1. L

    Universal Death Match Tournament

    Death Battle Roster Its the year 2043, and Yung Su bought an island off the coast of Korea, where he ended up building his own facility. After he died and got reincarnated, he ended up getting the task of bringing girls to this island where they will fight to the death and slaughter each other...
  2. L

    death in nightmares

    This is a interactive horror story/game where 6/12 of you will control 1/2 characters and make the choices for them. Each character will have unique ability's, and the goal will be to survive until all the other teams die. That being said, You wont be able to attack other girls (unless you have...
  3. LMaiden

    A Broken World With No Values (Story)

    Authors words: Hello everyone! Yep, I am new to Undertow, but I really like to be here. The Zako section of this site gived me a lot of good times. Too bad there is just a few people making content now. My dream is to be a writer in the future, so I thought, what write my own Zako/Guro story...
  4. F

    Ultrawoman 7: Return of Wondra

    Ultrawoman has a top secret mission of the utmost priority, namely, to walk straight into a criminal lair and get taken. While it's a simple matter to overpower, completely subdue, and carry off their submissive pet, the power mad schemers of the seventh sanctum would rather have a vicious...
  5. Soba

    Taimanin Yui

    0. Prologue The mission was already impossible even for the so-called "Strongest Taimanin.". Wearing her usual Taimanin combat suit, which is only a tight purple bodysuit, Asagi Igawa found herself in a sticky situation. She was pinned down by a burly woman, Asagi knew who it was, she fought...
  6. Void Star

    [PC] Forsaken 0.2

    What is it? You play as the middle child of a noble elven family who is renown for their mastery in archery. You live happily with your siblings and lover, until one day your sisters decide to leave to help out other races. You are left alone, as the burden of defending your home and living up...
  7. ZakoForce69

    [RP Story: gore, snuff, pissing] Sicarias, Ch. 1, Bungle in the Jungle

    Sicarias, Ch. 1 ----* Bungle in the Jungle *---- The world fell apart in the year 2030. The predictions of the climatologists, long ignored by the multinational corporations and corrupt world governments, came true all at once. The first thing to go was the water. The next, was civil order...
  8. Wrecksler

    UFL: Laura vs ...

    Got very inspired by the works of BW30, so decided to start this thread with my own universe. I often pondered the idea of writing stories, and I did it in the past, but got kind of tired of using and creating so many different characters and disposing of them. So lately I was starting a story...
  9. O

    Ryona Extreme Manga in progress (completely original & unedit) GIRLS vs DRUG CARTEL

    Hi. I'm OctaGore, Mexican underground and middle time artist. This is my first LARGE work; albur 5 girls (unknow age) and women who become bloody warriors (with special abilities each one) to avenge the death of their families at the hands of an ultraviolent Mexican cartel. Male vs female war is...
  10. Sausage&Eggs

    Domina Adult Mods?

    Steam Link Domina on Steam This game is fighting arena of gladiator. The game is very fast and violent very strong. You can unlock control of gladiator but game quite hard so I let AI fight for me and watch the blood. I wonder if can change have including of women. I found this but I haven't...
  11. Ryona Unite

    House of Velez (Excessive Gore/Guro Warning Ahead)

    While I was researching some games that have good ryona content for my next videos. I stumble into this obscure game known as House of Velez. Every death scene is similar to Dead Space where your character get killed in the most grotesque way imaginable. In Dead Space you play as a male...
  12. Zako Doom

    Zako Doom 1.2

    Zako Girls for Doom/Doom II
  13. I

    Looking for Impaling Games

    Anyone here knows any good games that has impaling ryona..especially toward the Vag and anal region..There are few games I tried out they do not have such extreme gore or excessive ryona.. other than Mortal Kombat X.. Any games like the pictures below will do :) There was one game on steam...
  14. NyotenguDeceptions

    [Gore/Tar(?) Warning] Diabolic Esper!!

    Source-- 'Tumblr' user Dezimaton
  15. Dorumeka

    Possible game in development. Any love for some cute henchgirls getting k.o.'d and ripped apart?

    Hi, I'm Dorumeka, an indie 3D artist and game dev probing a bit into the pervy side. As with you, I have had some pretty weird kinks for most of my life. I now decided to put some time into making some of those fetishes into little semi-games or little interactive toys. I've been lurking here...
  16. VulpineScream

    (WIP) Counter.culT - Modern Day Supernatural Depravity

    Hey everyone, I'm Riley, long time lurker, first time poster. Also a long time amateur game developer and artist, and semi-professional writer and porn star. I've never put my game dev stuff out for anyone to see before (besides friends), but I've been in a rut in life recently and really need...
  17. Stolen Thunder

    Stolen Thunder

    Sailor Jupiter learns a bit about her own blooming needs, with the help of a... friend.
  18. Sickerton

    Stolen Thunder: A Sailor Moon Collab

    Hello once more, everyone! It's me and lasthero again, with another collab between us for you all. This one's interesting, since it's actually a theoretical "bad end" of an actual episode. Now I don't expect you to have an encyclopedic knowledge of Sailor Moon plots, so go ahead and watch the...
  19. Balancing Act

    Balancing Act

    Juri Han finally plays her full hand against Bison, but forgets who cut the deck.
  20. Sickerton

    Balancing Act: A Street Fighter Bad Ending

    There was a pause in my normal output over in my usual series, due to me waiting for something to get shipped, so I wrote this mostly-unrelated piece to pass the time. Enjoy. Maybe. --- Balancing Act (Alternate Title: The World Versus Juri Han) (Alternate Alternate Title: BISOOOOON!) The...


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