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Developing A New Taboo Fetish Platformer

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by n_o_1, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. n_o_1

    n_o_1 Potential Patron

    Jan 17, 2016
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    Taking on the role of The beautiful newlywed "Cassandra" (Place Holder - Please vote)!!

    Cassandra in-search of her missing husband, as she unwillingly forced to uncover's his secret second virtual life.
    Still unsure of his where about, explore the virtual reality world that he has created,
    Unlocking clues and discovering his deepest fantasies,
    Discovering who he is while discovering herself in the meantime,
    Unable to distinguish between reality Cassandra is forced to drop all intuition, unknowing if her actions will have real consequences or if this is simply a dream.

    This 2d platform game will not only require Cassandra directional input to move, Cassandra will also feature a AI (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE),

    Cassandra's movement will be reliant on her excitement level and happiness,
    Levels are depended on her current situation such as her outfit, health, last interaction, sensitivity and even the room she is in.
    "People are heavily controlled by their internal sex drive" i have allowed for this, if you allow Cassandra to get too excited she my form a mind of her own, like any women not something you can control.
    experiment with different outfits, tools and toys to build up Cassandras confidence to advance through each level.

    Let it change you.

    Please follow for update's, pictures and release date