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  1. carl_fennin

    Fear Effect Reinvented - Teaser

    So it would seem with Fear Effect 3: Sedna still in development, we're also getting another Fear Effect game titled "Fear Effect Reinvented". It's a remake of the very first Fear Effect title. Teaser trailer down below. It seems this series is getting quite the revival treatment even...
  2. carl_fennin

    [PC Indie Game] Haydee - Ryona

    I'm not entirely sure what this game is really about, but all I know is that it is... amusing on some levels to me. Here are two videos showcasing ryona moments of the game: I think the playable character is quite attractive (to me anyway) even if you can't see her face. Just the body type...
  3. dinomoneyman

    Yandere Simulator is shaping up to be a good game for guro!

    In this video new kill animations are showcased, and they are fairly well done.
  4. carl_fennin

    [PC] Gravity Fighter - Developed by Digital Dimension

    Released: January 29th, 2015 Last Updated Patch: February 2nd, 2015 Rated: 18+/R18++ Genre: 3DCG, Action, Beat'em Up Developed By: Digital Dimension Language/Text Language: Japanese Only (No English translations) Game Engine: Unity Operating System Platforms: Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7...
  5. Malygris

    Fallout 4 Piper Album

    cbbe vanilla preset, custom Piper by me. electric Piper
  6. carl_fennin

    [Guro Video Request] - Fallout 4 Nude Ryona

    Note: I do not know where I should make this thread as the only request sub-forums are towards Game/Adult/ Mods and SDT. If this is not the place to make requests for this kind of material/fetish, then feel free to relocate this thread or delete this thread entirely. I apologize in advance...
  7. carl_fennin

    The Evil Within - Juli Kidman Nude Mod Request (PC Version)

    Topic Creator Stupidity Note: While I am requesting this nude mod, embarrassingly, I do not have the game itself nor do I have a computer strong enough to even run the game. I am merely making this request to put it out there as I feel this was a missed opportunity and I'm sure people who may...
  8. H

    Looking for PC games with grabs from behind

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for PC games with grabs from behind, Ryona or Gyaku it doesn't matter. Games like Sleeping Dogs, Arkham Knight, Catwoman. Thank you very much!
  9. M

    List of games with female characters Mods

    I'll be updating this list with games that may not have much Ryona, but have more through modding. I'll also add links to the respective mods. (Will update links for all these later) Bully SE Edition Female player mod Dead Rising 1 - Chop Till You Drop (wii) Play as Jessie Dead Rising 2...
  10. teals03

    Resident Evil 6 - Nude Ada and Topless Sherry (Very Busty)

    These were both WIPs that I had started a looong time ago. I don't plan to work on these anymore and I figured they were good enough to release because why not. I am of course very aware of any issues either model has so make sure you backup your files just in case. Hope you enjoy them... also...
  11. D

    Resident Evil HD Remastered

    Please someone make a nude patch for Resident Evil 1 HD Remastered. Game was just released yesterday Jan 20th on Steam.
  12. teals03

    Resident Evil 6 S.T.A.R.S. Girls

    Exactly what you expected, Surely. Those. Aren't. Real. Service. Girls Bouncing into action! :rolleyes: Sherry Omake00 (School Girl Uniform) Sherry Image 1 Sherry Image 2 Ada Omake00 (Chiness Dress) Ada Image 1 Ada Image 2 Helena Campaign (Asia Outfit) Helena Image 1 Helena Image 2...
  13. Ryooo123456

    Resident Evil 6

    Resident Evil 6 ahhhhh here you go