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[PC] Gravity Fighter - Developed by Digital Dimension

Discussion in 'Adult Games' started by carl_fennin, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. carl_fennin

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    Feb 17, 2013
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    Released: January 29th, 2015
    Last Updated Patch: February 2nd, 2015
    Rated: 18+/R18++
    Genre: 3DCG, Action, Beat'em Up
    Developed By: Digital Dimension
    Language/Text Language: Japanese Only (No English translations)

    Game Engine: Unity
    Operating System Platforms: Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    File Size: 227.18MB (238212362Byte)
    CPU: Core 2 Duo or greater
    Memory: 2GB or greater
    Video: 2004 graphics card or greater
    DirectX: 9 or greater

    !Notice!Please Read! All information below is based on the trial version of the game and what I could figure out not understanding any Japanese. !Notice!Please Read!

    Gravity Fighter is a 3D physics based beat'em up game with some ryona-like elements like KOs, ragdoll, teared/disintegrating clothing, bondage, zako, and sexual content.
    The protagonist is a woman who goes inside a virtual reality world where you fight cancer cells in the guise of other women. At least, that's what I can gather from information from other sources based on the story. Admittedly, I don't understand a lick of Japanese, so I'm sure I'm not helping in that department... I can only gather what I've played initially from the trial version.

    How to Play:

    During Movement Mode:
    - W, A, S, D Keys: Walk
    - Double Tap W, A, S, D Keys: Run
    - Shift + W, A, S, D Keys: Sprint​
    During Combat Mode:
    - Double Tap A, S, D Keys: Sidestep/Backflip
    - Double Tap W Key: Exit Combat Mode into Movement Mode
    - Left Shift Key: Block​
    Left Click: Confirm/Skip Dialogue/Enter Combat Mode/Primary Attack
    Right Click: (Unknown at this moment)
    Mouse Wheel Up/Down: Zoom In/Out
    Right Click + Mouse Wheel Up/Down: Camera Pan Up/Down
    Space Button:
    - During Movement Mode: Jump
    - During Combat Mode: Use Special Attack during Primary Attacks / Recover from Stun​
    F Key: Pick Up Stunned Enemy (Combat Mode)
    Left Click: Throw Stunned Enemy (Combat Mode)​
    1 - 7 Keys: Switch from Hand-to-Hand to Weapons
    Esc Key: Menu/Upgrade Menu
    This is as much as I could discover on my own in the trial version of the game. If anyone is able to translate this menu, it would help:


    As you explore the island, you'll come across enemy women. Simply hitting the enemy will give you EXP (experience points). You level up every 1,000 EXP and with it, you get new actions and unlockables purchasable from the upgrade menu. Sometimes enemies will drop gold as well which you use to purchase new weapons, ammo, restore your clothing, and even buy new outfits. Enemies will also drop some kind of atom-like object that gives you more attack strings and special attacks. This can be taken away by getting hit or by waiting around too long. I'm... not certain what the AMINO stat is for actually...

    That's the basics, I guess. To be brutally honest, though... *Sigh* My computer is pretty weak. I can barely run this game stable enough to really enjoy it to its fullest. I can't really get very far in the game due to how sluggish it runs for me. I just wanted to make a thread about this game as I didn't see it mentioned on here... For what I could play with, I enjoyed the ragdolling and the stripping aspect as you attack enemies or get attacked. I'm sure someone would like it for the zako aspect as well... There is potential here, but I'm unable to really see it through. Trial version was enjoyable enough for what I could experience.

    For the trial version of the game, preview images, preview video of what to expect, and to purchase the game if you wish, visit here:

    Gravity Fighter [Digital Dimension] | DLsite

    I deeply, deeply apologize if this thread was a mistake or done wrong. Not really used to making a thread towards this kind of thing. If anything needs to be changed or edited or even removed, moderators feel free.
  2. fleet

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    Apr 16, 2012
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    Unless you gain financially from people buying this game, I see nothing wrong with your post.
    If you did have a financial interest in the game (which it appears that you do not), we would require that you post a link back from the game site to undertow.
    Very respectfully,
    fleet (global moderator)
  3. Player_20

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    Dec 9, 2010
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    As far as I know, you already figured out all the controls except for driving mode.

    F near door = Enter/Ride
    Shift = side brake
    Space = Jump
    R-mouse button = shoot rocket(if it's actually left button, it's not my fault! they typo'd!)

    while in jump(drive mode)
    W = back rotation
    S = front rotation
    A = left rotation
    D = right rotation
    Q = left tilt
    E = right tilt


    In battle mode
    Space = Down attack(can hit downed enemy I assume?)

    1 - barehand? it just says battle, I don't know what that means
    2 - glock
    3 - beretta
    4 - m4a1
    5 - grenade
    6 - force?
    7 - rocket launcher

    You have covered everything else.
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