasn't reacted to her...
  18. C

    Alissa Gets Tag Teamed

    Alissa sat in the back after her second match, her body sore from the beating she had taken. She had an ice pack on her side, sitting in a small folding chair nursing her wounds. 0-2 in two matches. She had to make something work. But how... She winced as she stood up, her knees still a bit...
  19. C

    Alissa learns her place (Ryona wrestling story)

    Alissa's first match hadn't gone as planned, but she did manage to get some offense in. That alone, against a beast like J.T., had secured her a spot in the Fantasy Wrestling League. She knew, though, that she had to step it up. She had been informed her next match would be coming up. To get in...
  20. C

    Original Gut Check for Alissa (A Ryona Wrestling story)

    "The following Gut Check contest is scheduled for one fall." The crowd milled about as the man made his announcement. A Gut Check meant a rookie was getting their shot at the big time. It usually didn't end well for them, but there was always an off chance one would succeed. An electric guitar...


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