1. C

    M4F Superheroine roleplay non-con

    Looking to rp a superheroine vs Villain fight turned non-con. I’m open to any setting and almost any heroine you want to play including fighting games or video game characters or anime characters as long as they have some sort of heroine. Im open to short term long term rp’s and I’m looking for...
  2. Y

    Anyone Have Dark Wondra 2 Friend or Foe please?

    Anyone have Dark Wondra 2 Friend or Foe. You can share it, please?
  3. F

    Teenbat 8 - On the Job Training

    Gallery Synopsis: The ruthless villain knows as well as any superheroine peril fan, that costumed vigilantes are easier to defeat than little old ladies with umbrellas. Oddly enough, these make-believe crime fighters don't seem to realize that they actually have a death wish. What else could...
  4. F

    Powerless -TBFE- Amber McAlester, Coco

    . Gallery Summary: A ruthless villain uses a deadly toxin to destroy the defender of liberty. Anxious to pursue his lofty plan to seize control of the nation, Mylo doesn't waste time picking up the pile of trash that he nonchalantly leaves strewn on the floor. Little does Mylo know, however...
  5. Crazy Collector

    more vids from crazy collector!

    Viper falls: Viper_Falls Selene Drake stars as the super heroine Viper. Viper is on a routine assignment to bring in a villain, but he has a serum which makes him very strong. He captures Viper with the intent of breaking her. Includes: Low blows, Bearhugs, M/F fighting, Belly punching, AOH...
  6. D

    More Videos Obtained Part 2

    A continuation of my other post. This week I got lots of peril videos from the company! Im so happy! Hope you enjoy these ones(especially if you love the peril versions of Bluestone Videos). I took me some time but it was worth it. Well, time for the sharing! ...
  7. D

    More Videos obtained

    Hello once more. I aquired more videos with other folks on the same level as me. I traded and I got more videos and I would like to share them with you. Hope you all enjoy it. I'll try to keep balance between Peril and Extreme versions but this is difficult. It may be hard to get these videos...
  8. F

    Darkwing 5 - Dark Deception | Danielle Maye

    Synopsis: Darkwing is determined to infiltrate the 7th Sanctum, a secret society whose elite leaders are bent on world domination, but first she must rescue a damsel in distress. The cunning and aggressive crime fighter takes a ruffian by surprise, only to be pounced on by a bigger predator...
  9. F

    Fallen Angel: Anastasiya Breadson

    Synopsis: A special cocktail disables Angel's mind control power. In any case, the comely freedom fighter would have been better off as a mind reader. Angel doesn't need special abilities to beat up a punk, but the terribly naive young heroine does need a less painful way to figure out the...
  10. H

    Superheroine + Low Blows

    Big fan of heroines & low blows so I thought I’d share some of my sketches! She’s having a pretty tough fight for sure, so hope y’all enjoy!
  11. Jab Comix Alexis / Omega Girl by Maineim

    Jab Comix Alexis / Omega Girl by Maineim 2012 or 2015

    Jab Comix Alexis / Omega Girl by Maineim
  12. F

    Sunder's Demise - Amber McAlester

    Synopsis: Milo knows as well as any that "possession is nine tenths of the law". So, if none of the other villains has already claimed Sunder, he is at liberty to bag the package of highly select bottom round, and use it to satisfy his own perverse needs. Butt, if a piece of dead meat cannot...
  13. F

    Earth 34 - Alicia Moon, Lucy Westenra

    Synopsis: When Ultragirl from Earth 34 (Alicia Moon) travels through an interdimensional portal, she doesn't even recognize her alternate reality counterpart (Lucy Westenra). Ultragirl's alter ego has no interest in being a hero. Unsatisfied with the numerous sex pets she already possesses...
  14. Wonderwoman and Admiral Zex - Bizarre coupling

    Wonderwoman and Admiral Zex - Bizarre coupling

    A series of panty fetish comics i first started in 2018. WW is constantly brainwashed after each abduction. Ongoing series currently at 4 comics
  15. F

    Public Disgrace 2 - Alexis Monroe

    Synopsis: At long last, the maiden of might is finally going to cum of age, albeit on the dark side. Because, if Superman is too noble to adopt brutal methods of persuasion, then its up to a ruthless villain to get the job done. After all, Dr. Skullion is Superior Girl's greatest admirer. With...
  16. F

    Reigns of Terror - Alina Lopez

    Synopsis: Alpha Girl boldly strides into a criminal lair only to face her worse nightmare, the truth. And, it is the truth, not a reclusive genius, that actually holds Alpha Girl hostage. No matter what costume she wears, Jessica cannot conceal her carnal desires. Inevitably, Jessica quietly...
  17. Soba

    Stripperella's Distress

    INTRODUCTION Struggling to live as a superheroine and a stripper, Erotica Jones a.k.a Stripperella faced new enemies keep her job and identity safe after series of unfortunate events... Erotica Jones, a beautiful 23-year-old girl who is known as the "Sexiest Stripper" on TenderLoins, dances...
  18. BW30

    The Disastrous Return of Flex Girl

    This is a commissioned story ---------- Ben couldn't believe the situation he was in. It wasn't long ago that he was just an average teenager living with his mom. He loved his mother, and always felt a bit sad for her, knowing that a lack of money was stressing her out. He worked hard at his...
  19. C

    Books / Comics Supergirl takes a beating

    Supergirl crashed through the window, little shards of glass shimmering around her head as her blonde hair floated through the air. She bounced off the floor and then slammed sideways into a car door before her cheek hit the ground. She got up slowly, making it to her knees before a boot...
  20. Power Girl

    Power Girl v2011-02-06

    Power Girl Static Hair by Unknown

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