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Oct 27, 2021
Authors words:
Hello everyone! Yep, I am new to Undertow, but I really like to be here. The Zako section of this site gived me a lot of good times. Too bad there is just a few people making content now. My dream is to be a writer in the future, so I thought, what write my own Zako/Guro story will be a good training for me as a writer and a good experience for me as member of Undertow at the same time! But the important thing here... What my goal is to write a STORY. Yes the main focus will be at sexualised deaths, gore and violence. Things that making us horny, of course ;>.
But it will be a story. Not just a fap-content with empty characters who follow the same pattern (such things important too, but this is not what I want to do here). But a fap-content with a deep characters and story. Sorry if there will be mistakes, cuz I can be bad in english sometimes. But enough conversations for now! I hope you will enjoy. Here comes first chapter:

A Broken World With No Values

Chapter one "The Investors".

- Here you are. - Craster turned to the so-called investors. Each of them wore a carnival mask, another precaution to hide their identity. However, Craster personally knew each of them, making inquiries about such rich people is easier for him than scratching behind his ear.
Investors looked around in surprise, they were accustomed to wealth and luxury, but the hall to which Krastor invited them was on a different level. No matter how rich you are, you won't be allowed to do what you want to people, how Craster did. Hunting trophies hung on the walls, instead of horns or animal heads, they were parts of a human body. Where is the beautiful leg, where is the beautiful and slender belly, but most often the genitals. Male and female. And in the very middle of the wall hung a frame with a woman's breast cut out. A perfect den for a pervert like Craster. Although investors knew what they were doing, some of them looks little scared. Of course, only those who came for the first time shuddered.
- Welcome! - Craster threw up his hands, - in the bed of debauchery.
A broad-shouldered man in a blue carnival mask nudged Bierce, the only female investor, with his elbow.
- What's the first time here? - he gagged, - Is it really not scary for a small fragile lady, where there are only rich and powerful men around, who are going to watch the painful deaths of women?
With these words, the man in the blue mask put his hand in Bierce's modest decollete.
- Baby, do you want me to protect you from them? - with a breath and a wide, evil smile he asked.
This was immediately followed by a powerful slap on his stubbled face. In surprise, he staggered and fell right on his ass.
- Bastard. - Bierce hissed at him, she was not at all small, as he called her. She was taller than most of those present.
- I’ll ask you to not make a conflict, as long as you are on my territory. - Craster said in an imperious voice, looking condemningly at Bierce and her abuser. There was tremendous power in his gaze, in his manners. This man you could only obey.
- After all, you’ll see a lot of violence here. - much more good-naturedly, added the owner, peacefully spreading his hands.
Konrad, a handsome man in a blue carnival mask, got up, brushing the hem of his tailcoat.
- Sick bitch. - he hissed through clenched teeth, so that only Bierce, standing next to him, could hear it.
Gentlemen in red and yellow masks looked at Bierce with approval and understanding. At the end, it really isn't easy to be a woman in a place like this, and Bierce has shown strength. The man in the green mask did not take his eyes off Craster, as if probing him with a glance.
- Dear investors! - Craster bowed to the guests, - take your seats, the game will begin soon.
All seven investors instantly went to their luxurious chairs, from which they will have to watch the cruel and perverse game.
The owner gestured to seven girls, all of them were completely naked and their nakedness was hidden only by aprons, like those worn by the maids.
- For those who are here for the first time, - the owner began, - you should know that during the game these lovely ladies will be your waitresses. Our menu has almost everything you can imagine. I think that the meal at the same time as the viewing of the dismemberment will not cause negativity for those present.
Craster made another gesture and each of the waitresses walked over to their temporary owner. Bierce got a pretty blonde, with a face covered with freckles. The girl's forms were not at all outstanding, but she kept herself so gracefully that Bierce cannot don't look at her.
A huge wall-to-wall screen lit up in the middle of the room.
- Now, now you will see what I call really hard sex! - Konrad cackled, straightening his blue mask and leaning on his chair, made of female bodies by his own order, even before the general meeting with the owner. Konrad was Craster's most client and did not miss a single game, generously pouring millions into each of them. Such a trifle as a personal chair made of female bodies, for Craster it cost him nothing to provide.
The screen split into twelve squares, each showing a different room. The rooms were exactly the same, but in each of them there were different people. Four men and eight women, the composition of the players of this deadly game.
The owner's voice came from speakers in each room.
- Sorry for the wait, dear players. Now that our investors are placed, we can start the game. First, let me remind you that everything that happens next, no matter what horrors you see there, happens exclusively with your consent. You signed the body waiver and my participation contract. Each of you was below the poverty line, terminally ill, sentenced to death or life imprisonment. Just call me the Owner. I am the one who offered you a chance to get out of your life situation. I promise the poor so much money that they will never go hungry again. For the terminally ill, I offer medicines that they cannot get anywhere else. The ones whose fate was to rot in prison or to be killed like a pig, I will give a new life, under a different name, in a completely different place. Your appearance and even your fingerprints will be changed. However, you all have two things in common. That which embraces you. First, if you win, you will receive money. A huge amount of money, which, however, can become even more if you kill another participant! - the faces of some of the players were grimaced with horror. Others smiled when they heard of this opportunity. Craster, in turn, continued on the recording:
- And the second thing that connects you all. Now the doors will open in front of you to a completely different world, it could be called virtual reality if it were not real. A huge, but limited place created by our company. It stretches for several kilometers and you will find yourself in completely different places. This place itself is a building with a huge number of rooms. Anything can be waiting for you in them. From ordinary mosquitoes to goblins wanting to tear you apart. From food and water to swords that can shoot. From acid rain to anomalies tearing you apart. Those who can survive in this hell for 30 days will share a huge cash prize! And those who will die ... Believe me, you have never seen such sexualised and painful deaths!
Doors leading the players' rooms slowly began to open. Someone went into a panic, someone began to beg the invisible host to stop this game, someone was inspired ...
- Entertainment for the ages! - exclaimed with a full mouth Konrad, free hand shamelessly feeling the body of his waitress.
- And the last thing. - added the owner's voice, - At 8 pm, all the doors between the rooms will close, and the light will disappear, this is called "night". At this time, you can sleep peacefully, nothing and none of the neighboring rooms will reach you.
- And you, my dear investors. - the real Craster continued. - thanks to this, do not miss anything while you gonna sleep.
- Fine, fine. - assented to the owner Konrad, - pulling his waitress to him and shoving his fingers between her legs. Skinny, slender, the girl wriggled like a snake, her chest shook up and down, but she did not even think to resist, she knew that in this place she was nobody and no one gave a damn about both her rights and her life.
- Listen, you! Konrad pointed on Craster, continued to pleasing the girl with his free hand. - You say you have everything you can imagine? Anything I want to eat? All right?
- I said almost everything. - Craster threw up his hands diplomatically.
- That's more then enough! - the big man laughed. The girl inside whom he moved his fingers quietly screamed and grabbed her hands on his shoulder, it seems he brought her to orgasm.
- If you really can serve anything to the table ... - Konrad said thoughtfully, licking his hand that has been inside the waitress. - then cook her for me!
The man jumped up and grabbed the poor waitress's shoulders. She staggered in horror, not daring to say a word.
For a moment, there was complete silence in the air. Then it was interrupted by Craster, who looked at the investor for the first time with interest.
- Do you want your waitress to be cooked for you ..?
- Yes! Exactly! Because someone said that nothing is impossible here!
Craster fell silent again, looking thoughtfully at his guest. The investor seems to be trying to scare him... Him... Craster. How naive this man is.
- Guest's desire, is my law. - the owner said coldly.
Two other waitress approached to the girl who was doomed to be food and already piss herself because of horror, grabbed her and dragged somewhere. The sentenced waitress screamed and kicked, but nothing could save her.
The man in the red mask gave Konrad a look of disgust. Even for those who are ready to watch this games, there are still was taboos. Bierce almost vomited on the spot, but she managed to control herself. She didn't want to please this bastard by showing him her weakness.
- Well, I think the girl will be cooked in an hour. Until then, enjoy the show. - the owner returned to his usual, polite tone. - you can do whatever you want with your waitresses, they have no more rights than the participants in the game itself. Craster scratched his nose under his own mask, which resembled the head of some predator bird.
- And now let me tell you how you, investors, can influence the game yourself.
A touch panel appeared in front of every investor as if out of thin air.
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