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Downfall: The Complete Destruction of Samus Aran

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by Jim Carrodine, Aug 21, 2016.

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    Author's Note: I do not own Metroid, etc, etc, etc.

    Summary: After making political enemies at the end of Metroid Fusion, Samus goes out with a whimper in perhaps the way no one had ever dreamed ... no one except one sick SOB, anyway.

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    Phase I

    “But how will the beings of the universe view our resolve? I doubt they will understand what we did...the danger we barely averted. They will hold tribunals and investigations. They will hold us responsible ...”

    -Samus Aran.​

    * * * *​

    Felix Fox sat in his office chair, rubbing his gloved hands together while watching the wall-sized monitor behind his desk where Federation prison personnel prepared a highly dangerous criminal for transport. Laser shackles. A special visor over both eyes that served as a high tech blindfold and would have to be unlocked by one of the guards, and attached to that a cold-shock collar in case the prisoner tries to escape or remove the blindfold-visor. It would freeze the subject in place until recapture was possible. And lastly, a remote tracker in pill form that the convict would take, and the staff would verify it had, indeed, been ingested.

    “Perfect.” Felix smiled and let out a satisfied sigh. “Absolutely perfect.”

    * * * *

    Half an hour later, four guards under protective Federation armor, armed with ice-beams, escorted the prisoner from the hover car into the tall skyscraper through the back door. They marched through empty hallways and up the elevator to the top floor office and penthouse suite. The prisoner, a young beautiful woman with long flowing blonde hair, dressed in form fitting blue shorts and matching sleeveless cutoff top, walked with them. The once famous bounty hunter, Samus Aran, who saved the Galaxy no less than four times. They marched her like a common criminal, and stopped her outside the suite’s massive double doors. They knocked. Not a word was said. After a long pause, the doors opened, and a tall slender man with golden blonde hair and an overly wide, menacing, Cheshire cat smile answered. “Ah, my guest of honor, at last. Please, come in.”

    The guards started to advance, but the man stopped them. “No, no, gentleman. Just her.”

    Samus looked up even though she couldn’t see.

    “Councilor Fox, sir—”

    “This kind of treatment is an unspeakable injustice. You would not be standing here were it not for this woman. I wish to have a civilized private conversation with my most honored guest…”

    How long had it been since she had a conversation? Not interrogated, not “answering questions”, but spoken to?

    “Your orders are to wait out here, soldier.” And producing a small what looked like a solid sheet of glass lit up with text and codes, orders, he held it out in his gloved hand for the guard to read. “From the Federation General, himself. Now, I don’t believe I need to repeat myself.”

    The guard gulped, reading over the document and verifying its legitimacy. “Very well.” He signaled for Samus to enter.

    “Undo her restraints. All of them. We have nothing to fear from her, and more importantly, she deserves to be worshipped for what she’s done for this Federation. Not be treated like an animal …”

    Appreciation? Thanks? So why did this Councilor Fox’s words give her such a feeling of … foreboding?

    The guards paused, looking at each other uneasily. They all knew how capable she was even without her power suit. However, after the councilor cleared his throat, they acquiesced. A flip of the switch and the lasers disengaged, and the remainders of Samus’ bindings, blindfold, and shock collar fell to the corridor floor.

    Free to see her surroundings, Samus looked up at her host and apparent savior and blinked … and strangely felt a dark cloud pass over her. Something wasn’t right. Something about that smile. Like he’s hiding something. But not just hiding something … like he knows something. Something she doesn’t know.

    Like he’s leading her into a trap …

    “Now, my dear, come in.”

    Samus gulped. Her instincts told her to refuse. To go back with the guards and take her chances with her small cell and laser bars. But why did she feel this way? She was already a prisoner, and the preliminary hearings regarding the destruction of the Biological Space Laboratories (BSL) Research Station did not go very well for her at all. In fact, she couldn’t escape the feeling of an impending conviction. Many convictions. For many crimes. So, why would he trap someone who was already doomed?

    You’re out of your element, Samus. She told herself. And this whole tribunal business feels like a stab in the back after what I went through to save these people. I’m being paranoid that everyone is out to get me…

    So, putting aside her irrational fears, Samus tried to smile as she walked past her four escorts into the cold domain of her strange host who continued to radiate menace despite his seeming hospitality. She felt his eyes feel up her curves and his mind grope her as she walked by. The temperature must have dropped thirty-five degrees from the hallway outside. She could see her breath. Her skin instantly broke out in gooseflesh, and she instinctively crossed her arms and rubbed them for warmth. The door closed behind her, and Samus instantly regretted her decision.

    Why is it so cold in here?

    “Thank you,” she said, forcing herself to sound sincere and trying not to let her teeth chatter. “I just want to say how much I appreciate—”

    “You will speak when spoken to.” He said, that menacing grin never leaving his face. She couldn’t help but notice his complexion had color but neither his nose or his ears were red nor nor was there a single bump of gooseflesh. He wasn’t cold. “Come.” And he lead Samus through the living chamber with large viewing screen, book cases, sofas, hunting trophies, and even a fire place. The Bounty Hunter took stock of her surroundings out of habit, spotting a bathroom and bedroom down a corridor to her right, formal dining room and kitchen to her left, and behind her, in a separate chamber, a full-sized swimming pool and jacuzzi … with thousands upon thousands of large chunks of ice floating in the water?

    No, it couldn’t be … she thought, turning her head to get a better view. … but why else would someone fill them up with ice? And why would he keep his home so cold? Unless he thought—

    The door suddenly closing and locking behind Samus snapped her out of her thoughts. She found herself in a large office with an oversized desk, a giant window, flanked by more bookshelves and filing cabinets. Her unnerving host turned around and sat on the des. There was nowhere for Samus to sit. She stood there and shivered.

    “C-could I get a blanket or someth—”

    “Turn around.” He said.

    “Wh-what’s this about?”

    “You’re in quite a bit of trouble, Ms. Aran. More so than you realize. You crossed the wrong people destroying that Space Station. Very powerful people. And your career as a Bounty Hunter is over. Your life of freedom is over. There will be more charges. The charges will get worse. They will add up. And they will stick. And when the verdict comes down, you’ll be locked away on a prison ship and formally sent away to the labor camps on the farthest side of the Galaxy. But that’s not actually where you’re going to end up. You’re actually going to be auctioned off to the Space Pirates along with information regarding your new … aversion to cold.” Felix said, reaching out to touch her cheek.

    She turned her head and shied away from his touch … even though she could feel the heat of his warming gloves and yearned for it.

    “You can imagine what they’re going to do with you and how happy they will be learning of your new Metroid inspired weakness. Do Space Pirates understand irony? Well, even if they don’t, they’ll appreciate it when they get their claws on you. That is unless you do what I say. I have connections that can get you out of this mess. Send you on your way after some minimal jail time. Perhaps even community service. I might even be able to restore your status as an official Federation sanctioned bounty hunter. I can do the world for you, Samus, but first, you must do something for me. You can start by turning around.”

    “I’m to be your p-plaything.” Damn the cold. She could hear how pathetic she sounded, her voice cracking while stuttering and teeth chattering from unreasonably low temperature.

    Felix laughed and rubbed his hands together. “Indeed, Samus. Indeed. What greater thrill than to conquer the mighty Samus Aran? To have her submit and obey my every whim. To bring her to her knees and make her beg. Oh, yes, my dear. I do want you as my personal plaything.”

    “C-call your g-guards to take me back. I’ll t-take my chances with the T-tribunals.”

    “Aw, is the cold getting to you? That outfit doesn’t look like it’s made for this temperature. Most women I know don’t like the cold. I can imagine that only being magnified now that you have Metroid in your DNA.”

    “It doesn’t work like that.” She answered, “M-metroids are weak against temperatures approaching absolute zero. T-temperatures only reached in the deepest regions of intergalactic space. Weapons that can instantly freeze a living organism in place. This is just inconvenience c-cold. Metroids wouldn’t even n-notice it. With the r-right p-protection, it’s fine for humans and m-most life forms. This is a p-purely human response to c-c-col—”

    “C-c-c-c-COLD!” Felix mocked in a dramatic outburst, “Please! Give me more credit than that, you condescending cocky cunt!” The councilor made a dismissive sound, standing up and walking to a dispenser on the wall which poured a steaming cup of some liquid. He sat back down on the desk and taunted Samus by drinking it with a tad too much pleasure. “Mm. That hits the spot. But anyway, I knew this wouldn’t kill you. I didn’t want it to. I wanted it to make you uncomfortable. I want to see you suffer, Samus.”

    “I’ve b-been through worse.” She said defiantly.

    “No shit? You know, I’m glad you’re this arrogant. It’ll make deflating your hot air—forgive the pun—all the more satisfying. But that comes later. For now, let’s talk business,” and the perverted politician splashed the remainder of the scorching hot liquid on Samus. It burned, provided momentary relief from the cold, but it would only be a matter of time before it channeled the cold air and made it worse. Meanwhile, Felix leaned back, tapped something on his desk, and the window behind him went black. Text, pictures, and diagrams started appearing as if it’d become a giant screen. “Here’s some interesting evidence that has been dug up on you recently. A psych-evaluation, stating that your fusion with the Metroid has caused vivid dreams, nightmares, and hallucinations from your past that has affected your ability to tell reality from fantasy—I believe you’ll recognize the top ranking psychiatrist’s signatures on this document. No one will doubt its authenticity …”

    And as he spoke, Samus felt like she entered a bizarre freefall as she felt a lump in her throat that threatened to choke her and simultaneously a knot in her stomach that threatened to topple her and force her into the fetal position. Sure, she’d fought off Space Pirates and Metroids in life or death situations that far overshadowed this pitifully little room and this pathetic little man and his ridiculous plan to intimidate her with a thermostat … but what he said... The Federation actively betraying her? The people she fought to protect? The very people she saved conspiring against her? She couldn’t believe it. She came back prepared to face a Just trial where the evidence of her decisions were weighted with fair consideration of the consequences. Sure, she destroyed Federation property. Sure she disobeyed an order. Sure, she even broke the law. She was prepared to face justice because justice might still reprimand her, but ultimately it would be lenient for saving the Universe, right? And yet, as she studied the screen, she realized this civilization—this society—actively sabotaged her coming Tribunal. The Corruption that broke intergalactic laws and experimented with bioweapons—the very crime the Space Pirates paid for with the lives of their entire society—that corruption was willing to buy off her conviction, perhaps even her execution, to protect themselves.

    She couldn’t believe it.

    Felix watched the confusion, the disbelief, the horror—the despair—on Samus’ beautiful face. In her beautiful eyes. Eyes that looked so attractive, so sexy, in that expression of complete and utter helplessness. Opened wide and scanning the screen faster and faster for something—anything—that didn’t condemn her. Eyebrows up. On the verge of tears. Mouth open slightly. Her breathing slow and shallow. She was so perfect. Perfect in every way. Even perfect in her helplessness. The plan had worked.


    Earlier, they had given her a pill, saying it was a device that would track her position. A tracker she couldn’t get rid of in case she tried to escape. But it wasn’t a tracker. It was a poison. A mild sedative mixed with a hallucinogen to keep her docile, make her more persuasive, emotional, and susceptible to manipulation. Coded for her exact DNA to get the exact response desired. She would never suspect the chemical changes in her body, subtly affecting her interpretive and decision making process. She would never suspect something was wrong with her. She, as far as she knew, was perfectly fine. And without her ship, power suit, or zero suit, she would never realize what was happening to her on a molecular level.

    And if he provided the right stimuli, carefully planned and prepared, he could convince her to do anything. She had laughed at his comment to make her suffer with the cold. But the stupid arrogant bitch didn’t know or even suspect it was keeping her distracted, keeping her from concentrating, and being one of many factors that would bring her guard down and let him get inside her head. And she would pay for it. She would pay for her arrogance. She would pay for her ignorance. Oh, she would pay dearly.

    She would be his …

    Now to cement her status as a servant, a slave … a plaything: “… oh, and I wouldn’t bring up your dear sweet ship computer as evidence, if I were you. You see, Adam Malkovich never had his personality uploaded into any computer. It was all in your head, Samus. There were no Metroids on that station. There are no X Parasites. You lost your grip on reality. And you, Samus, murdered Federation soldiers and scientists in your delusion. You destroyed that research station. And you will pay for your crimes.”

    She looked away from the screen. The falsified logs—the lies. A chill went down her spine. Not from the cold. “The t-tribunals will s-see through your lies.”

    “Have you not been reading the screen? We have all the evidence, Samus. All of it. All you have is your word.”

    “I have the logs in m-my P-power Suit—”

    “That was confiscated when you were arrested. We have your Power Suit, and its logs confirms our story.”

    No! This couldn’t be. Her legs felt weak. She felt sick. The lump in her throat … “The ship—Adam—if his personality wasn’t uploaded, then—”

    “Deleted. All instances. Except on your ship. And wouldn’t it be a shame if the very last remaining remnant of your lover just … disappeared at a key stroke.”

    Samus looked up suddenly and her jaw dropped.

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. That look in her eyes. Terror. Pure disbelieving terror. The look of a woman whose world was in the process of crashing down. He had her precisely where he wanted her. She would play into his hands. She would try to argue, but he had researched and rehearsed and prepared and practiced for this for so long that he was the pinball machine and she was the ball.

    “Yes, Samus, if you walk away from my offer, you will truly be alone with nothing but your word. And Adam will be nothing but a memory. And it will all be your fault.”

    Adam …

    Balling up two fists, Samus clenched her teeth. “S-so what’s keeping me from just breaking your neck an-and taking down those four guards and … and what’s stopping me from b-busting out of here?” Impotent venom. Empty threats. God, he loved it. His smile only widened and he found himself getting more and more aroused as she continued. “I survived SR388 and Zebes on my own. I sure as hell can take you down.”

    “Because of this,” and he dramatically tapped the desk again, bring up a set of vital signs on the window/monitor, “if my vitals register me as dead or unconscious, Adam gets deleted. If I give the command, Adam gets deleted. If I fail to check in, Adam gets deleted.” It was like stripping off that unshapely, bulky, and clunky Power Armor from her one piece at a time as she stood mesmerized and helpless, breaking through that protective outer shell to the shapely, soft, and sexy woman underneath. “You see, Samus, this wouldn’t be nearly as thrilling nor erotic if there weren’t some risk to me. I don’t want to crush you while watching on a monitor from a thousand miles away. No. I want to be right here when I beat you. I want you on your knees before me. I want you to totally and completely submit at my feet. Now, bitch, turn the fuck around.”

    Samus knuckles turned white as she glared and considered launching herself at him, sending a fist right to his face, shattering that mocking grin, and sending him flying across the room to crack that damned screen. But what could she do to stop him from erasing Adam? That was the dilemma. She couldn’t kill him. She couldn’t knock him out. Maybe she could incapacitate him—

    “Tick tock, Samus. If I don’t check in—”

    “All right!” She couldn’t believe the words came from her mouth. And she gulped as she considered one last time assaulting him and making a run for her freedom. Maybe if she ran back fast enough, she’d make it in time and—

    “Goodbye, Adam.”

    “NO!” She cried out, stepping forward and reaching towards Felix Fox, but not to attack him. To plead. To beg.

    To submit.

    And then realizing that she’d just made her decision, she dropped her hands to her sides and did as he asked. Slowly turning around in a circle, letting him drink in the fine lines of her perfectly formed, perfectly proportioned, figure. And he laughed aloud. A condescending mocking laugh. A smug laugh letting her know that he had won. That he dominated her. That he conquered her.

    Damn him.

    She could beat him, and she could overpower him. She could literally do anything to him. She was physically superior to him in every way … and yet he had still won on threats alone. Threats she couldn’t take chances with. Not with Adam, what’s left of him. She lost. For the first time in her life, she lost.

    As Samus finished turning around in a circle so he got a 360 degree view of her flawless figure, Felix metaphorically finished stripping the last of her Power Armor off, leaving behind the completely vulnerable woman beneath. And now, at his mercy, his mastery over her and reign of terror began. Snapping and pointing to the floor in front of him, he ordered, “on your knees, bitch.” The Bounty Huntress reluctantly took a step forward and lowered herself to her knees. “Hands at your sides.” He said. She obeyed. “Keep them there.” And he slapped her. Her head snapped to the side. And as he straightened her out and mockingly tapped her nose, he instructed, “and don’t move unless I tell you to.”

    And then he slapped her again.

    And again.

    “A bitchslap for a bitch!” He laughed maniacally and backhanded her. “Appropriate, isn’t it?” Slapped again. Her cheeks stung, but her pride stung more. Her cheeks felt a resurgence of warmth, but the rest of her went icy cold. She couldn’t feel her fingers or toes anymore. Her head snapped to the side from another backhanded blow. He straightened her out only to strike her again only to straighten her out and repeat. “How does it feel, Samus?” Degrading. Humiliating. She fought her whole life against a sexist society, taking on terrifyingly deadly monsters in unforgiving hazardous environments, to beat “the boys” at their own game. To become the best. To be seen and recognized as Samus Aran, the elite Bounty Hunter, and not just Samus Aran, the little girl.

    Now she was reduced to this. On her knees before a man, getting slapped as regularly as a pendulum, and being unable to fight back. And the worst part? It wasn’t because of any weakness. She had the strength. The determination. But she was ordered to just sit there and take it. Ordered to be helpless. Because he held something over her head, she was reduced to the very thing she feared most. The thing she promised herself she would never become.

    A damsel in distress.

    A slight whimper escaped her lips as his palm smashed across her cheek. She lost count of how many times he struck her. Each new blow brought with it a greater and greater sense of dizziness. When would it stop? Would he keep slapping her until she lost her balance? Would he then straddle her and continue to slap until she lost consciousness? Then would he continue until he killed her? With slaps? Was that even possible?

    The slaps stopped. “Aww, is that a tear?”

    Samus started to reach for her cheek when another slap sent her sense into orbit.

    “Hands at your sides!”

    And Samus obediently lowered them again.

    He touched her chin and tilted her head up. Gloating. “You are a weak, worthless woman. Aren’t you?”

    She gulped, closed her eyes, and nodded.

    “Say it.”

    Samus bit her lip. She wanted to say no. But she had no options. Her own survival and, more importantly, Adam’s depended on her obedience. So despite every inch of her wanting to tell him to go fuck himself, she whispered, “I am a weak, worthless woman.”


    Samus took a deep breath and slowly repeated, “I am a weak, worthless woman.”

    “Say it like you mean it.”

    Swallowing hard, Samus held her head up like she was back in Federation Boot Camp and cried out, “I am a weak, worthless woman!”

    Felix smiled and pat her reddened cheeks. “Now say you are a sad sack of space garbage who deserves to be thrown out like the trash you are.”

    Eyes still closed tight, Samus licked her drying, chapped lips, and called out, “I am a sad sack of space garbage who deserves to be thrown out like the trash I am!”

    Oh, Samus, Felix thought, you look so sexy saying that which you do not want to say. He ordered her to repeat it again. It gave him pleasure seeing mere words crush her soul so thoroughly—more than physical blows—and after reciting the self-crucifying statement yet again, she opened her eyes and looked at him. Pleading. Begging him to stop. And all he had to do to further break her down was say one word. “Again.”

    Samus swallowed hard again and obeyed again. This time he slapped her and laughed before demanding she repeat it. “Again!” And again. And again.

    Slapped and forced to insult herself, “I am a sad sack of space garbage …” over and over. And slowly, brick by brick, he tore down the temple of confidence she’d built up across her adventures and her career by having her endlessly repeat, “…deserves to be thrown out like the trash I am” only to be slapped again. Every time she said, it felt more and more true. Every time he slapped her, he hammered the point deeper and deeper into her heart, undermining her very belief in herself. And every time, the poison coursing through her veins made her believe it more and more.

    Why am I letting him do this to me? What would Adam think?

    “Now,” he touched her chin again and helped steady the weary woman, “now I want you to say that you’re not a brave bounty hunter. You are a pathetic, helpless, little bitch.”


    It felt like a confession. She should know those words were untrue. She should know they were lies. But as she opened her mouth, two tears ran down her cheeks, and she couldn’t bring herself to say it. As if the act of saying it would make it true.

    Because it would.

    It was true.

    A bounty hunter wouldn’t stand for this. Samus Aran wouldn’t stand for this. Adam Malkovich wouldn’t let Samus, the bounty hunter, stand for this. So why is she doing this? Why is she letting this pompous arrogant conceited pencil pushing politician do this to her?

    “What’s the matter, Samus?”

    Only a pathetic, helpless, little bitch would let someone walk over them like this. Someone who never set foot off the planet, who never held a weapon in his hand, and who never faced anything more dire than a paper cut.

    “Please …”

    She didn’t want to stand up to Councilor Fox, but at the same time …


    … she didn’t want to be a pathetic, helpless, little bitch, either.


    “Yes, you are. And a begger belongs on all fours. Like a dog.”

    Samus shook her head frantically. “Please, no…”


    She reached out and grabbed two fistfuls of his pantleg. “You’ve had your fun with me.”


    She broke down and cried out, “I’ve done what you’ve asked!”


    “I beg you—” and she realized too late what she just said. She looked up and whimpered. Once again, pure unbridled terror filled her expression. And that evil, menacing, sadistic smile stretched to the extremes of his expression. It hovered over her and haunted her. Taunted her. Because she played right into his hands. He was the pinball machine. She was the ball. He could verbally knock her around all day long and he knew it. “Please.” She begged.

    “You brought this on yourself.” He said and snapped his fingers, pointing to the ground. “All fours. Now.”

    He beat me. He really did beat me. Samus thought as she lowered herself to her hands and knees. I tried to resist, and I just dug my grave even deeper. I gave him an opportunity and excuse to humiliate me further.

    “You’re not a bounty hunter,” he began.

    To degrade me further. Samus, in her defeat, admitted the truth. The new truth. The truth she now believed with every fiber in her being. “I am not a bounty hunter.”

    “What are you?”

    Samus Aran confessed, “I am a pathetic, helpless, little bitch.”

    His plan couldn’t be going more perfectly. She became sexier and sexier with each new rung of degradation. Of domination. With his shoe, he touched her chin and forced her to look up pitifully. “Yes, you are a pathetic, helpless, little bitch. And now, you’re going to say it again, and then you’re going to lick my shoe. Then, my little bitch, you’re going to say it again and lick my shoe again. And you’re going to continue until you’ve completely cleaned it with your tongue. And THEN you get to start on my other shoe.”

    Her eyes begged no, but she dared not open her mouth to let it out. Instead, Samus only gulped.

    Time to let her know, she hadn’t fallen so far that she couldn’t be hurt any more. That she could still be stabbed through the heart. That her suffering had only just begun. “Any objections, lady?” And Felix felt a euphoric arousal seeing a tidal wave of guilt and shame slam her. The mighty Samus Aran, overwhelmed and drowning in a violent ocean of emotional despair. The look of pleading—of “how could you?” She was powerless. She was helpless. She was vulnerable. Completely vulnerable.

    And she knew it.

    He could do anything to her. She was clay in his hands. He could barely contain himself as the bounty hunter—the goddess—lowered her face to his shoe and dragged her tongue across the black leather. “I am not a bounty hunter. I am a pathetic, helpless, little bitch.” And then she tilted her head to lick the side of his shoe.

    “What would Adam think of you, now?” Felix taunted because it wasn’t enough just to destroy her. Oh no. He had to completely destroy her. And then he had to rub her face in her utter destruction. “What would your former commanding officer, your lover, say? Look at you. The mighty Samus Aran. Annihilator of the Space Pirates. Destroyer of Metroids. Savior of all mankind. On all fours, licking boot. Adam gave his life for civilization, for you, and in doing so never compromised his integrity. He stands proudly by his actions in the next life. How do you think it makes him feel seeing where you are now? What you’ve done with his sacrifice? Squandering all of your honor and all of your dignity, and for what? What will you have to show when this is done?”

    Samus bowed her head and whimpered, “enough.” The lump in her throat so overwhelming she could barely breathe, much less speak. She imagined Adam shaking his head sadly. Looking down at her with neither sympathy nor mercy. Just disappointment, disdain, and disgust. Then she imagined him turning his back and leaving her alone to suffer more disgrace. Forever. “Please. I can’t take any more.” She hesitated over her next words, but there was no way around it. Look where she was. So for the first time, she admitted her utter defeat, “you win.”

    “You might be finished, bitch, but I’m not through with you.”

    She told herself to keep licking his boot, to keep obeying, but her body physically would not respond. The knot in her stomach kept her from moving. She tried. She tried with all her might. But she couldn’t. And then she collapsed into a ball and cried. “I … I can’t.”

    He did it. He broke her. Samus Aran was no more. And the poison within her body would ensure that she would never rise again.

    From this moment forward, she was his bitch.
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    Felix Fox stood up and put a foot on his trembling conquest. His prize. “You have failed, Samus.” He pressed his weight into her because he could. Because she was beneath him. Because she was powerless. And it felt awesome. He wanted to drag this out. He wanted to rub it in. So he removed his foot, stepped on her head, smiled, and then put his weight on her again, grinding her face into carpet. “Failed!”

    The ‘mighty’ Samus Araon whimpered.

    It was beautiful.

    Felix stepped off her, and rolled the beaten bitch onto her back. She looked so weak. So pitiful. Firm toned legs slightly bent, knees together. Equally toned, yet delicate, arms crossed over her perfectly flat midriff. Tussled blonde hair across her gorgeous face. Eyes closed tight. And freezing tears racing down her cheeks. Her whole body shivered. He wanted to strip her and screw her brains out right here and now. Seeing her so vulnerable, he might need to release his load—release it on her—it drove him crazy. But not yet. In time.

    He was just getting started with her.

    Fox removed the warming gloves and let them drop back down to the desk. Then he bent over and scooped up her left leg at the thigh, and ran his hands down the silky skin of her legs. Massaging her thigh and calf. Tracing her muscles. Their curves. Samus suppressed a moan. The caress. The warmth. It was euphoric. She squirmed, but not to resist … she wanted more. Felix unzipped her boot and let it drop to the floor. Then he carefully escorted the goddess’ bootless limb beside it. Then on to her right leg. He touched her, traced her, caressed her, and again she responded longingly to the stimuli and even yearning for more as he removed her second boot, and instead of returning that smooth, toned, flawless leg to the cold, he slid his hand to the back of her thigh. With his other hand, he slid beneath her other thigh as well, descending her legs he felt her to her behind where he squeezed.

    Oh, she felt magnificent.

    Reaching her lower back, Felix, brought his fingertips around her hips, across her abdomen, and then down to her shorts where he started to unzip.

    Samus groaned and whimpered, “no,” and her hands went to his to stop him. But she had no strength. No strength … or no will? Her fingers hooked and clawed at his wrist, but he felt no real resistance. With little effort, the zipper descended her shorts, revealing black panties beneath. Then he slid his hands up her waist and hooked his fingers into the blue fabric of her shorts.

    Samus opened her eyes. “P-please,” she begged, clawing more frantically with equal futility. “Don’t…”

    “You’re mine, bitch.” Felix answered, relishing the mortified look of panic and desperation it received. He began dragging her shorts down her long, slender legs. She couldn’t reach with her hands anymore. Off her hips now. She tried to squeeze her legs together and wiggled to try and keep them on. But it did little to slow him. And everything to excite him. He caressed her thighs, her knees, her calves, ankles, and even her feet as he stripped Samus Aran of her dignity.

    He dropped the garment on her face.

    She lay there.


    Now Felix straddled her, and started caressing her ribs. The weight of his body now upon her and, with it, the warmth. Still shaking her head, Samus pleaded unconvincingly, “n-no m-more…”

    “All mine,” Felix laughed, and worked his hands up her sides to her shoulders. Rubbing her tenderly. Massaging her tense muscles and transferring his heat. He rubbed her shoulders, he rubbed her arms all the way down to her hands and he kissed each in turn. All the while staring menacing at Samus’ eyes. She knew where he was going. It was only a matter of time. More fun to torment her with the wait. He removed the discarded shorts and set them aside, brushed the hair out of her face. Her cheek was ice. He would fix that. His fingertips worked the ever-so-soft features of her cheeks.

    She swallowed hard, but closed her eyes and leaned into the caress. He started to pull his hand away, and she followed. Then he leaned down and touched Samus lips with his own. He kissed her.

    “Please…” But she was no longer begging for it to stop. She just didn’t realize it yet. Or admit it.

    “You want it.” He kissed her cheek. Her neck.

    “No.” Her hands went to his, but again there was no resistance.

    “Yes, you do.” He said, breathing heavily upon her, warm soothing breath. He let his body’s heat blanket her. His hands descended her. Her shoulders. Her chest. Her breasts.

    “Please…” Her hands stayed with his but didn’t try to pull away. He started rubbing those perfectly formed orbs with his thumbs. She squirmed beneath his weight, bucked lightly, kicked halfheartedly with her legs, and turned her head. It was an empty gesture. An act. A lie.

    “You’re not fighting.” He said matter of factly. “Not really. You want this.”

    She opened her mouth to say no … but he was right. But it wasn’t his touch—it was his warmth, right? This was why he wanted the chamber so cold. She would never give in to a stranger’s touch alone. He was denying her a basic survival need and then seducing her with heat. Right?


    What is wrong with me?! Samus wept. She didn’t know anymore. And part of her told her it didn’t matter. She lay still and wept in a whirlwind of emotional confusion as her body embraced what was happening while her mind denied it. She didn’t want it to be true. It couldn’t be true. I’m stronger than this!

    With a smug chuckle, Felix slowly and methodically unzipped the beaten bounty hunter’s top, revealing her black bra underneath. Then with equal fanfare, he slid first Samus’ right arm out of the top, and then the left, using the moment to grope as much of her exposed flesh and newly exposed underwear as he could. “Another trophy for the mantle.” Then he tossed the garment behind him, not caring where it landed. “But don’t worry. I’ll give something back.” And from his pocket, Felix removed a choker necklace. No, not a choker … a dog collar. With a tag that, in capital letters, read, “BITCH.”

    After fastening the new accessory around his new pet’s neck, Felix pinned the woman’s hands next to her head and leaned in close to her face, “how does it feel, bitch?”

    Overwhelmed with shame, Samus couldn’t bring herself to look at him. Couldn’t even open her eyes. Couldn’t even turn her head in his direction. She was afraid—no terrified—of what she might see. No, that wasn’t it at all. She was terrified of what Felix might see in her. She couldn’t respond. She couldn’t react.

    She couldn’t let him know.

    Felix licked her from her chin to her cheek over her eye and to her forehead. He nibbled her ear. Kissed her shoulder. Then he opened his mouth and descended upon each of her breasts in turn, running his tongue over the thin delicate fabric of her bra and feeling her firm nipples erect from the cold underneath before gently bringing his teeth to bear, caressingly nibbling on her bosom. He felt both orbs turn soft as he worked them from cold to warm again … and back to firm from arousal. Once again, his friend, the magic pill worked her body’s chemistry against her, making her enjoy this even if she didn’t want to. And she didn’t. Not consciously. But instinctively, she was screaming for it. That’s why the little bitch turned her head. She didn’t want him to see it. Little did she know, her own internal war was clearly visible. And he loved every second of it.

    He smiled as he came back up and pinned both her wrists over her head with one hand. With his free hand, he forced Samus’ head straight so he could lick the length of her face, letting his tongue caress her lips, cheeks, and eyelids. Somehow her skin felt even softer, sexier, and more exotic when tasted. He nibbled the tip of her nose, her eyebrows, her lips. Then he kissed her. And then he sent that hand back to her chest on a mission to inspect every square centimeter of her mammaries. She tried turning her head away again, but he pinched her breasts, and if she refused to straighten out he would squeeze her sensitive areola and grind it between his knuckles until she relented.

    And she did.

    Then she laid there under his weight, and allowed him to have his way with her. And even though she had her eyes closed, she could still see Felix on top of her. Violating her. And behind him, she saw Adam glaring at her. Blaming her. Condemning her.

    I can’t, Adam! She said in her mind. But the ghost didn’t answer. I’m trying! But I … he’s … dammit, *I’m* the victim! But Adam only shook his head and continued to glare at her as though she stabbed him in the back and cut out his heart. She heard the word “betrayal” in her mind, and it hovered over her, threating to crush her. It’s not my fault! But again, the mental apparition of her lover only shook his head, closed his eyes, and left her. Adam no! I’m trying to fight, but I can’t! Don’t leave me!

    “Don’t leave me…” Samus moaned, oblivious that her imagined conversation made it to her lips much to the delight of Felix Fox.

    “Oh, don’t worry, bitch,” Felix answered, “I won’t…” and he kissed her more forcefully, penetrating her mouth with his tongue … and slowly, Samus started returning the kiss. He let go of her wrists, but her hands stayed in place over her head at first … but slowly came to wrap around his body, returning the embrace and pulling herself to him. Pushing her body as close to his as she could. His hand slid behind her, and Samus arched her back so he could wrap his arm around her. He knew it was only a matter of time before she gave in to her urges, and now she actively participated in the intimate exchange. She kissed him more aggressively, gripped him more tightly, and clawed for more …

    And that’s when he pushed her away and slapped her across the face. Then when she looked at him confused and tried advancing again, he slapped her again and forcefully pinned her shoulders to the ground. “Aww, I thought you didn’t want any of this?”

    “I—” Desire had taken over. It overrode her rational train of thought, and Felix got the pleasure of watching the realization that she had surrendered to the seduction without even realizing it …. And it crushed her. She couldn’t lie anymore. She couldn’t say “no” or “please don’t.” And she knew that turning her head would fool no one. But she did it anyway. Like a little child trying to hide when caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Poor, poor, Samus …

    “What would Adam think?”

    Samus opened her mouth to answer, but then quickly closed it again, biting her lip.

    “I think he would say you’re a slut.”

    Samus said nothing.

    “I think you’re a slut.”

    She made her hands into fists, but they were pinned. She clenched her teeth and every muscle in her body tensed, and if he let up she would unleash hell upon him. She would make him pay. Consequences be damned.

    “And I think you think you’re a slut.”

    Her eyes twitched. All he needed.

    “No, I think you know you’re a slut.”

    The momentary spark of anger faded. Her fists came unclenched, and she deflated.

    “Say it.”

    Closing her eyes more tightly, Samus again confessed a new truth imposed by a pill she never knew she ingested, one she never knew dissolved into her system, one whose chemical makeup had reached every cell in her body. “I am a … a slut.”

    “Now say what your body has been saying for the last thirty minutes. What you’ve been refusing to say. What we both know you’ve been thinking … begging for ….”

    More tears. “P-please, Mr. Fox, I … want … this.”

    “Want what?”

    The keyword of his original deal came back to her. Destruction by the tribunal and destruction by the space pirates, or “I want to be your plaything.” And when she heard the expectant silence, she swallowed hard and elaborated like her conqueror demanded, “I-I want to be … handled. Dominated. I want you to touch me. I want you to kiss me. I want … I want you to have your way with me. Finish stripping me. Screw me. I want to be your …” what was she now? What did she say to Adam? “…victim.”

    Felix laughed. “You really are a slut.”

    Samus quietly and shamefully acknowledged then felt herself being scooped up. She opened her eyes to find Felix had, indeed, peeled her broken body off the floor. What’s wrong with me? She wondered, as this pissant nobody carried her like a trophy through the living chamber, towards the ice cube pool. Samus’ breath became short and panicked … and she looked at him with frightened pleading eyes when he escorted her into that room.

    Why am I giving in? Why am I not standing up to him? Why am I letting him steam roll me. Where will I draw the line? And the question that truly terrified her: Will I draw the line?

    As the door closed, the floor hummed to life, and an elaborate set of thick glass trap doors sealed off the icy water, and fitness equipment descended from the ceiling. A personal gym. And in the center, rigging for a punching bag that had recently been removed.

    He set Samus down on her feet—

    The floor … she thought … it’s so cold!

    Felix steadied her and then pulled her arms over her head. A second later, laser shackles latched themselves onto her wrists. Felix let go, and Samus remained upright. He picked up a glass tablet from a slot in the wall and made some adjustments, and the bounty hunter was lifted about a dozen centimeters off the ground. He tapped a few more buttons on the touch screen and laser shackles snatched Samus’ ankles as well.

    “Comfortable, bitch?” He asked, touching the wall controls with two fingers. He pulled in opposite directions and Samus felt her binds do likewise. Wrist restraints pulled up. Ankle restraints pulled down. And poor Samus Aran, trapped in the middle, was pulled in two directions. Stretching her fine figure to the breaking point. She threw her head back and clenched her teeth, groaning as the machine put increased tension on her nubile body.

    Felix circled her like a vulture as the machine pulled. “Three words will make it stop, slut—”

    “Please…” Samus begged, “I’ll do anything!” And she couldn’t believe how fast those words came to her lips and out of her mouth.

    “Close,” he said, still circling. Taking his time and watching her suffer. Watching that beautiful body brought to its natural limit. Somehow she looked even sexier stretched as far as she could go.

    “What do you want?!” She could feel it starting to pull her weaker joints out of their socket, “I’ll be your plaything! I’ll be your bitch! I’ll be your slut! Anything! Hit me! Strip me! Fondle me! Do whatever you want to me! I’m begging you! Please!”

    “That’s good too,” he said coming to a stop in front of Samus. He scratched his chin and studied her as if in deep thought. Tormenting her with the possibility that he’d just let the machine rip her to pieces. She couldn’t squirm or fight anymore. The machine had so much tension on her she literally had no room to fight. Not even a nanometer. “Say, ‘I surrender unconditionally.’”

    It wasn’t even a thought—she felt her arms slowly peeling out of her shoulders, and she screamed, “I SURRENDER UNCONDITIONALLY!”

    Slack. She could breathe again. She was still pulled tight. She could barely move. But she could breathe again. And she gasped for air…

    Felix wiped her forehead, the showed her the perspiration. “Look at that. You’ll be regretting that soon.”

    Samus whimpered.

    He touched her chin and forced her to look at him, “Now, say, ‘You own me.’”

    “You own me.”

    Felix began circling her again, one hand still on her, caressing her as he prowled. “Every inch of you belongs to me.”

    “Every inch of me belongs to you.”

    “Mind, body, and soul.”

    “Mind body and soul.”

    He stopped in front of her again, crossing his arms. “You’re nothing.”

    “I am nothing.”

    “Now ask me to rape you.”

    She paused only for a moment, but even that command she obeyed with relative promptness, “rape me.”

    “Good girl.” He stepped forward again, tilted Samus chin up so she was forced to look at him, and he said, “I hope you realize, you’re finished, Samus. No one is coming for you. No one will rescue you. And despite what I promised, you will be convicted of treason, and I’m still going to sell you to the space pirates.”

    Samus’ eyes went wide.

    “Oh, did you think I was going to put you through all this and let you go? Free to come back and extract revenge? Oh no, Samus. I’m not stupid. I know when I’ve crossed a line. There’s no way you would let this go. Even if it meant being a fugitive for the rest of your life, you’d come back just to pay me back ten fold. No. I don’t think so.”

    And Felix rocked the strung up and helpless bounty hunter with a punch to her firm flat abdomen. She gasped. Felix slammed her again. And again. He raised both fists, and unleashed a barrage into Samus’ poor unprotected belly. A right then a left then another right. Thud! Thud! She opened her mouth, to beg? To scream? To curse? Who knows? Who cares. He knocked the wind from her, and she could only hang there with her mouth agape as his fist collided with the bare flesh of her tummy. Thud! Thud! Thud! He laughed and mocked her as she squirmed and fought her bindings—trying with no success to escape her laser shackles. Thud! Thud! Thud! They kept her in place. Thud! Thud! Thud! They kept her pulled taut. Thud! Thud! Thud! They kept her completely and utterly at his mercy.

    The beating stopped. Samus’ head drooped. She struggled to fill her lungs. Her breathing was slow, labored, deliberate. She didn’t even notice Felix behind her, his arms wrapped around her ribcage, relishing her struggles. “Yes, Samus. Oh yes. Struggle.” He breathed in her scent as he caressed her wet ribs, moist from her sweat, feeling each and every individual bump as they collectively heaved to pass air through her lungs. She was hot at the moment from the adrenaline, but soon she’d be cold again. Oh so cold. He continued to grope and fondle her helpless form. Grabbing her firm breasts through her damp bra, then sliding his hands down her ribs, waist, hips, and then he’d spank her firm ass through damp panties.

    “How does it feel, bitch?” Felix asked, clinging to his plaything. In heaven. “How does it feel?”

    The politician let her go, and as Samus recovered from her beating and became aware of her senses again, she noticed him across the gym. Sitting on a benchpress with something in his hand. Something she recognized, for it belonged to her. Her paralyzer pistol.

    Oh the defeat on her face! She knew the futility of begging. She knew all roads lead to her meticulous and drawn out demise. No matter what, he would torture her. She lowered her head and closed her eyes. Felix took careful aim with the weapon designed for penetrating the thick exoskeleton of Zebesian Pirates and warding them off. What would it do to Samus’ delicate flesh? He squeezed the trigger.

    Samus felt an electrical train smash into her chest. It would have flattened her against the far wall, but her bindings kept her locked in place. Mostly. Her body rocked back and forth like a plucked bass string. But the electricity didn’t stop with just slamming into her. It flowed up her arms and down her legs, paving a path of searing agony through her nerves, and she convulsed for several seconds afterwards. And she mouthed a silent scream, but her lungs refused to work. And then she slumped forward, too weak to even lift her head.

    A second later, she heard a familiar beep. The paralyzer was ready to punish her again. She looked up through her brow, praying he would take mercy on her, but she saw no sign of Felix. He was nowhere to be seen. And then she heard a burst behind her, and the electrical train smashed into her vertebrae this time. Once again an electrical current ravaged her nervous system, and left her breathless and weak. And now Felix circled her at point blank range, dragging the weapon across her bare skin. He planted it firmly in Samus’ naval and fired again, watching with satisfaction as she writhed from the pain rippling through her body. And just to make her panic, he pressed the paralyzer against the sensitive soft spot that was her right breast. She tried to shake her head. Her eyes welled up with tears even before he pulled the trigger. He pulled the weapon away, and Samus sighed with relief. Then he put paralyzer between her legs and fired.

    Oh the look on her face. The mixture of utter surprise and complete unspeakable torment. And before she could recover, right as the paralyzer recharged, he pressed it against her left breast and blasted her again. And blasted her right breast as soon as the weapon was ready. She threw her head back and tried to scream, but only a shallow pitiful squeak came out. And for the coup de grace, Felix grabbed the bitch by the hair, pulled her head back as far as he could, shoved the paralyzer as far down the slut’s thoat as he could, and gave her one final blast.

    Samus went into an uncontrollable coughing fit and convulsed for a long, long, time. Her entire body ached. Her muscles cramped from the parade of convulsions as if they’d been used for hours and hours without rest. Even after the seizure like convulsions died down, her body would continue to spasm in small bursts. And she felt the pain of minor burns where the paralyzer had discharged point blank.

    And just as Samus began to get her breathing under control, she felt something narrow and hot crack against her back side with a loud snap. It too sent waves of electricity up and down her limbs. And once again, Samus found her nervous system rocked with pain. WiPISH! Another lash came down, and Samus tried to arc her back and twist away, but she couldn’t escape. The laser shackles anchored her to her torment. WiPISH! WiPISH! WiPISH! Felix brought the paralyzer whip to full bear against Samus’ back side. WiPISH! He whipped across her shoulder blades. WiPISH! Across the center of her back! WiPISH! Across the firm muscles of her ass. WiPISH! Across her thighs!

    Perspiration coated her from head to toe. It soaked her undergarments and gave her flesh a smooth sexy sheen. Waves of light from the water below sent intoxicating hypnotic patterns across her sweet, sweet skin, reflecting off her sweat. She glimmered. She glowed. She squirmed. She writhed. Her hair stuck to her body.

    She suffered.

    And Felix drank it up. Every snap of the whip. Every reaction. Every whimper. And every cry. It was glorious. The Goddess was beautiful in her helpless destruction. He finally stopped. Samus slumped in her bindings. She moved only to breathe. Barely. Sweat dripped from her. But otherwise she didn’t move. At all. She hung there like a lamb that had been slaughtered. Like a piece of meat.

    A piece of meat to be butchered.

    Felix backed away and picked up the control tablet again. He tapped a few keys on its touch screen, and the laser bindings holding Samus’ feet dissipated. She made no reaction. He worked the touch screen some more, and the floor opened up beneath the slaughtered lamb, revealing once again the swimming pool loaded with ice water, like a great mouth ready to receive the unsuspecting sacrifice.

    She was even more unbelievably sexy when she didn’t know what was about to happen to her.

    One last tap of the screen and her oh-so-hot body plunged into the 38,000 liters of freezing water, sending a new shockwave through her system. It woke her instantly. She splashed frantically. And she opened her mouth to gasp from the sudden submergence, but she only swallowed water which caused her to flounder which only made her take in more water and cough more violently.

    Could this be the end of Samus Aran? Felix thought, watching her laughable reaction. She made no effort to tread water or swim to the edge. Like a child who didn’t know how to swim, she flailed her limbs frantically, frequently going under, and spitting out swallowed water. She was drowning. She was actually drowning! Oh, this is too perfect.

    And, indeed, it was too perfect. Samus eventually made it through the tiny sea of ice cubes and numbingly cold water to the side. Felix walked around the pool to the spot. He had plenty of time to meet her there. And as the Goddess worked up the strength to pull herself out, he nudged her gently with his toe and sent her crumbling back into the freezing water. He didn’t have to kick her. He didn’t have to push her. All the remaining strength, vigor, and fight of the Goddess, he could defeat with an effortless and halfhearted tap. He could kill her here and now just by denying her the ability to crawl out of her watery death trap. Samus tried to pull herself out a second time, but struggled and ultimately failed, slipping back in even as she desperately tried clawing her way out. She went underwater again, and when she came up desperately tried regaining her buoyancy and composure. Her teeth chattered. Every square inch of her stung from unforgiving cold, and every second more and more strength fled her. If she didn’t get out soon, hypothermia would set in. Samus looked to the other sides of the pool which might as well have been on the other side of an ocean. She knew she’d never make it, and even if she did … he would make it there before she did. She’d be right back where she was. Then she looked up to Felix who towered over her.

    He was a God to her.

    And to escape, she would have to submit to his judgment.

    She only had the strength for one more try, and she doubted she had the strength to succeed. And by just barely touching her, he could defeat her life-struggling fight for survival. He would have to let her escape. She was at his mercy. Completely and entirely. Swallowing hard, Samus closed her eyes, and through great effort and struggle managed to drag her dripping, shivering body out of the water and collapse at Felix’s feet. Completely and totally spent.

    She moved only to breathe.

    And shiver.

    Once again, Felix stepped on his prize, the shattered remains of a once mighty bounty hunter. Now as physically broken as she was mentally. He could roll her onto her back and take her right here and now, and he could barely fight the urge to do that. She no longer had the will to resist him. And even if she did, she couldn’t lift a finger to stop him. He could do with her as he pleased. But that wasn’t good enough.

    Oh no, he still wasn’t finished with this slut ...
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    Phase III

    “You’re finished,” Felix declared, kneeling down. He took a fistful of his prey’s soaking wet hair, and lifted her head up off the ground. Freezing water dripped from her. Her lips had started turning blue. Putting his face next to her’s, he held out the clear glass tablet and snapped a selfie. Holding her up like trophy. The fresh image displayed on the screen, but Felix didn’t like it. He snapped three or four before getting one he liked. One with just the right amount of shame and humiliation in her expression. “There. I will cherish this forever.”

    She said nothing, choosing not to react.

    “Oh, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re not a total failure. You might be completely disgraced and soon to be heading for an extended Space Pirate torture session and show execution, but at least you saved Adam. What’s left of him, anyway.” And he let go of Samus’ hair. Her head hit the floor with a thud and a moan. Felix then stood up, wiped his hand dry, and said, “it’s been a delightful, most memorable first date, Samus. And as much as I want to keep you all to myself. I can’t keep the Space Pirates waiting. Stay there and don’t move, will ya?” And he laughed as he stepped on her, one foot planted in her lower back and the other between her shoulder blades. He dragged his shoes across her, wiping his feet on the discarded dame, and he left the gym, humming a victory theme.


    Leaving Samus with his control tablet. She tried to lift her head up to get a better look, but she couldn’t. She couldn’t lift her head at all on her own. So instead Samus reached for it. But she couldn’t lift her arm either. However, she could slide her numb hand along the floor, drag the device to her, leaving small droplets of water on its surface. She positioned it so that she could read its display.

    Adam can save me…

    Councilor Fox said if anything happened, Adam’s program would be deleted. That means there’s an open link to her ship. That meant she could contact him. She could open the ports, and let him take over the computers of this suite. Maybe lock that bastard in the other room and cut off his air supply. Maybe activate some helper robot to get her out of here. Something. Anything.

    Adam’s never let me down before. He’ll save me. I just have to reach him…

    Samus quickly scanned the screen.

    Where would it be?

    She wished she had her Power Suit to interface with the device and run an analysis. But she didn’t get to be the best relying on tricks and gimmicks. She could do this. There it is! Malkovich interface! That has to be it! Samus tapped the screen…

    * * * *​

    Felix sat in his office chair, his feet propped up on his desk watching the Window-Monitor that showed several angles of his perfect prey laying near motionless, but at the same time racing to save Adam. Three cameras captured closeups of her face from slightly different angles. Four showed the length of her half-naked body still shivering in a puddle of water with the tablet pulled up close to her head. Half a dozen others showed various midshots from various angles. And lastly, one screen showed the tablet screens she manipulated.

    Were the bimbo thinking clearly, she would realize it was no accident that that tablet was left within her reach. She would realize she was his puppet being played. But perhaps it was the poison, perhaps it was the cruelly unfair mind games stacked against her abused body which left her with an abused mind. Or perhaps Samus Aran was just an overrated overpraised idiotic pile of stupid. She was blonde after all. And she did walk into every single one of his traps. Besting her wasn’t even an effort.

    How did you defeat the Space Pirates? Not once, but twice?

    He smiled at a new thought: Samus Aran, a brainless ditz beneath that intimidating armor. He imagined her in everyday situations, utterly helpless without her power suit to spell out the most basic functions. How to spell her own name. Two plus two equals four. Push door, don’t pull. He laughed aloud. Oh, he’d have to make a mental note to ruin even her legacy. Why the hell not? He was ruining everything else.

    Poor Samus didn’t realize, didn’t even suspect, that the magic button she so desperately sought on that plain pane of glass would not save Adam. It would erase him.

    “Oh, my little bitch, do unleash your ship’s computer on me! Ha ha ha!” Felix spun in his chair and tapped a button on his desk. By the wall, a safe opened up with two blue-tinted metallic looking gloves wiring and tubing running from the base to its reinforced knuckles. “I’m shaking in my boots.”

    * * * *​

    There it is! Samus said to herself. She tapped the touchpad, and the usually annoying confirmation question came up.


    This was it! I’m saved! She felt a calming euphoria descend across her as tears welled up. But not the tears she’d been crying. Tears of joy. Tears of relief. Tears of victory. She touched the YES button, then closed her eyes and sighed. Oh, thank goodness. She’d open her eyes and look up, and she’d see Adam’s face on the touch screen.

    “Samus?” He would say.

    She’d lift her head and cry out, “Help me!”

    And he’d save her. He’d know what to do. He’d take over this apartment’s computer systems, crank up the heat, and he’d—

    Clapping. Laughter. Felix.

    “You’re too late,” Samus growled, lifting her head and pushing herself onto her side with newfound strength. She opened her eyes and glared at the man who was about to pay and pay dearly. Adam would fix him. “It’s over. You’re finished.”

    “Too perfect,” he stroked his chin with his cybernetic gloved hands.. “No, YOU are finished. The writing is on the wall or, should I say, on the tablet…” and he nodded towards the device next to her.

    “No more tricks.” She said without looking down, and then she played her ace card, “Adam, can you hear me?”

    He would answer. Then he would wipe that fucking grin off that fucking fucker’s face.

    But Adam didn’t answer.


    Here it comes, Felix thought and mocked, “Oh Adam?”

    Samus looked down and all the blood drained from her face.

    No… it couldn’t be …

    Four words blinked on screen over and over. PROGRAM ADAM MALKOVICH DELETED. Four words burned through her retinas into her memory. Her mouth hung agape in horror as her eyebrows turned up, her eyes went wide and filled with soul-crushing tears.

    No! Nonononono! This can’t be! It CAN’T—

    “Congratulations, Samus Aran,” Felix said, strolling into the room. The traumatized woman didn’t take notice. He didn’t expect her too. He wondered if his words even registered, but he spoke none-the-less because it just felt right gloating. Maybe some part of her subconscious heard. Maybe these words will haunt her on a subliminal level. That would be even better. “YOU killed Adam.”

    “Oh god, no…” Samus whimpered as her strength suddenly abandoned her.

    “Did you really think I was stupid enough to hand you a means of escape on a silver platter within fucking arm’s reach?” Felix continued, reaching down and grabbing a gloved fistful of the blonde babe’s wet hair.

    “Adam!” She cried and started bawling.

    “No, I left you breadcrumbs that would lead YOU to destroying Adam forever. Mission accomplished!” Felix pulled the emotional wreck of a woman to her feet and finished, “and job well done.” She couldn’t support her own weight. He held her by the hair. Her arms hung at her side. Warm tears paved through cold water to soaked her red cheeks. Her eyes shut tight and her chin quivered and her whole body shook from her uncontrollable sobs. No one would ever—ever—believe that this pathetic creature was once the galaxy-revered Bounty Huntress, Samus Aran.

    “The Queen is Dead.” Felix pulled his gloved free hand back and formed a fist, “Long live the King, bitch.” The glove emitted a hum that started low, raised in pitch, and then oscillated at its plateau. The lines and wires and reinforced knuckles started glowing blue and sparking with energy. Then he rocked Samus’ unprotected abdomen. Thud. And the charged energy shot into Samus’ body, racing through her, and instantly freezing the slut in place.

    Extreme cold. Samus Aran’s Metroid-fused DNA induced weakness.

    Felix let go and stepped back.

    Like an ice statue, Samus stood before him. Her body nano-seconds into reacting from the blow and energy discharge, her mouth and eyes open wide from the pain. He circled her, admiring his glistening trophy while laughing condescendingly, remembering her mockery and attempt to chastise him earlier. “And you thought a couple ice cubes were the extent of my tricks. Overconfident cunt.” It never got old, rendering the bitch helpless. Each time it brought a thrill as if it were the first time. And each time it brought the urge to take advantage of her helplessness. To violate her. To knock the high and mighty better-than-thou toughest chick in the galaxy down to the level of cheap whore. He held up his gloves, “When I requested these, they asked why. What’s the point of having a point blank melee weapon that channels an ice beam’s power when you can just have an ice beam and hit people from any distance?”

    His gloves beeped at him, letting him know Samus would come unfrozen in ten seconds. He took a fighter’s stance, then hammered Samus’s spine with each fist in rapid succession. One-two! Bam! Bam! The first blow unfroze Samus, and before she could crumble, the second blow froze her again. He walked around his Samus statue, drinking in her form and noting how her position had changed while more or less staying the same in the fraction of a second she was unfrozen. He stepped in front of her, and stroked his statue’s cheek. “And they’re right. I could have just used an ice beam and shot you repeatedly. It would have been more effective and efficient. More logical. But this,” he held up his gloves as they beeped at him again. “This is much more satisfying.”

    Felix stepped to the side and pummeled his frozen prey again. Again both fists connected, this time to her ribs, in rapid succession. And again, Samus unfroze then refroze before she collapsed. Then he circled Samus, taunting his unmoving victim who couldn’t fight back, surrender, or even acknowledge. He didn’t even know if she could hear as an ice sculpture. But it didn’t matter. At this point, the theatrics were for his own ego anyway. “How does it feel, bitch?” WHAM! WHAM! “Does it hurt being frozen?” WHAM! WHAM! And as he belittled, berated, and dressed her down, he continued to fire two strikes into her torso, into her right ribs, then her tummy, then her back, then her ribs again, then her breasts. And slowly, very slowly, she crumbled. Stopping like individual frames of animation in an animator’s flip book as she fell.

    Two hours later, Samus finally fell to her knees.

    Felix took the ice gloves off. He wouldn’t need them anymore. The Bounty-Slut was pulverized and would remain so through the next millennia. Tossing them onto some workout equipment, he returned to the ice whore and ran his fingers down her frozen neck and along her frozen shoulders.

    “Now for the coup de grace,” he said, and reached for the dog collar still around her neck. He scooped it up in his fingers and, with his thumb, pushed the hidden button. “This mind control slave collar has had enough time to analyze your brain waves. It should be ready to re-write you…”

    The ice gloves beeped, and ten seconds later a badly battered Samus thawed.

    Her mouth was open to scream, but no sound came out. She didn’t breathe. The collective shocks of her two-hour ass kicking caught up to her, and hit her nervous system at the exact second sending her into sensory and pain overload. Her eyes convulsed in her eye sockets as wave after wave after wave of vicious beatdown bombarded her brain in the span of a few seconds. She made a sound like she was choking, and then after her violent seizure, her head slumped forward and her entire body went limp. She breathed again. Barely. If Felix hadn’t been holding her up by her choker, she would have collapsed into a pitiful, yet ungodly attractive, heap.

    With his free hand, Felix lifted her head up, then smacked her lightly to try and bring her around. She didn’t respond. He smacked her again. “Come on, bitch. I want to see your face when I drive the last nail in your coffin.” And after a little more prodding, Samus finally stirred, and Felix held her head up by the hair although there wasn’t much of anyone home in her eyes.

    Nor would there be for much longer.

    “Enjoy your final moments as Samus Aran,” he began, watching the beaten bitch’s blank expression for even the faintest sign of comprehension. She had to still be in there. She just had to! “You see, in three more minutes, this collar will finish wiping your mind completely clean—”

    A twitch of her eyebrow. She was in there after all! She didn’t have the strength left to even express her horror. But she still understood. And the supremely trained, highly advanced bounty hunter had been reduced to the absolute most primitive of states. Equal to that of invertebrates.

    “You’ll still be able to perform tasks—and you will perform for me…” he let go of Samus’ hair, slid his hand down, and groped her breast, “…but you’ll have no memory of who are you, you will have no capacity for individuality, and you won’t be able to function as a human being. A mindless automation of flesh and blood. In short, a human robot. You will unquestioningly obey the every whim of anyone who calls you by your new name,” and, again, Felix ran his thumb across the dog collar engraved with the word “bitch.”

    Samus’ beautiful features twitched again, and a tear rolled down her cheek as her mind started to cloud and her eyes started to glaze over.

    Felix leaned in to her ear and whispered, “but look on the bright side. By the time the Space Pirates get ahold of you, there will be nothing left to break.”

    Samus whimpered. The last sound she made of her own free will.

    Felix took her by the hair again and leaned her head back. Her mouth was agape. Her eyes were vacant. Samus Aran was no more.

    “I have stripped you of your status, your reputation, your pride, your will to fight, your clothes, your strength, and even your mind. Now, you have only two things left. Your modesty … and your purity. And you, my pathetic, little, helpless bitch, will surrender those to me. Any objections, lady?”

    The puppet once known as Samus Aran straightened up like she was called to attention. She thrust her right hand out in front of her in a thumbs down gesture. A cruel and twisted perversion of her trademark symbol of independence, individuality and defiance now used to symbolize her slavery, her mindlessness and her unquestioning obedience.

    “Perfect. Now, bitch, surrender your modesty.”

    And without a word, the legendary bounty hunter obediently reached behind her and unfastened her bra, slid it off her chest and down her arms and into Felix’ accepting hands. Then her hands went to her panties, sliding them down her thighs, around her knees, over her calves and off her feet. Then she handed those too to her master.

    Final trophies in hand, Felix circled her again, admiring the Goddess fully exposed. She was everything he dreamed she would be. Perfectly proportioned, perfectly sculpted breasts. Firm round ass. And shaved pubic hair so nothing but smooth silky skin lead from her lower abdomen down to her genitals. She was magnificent, and she was his. Every inch of her. He dropped her undergarments to the floor, snatched up a leash, and attached it to her collar. Then he pushed the Goddess down to all fours, “Finally, bitch,” he said, tugging to lead her out of the gym and into the bedroom. “We have a very very long night ahead of us where you will surrender your purity to me in every way imaginable …”

    And the Goddess crawled on her hands and knees to her utter desolation by ravaging violation.

    The door closed on Samus Aran once and for all.

    THE END.​
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  4. Kargan3033

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    Outstandingly done Jim, that was a pleasure to read I hope you enjoyed writing it as I did reading it, the mind fuckery alone is worth the likes.

    The story is well thought out, the flow of action is slow and steady without focusing too long on one aspect of the story and the final mind fuck of Samus deleting her lover was a nice touch and the way you set it up really capture her horror at having killed the man she loved perfectly.

    I look forward to seeing what you come up with next and welcome to the group.
  5. Jim Carrodine

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    Thank you. I wanted to do something different and throw Samus completely out of her element and have her out of her armor from the get go, and the ending of Metroid Fusion sets her up to be backstabbed by a conspiring Federation so that worked out. The mind fuckery came about out of necessity because without it Samus would just kick the crap out of him and end the story pretty quick. =)

    I actually did consider doing a prison scenario where she meets her end by corrupt guards and inmates, but the "honored guest" of a politician idea won out. I couldn't resist making a politician the bad guy. Who knows, maybe one day if I get bored enough I'll write the prison scenario too.

    Thanks for the welcome. Long time lurker. First time posters. =)
  6. mm_mml

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    Might've preferred it if Samus didn't break that fast but still really liked this. Having her pathetically struggling to get out of the freezing pool was great and the freezing punches reminded of those time-stop shenanigans. I hope you eventually do get bored enough to write up a prison scenario.
  7. Kargan3033

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    Well I can say I know too much of Metroid/Samus, played the first Metroid game on the old NES system but other then that nothing, as for the politician they make for good villains since most politicians are criminals in real life, if you do write the prison story I'm sure it will be an enjoyable story, glad you decieded to post to the group I hope you will enjoy your stay here. :-), BTW is your avatar Samus?
  8. Jim Carrodine

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    Thank you mm_mml. When I started writing it, it became apparent quickly that it going to be much longer than I intended, so I was timid of having her resist for too much longer.

    Kargan, yes. I created that based on Samus' best ending post-credits appearance in Super Metroid. They've since updated her design in subsequent games, but I always picture her in that skimpy number under her armor.
  9. Kargan3033

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    Ok then, the avatar makes her look like a nasty ass bondage slut.:grin: