Beat-em-up/Action game Zako

Do you prefer zako victory, defeat or enjoy both?

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Jan 10, 2016
I mod the crap outta this game, it;s one of the easiest to mod in zakos, or at least it's easy to swap around character models. If your looking to mod it then swap the Luchadors with female gimps, Deckers with their specialist, cops with the cop stripper, and the Morningstar males with just the females. STAG has female variants.


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Oct 1, 2017
My secret tomboy sex dungeon
My first genderbent zakos are here. They used to be men, but now I've messed up with their genders, just to make them hotter:
Back at it again with new Honey Select stuffs. This time I made genderbent versions of the Muay Thai kickboxers from the Streets of Rage series, namely Streets of Rage 2 and 4:
View attachment 101436
Left to right: Raven (natural tan, black tanktop, red boxer shorts and orange headband/armband), Pheasant (chocolate tan, white tanktop, gray boxer shorts and cream headband/armband) and Hawk (light tan, reddish-brown tanktop, green boxer shorts and yellow headband/armband). Raven can be found in both SoR 2 and 4 while the other two are exclusive to SoR 2 and 4 respectively. Their nicknames are apparently common names for birds since they move and strike pretty fast. Their attacks consists of knee strikes, punching and occasionally clinching their opponents with their muscular arms and legs, causing him/her to submit. These girls are pretty healthy and fit, and taking them down isn't easy. Though, they can be put to sleep by throwing objects at them or ending their lives with a bullet into their hearts/brains

I used NK Cell from Cells At Work's appearance and physique as a ref for their muscular fitness and body height. Both of them are tomboyish tanktop-clad hotties with toned arms and legs though:

Raven, Pheasant and Hawk struggling for their lives before laying unconscious on the concrete floor:
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Raven flexing her meaty legs and arms while training her Muay Thai skills before fighting Blaze Fielding:
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BONUS: Raven, Pheasant and Hawk's abs and breasts, just to show how fit and tanned they are. Since these three are hailing from a Southeast Asian country, I'm not surprised if they have a delicious tanned body though:
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Save cards for the Muay Thai girls from Streets of Rage. Feel free to use:
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Original pic:

Tell me what you think, okay?


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Mar 8, 2017
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