1. C

    More Ties(Rope/Tape) (Specially for Ankles/Legs)

    Good afternoon for anyone. I´m here today, again, asking for help (Excuse in advance for orthografy, but this is not my native language). I would say that we´re lacking specially in two points in the "ties" department: 1) Rope ties (For arms, ankles and thighs; I do know that we have the...
  2. D

    More Videos Obtained Part 4 (possibly the end)

    Hello to you all. Been on a huge hiatus cuz of real life. There is not much to talk about or share anymore (so dont expect much). This business is not what it used to be. It is getting tiresome. Not everyone do what I do. So I'll try to put EVERYTHING I got worth of trading to you all of...
  3. Crazy Collector

    More delicious Vids For Ya!

    More people will have acess to those. ULTIMATE POWER!!!
  4. kinnan

    More Clothing Time Out Error

    When Starting up the Loader I get some errors saying "Timeout error: [clothing piece]" and i don't know how to fix it, some mods i do see load in but I can't select them in game. Any Idea how to fix a problem like this? P.S sorry for bad English
  5. kinnan

    More Clothing Body 3 missing mods

    MC has some in build body mods i used but later i found that the many Body3 mods don't load in, i didn't change anything and the files are still where they are suppose to be. Every thing seems ok in the moreclothingV13settings.txt so i don't know what coused it. Few examples of mods i am missing...
  6. D

    More videos Obtained Part 3

    Hello im back once more. Its been a while... I dont have much to offer but I still hope you will enjoy it as much as me. Now im sharing NGC vids here (trying at least) so more options for this company lovers. Here we go...
  7. Crazy Collector

    more vids from crazy collector!

    Viper falls: Viper_Falls Selene Drake stars as the super heroine Viper. Viper is on a routine assignment to bring in a villain, but he has a serum which makes him very strong. He captures Viper with the intent of breaking her. Includes: Low blows, Bearhugs, M/F fighting, Belly punching, AOH...
  8. D

    More Videos Obtained Part 2

    A continuation of my other post. This week I got lots of peril videos from the company! Im so happy! Hope you enjoy these ones(especially if you love the peril versions of Bluestone Videos). I took me some time but it was worth it. Well, time for the sharing! ...
  9. D

    More Videos obtained

    Hello once more. I aquired more videos with other folks on the same level as me. I traded and I got more videos and I would like to share them with you. Hope you all enjoy it. I'll try to keep balance between Peril and Extreme versions but this is difficult. It may be hard to get these videos...
  10. Super18

    More tears compatibility for DialogueActions?

    I wanted to see some DialogueActions triggers/variables for a combination of stuff already in the loader through Eyemakeupv1.0 and the 'non-stop tears' mod. (If somehow parts of this already exist please ignore those parts) In particular; - a variable for arithmatics to allow for some deficit...
  11. D

    More body options for EMH

    is it possible to add/convert the Muscle Body mod to EMH? and add some clothes layers too?
  12. D

    Looking for add more girl

    Hi to everyone, i was wonderin if there is some kind of mod where I can put 2 or more girl in the same game. I tried to search it but I couldn't find something. Thanks to everyone who can help me
  13. J

    Finding a free writer who would like to make about femdom vs male zako ( but have necro/snuff kinks). DM me if you like so we can discuss more

    You can write for me and i can share with you my idea. So please DM me if you into this fetish
  14. forgottenaccount

    how do I add new clothes to my moreclothing folder ?

    for reference I have sby_loader_pack_14_545d and, I've tried to put the clothing files in the init moreclothingmod folder (as that's where all the custom clothes seems to be, yet upon starting the game they don't load or show an error essage, I'm not particularly computer literate so I'd...
  15. B

    how to trigger sounds more frequently?

    just wondering if there is a way to make her make sounds more frequently. fine tuning which sounds occur how often would also be nice, but rn I'm just looking for a way to trigger sounds more often, thanks!
  16. MrRad

    MORE Thicker Ass and Legs clothing

    I love this feature when creating scenarios. But I wish there was more clothing. right now I have every piece of clothing that fits the mod. But I'd love it if we could get the high waist clothing for it or any other pants or skirts. Sorry if this is a bit general. This is my first time posting...
  17. A

    Sick of porno-styled dirty talk?

    I made a character dialogue for those of you who might want something slightly more realistic. (Best placed with an original character model; straight-face or maybe even angry 'Mood') Also, it's just a straight-up guy 'n girl somewhat-dating/hookup situation; no mention of incest, furries or...

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