Zelda Girls


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Feb 25, 2011
I'm in need of some Hair imports. I mean, I would like them. I can't really force you to make them. Anyway, I want some of Zelda girls. Like Nayru From Oracle of Ages.
Sorry, don't really have a good example pic.

Din, http://www.kokororeflections.com/images/rotate/din.gif
http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/304/0/4/din___zelda_oracle_of_seasons_by_chiki012-d31vaon.jpg http://www.funcoolavatars.com/avatars/Games/Zelda/Din.gif
Add pony tail

Sheik. http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/files/costumes/1437/26921/Zelda-OOT-Sheik.jpg
Of course with out the scarf thing.
I only really need one because this would be a lot of work. If you're up to it, I'll try working harder to find example pics.


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Apr 26, 2011
Zelda Girls: Malon & Anju

I think the Zelda series needs a little more love. I could easily find a dozen female characters I'd like to see in SDT, but I'll start small. I would very much appreciate it if any artists on the site would like to take a crack at Malon or Anju.

Malon (from Ocarina of Time) has two character designs: younger and older. Both designs were reused in Majora's Mask for Romani and Cremia, respectively. Their hairdos are pretty much exactly the same, except for being longer on the older character, so I think one hair import will work for both.

Malon / Romani / Cremia references:
Cremia & Romani
Younger Malon / Romani
This cosplay pic is a perfect profile angle, and a very good imitation of the character's hair.
(NSFW) Profile of older Malon on booru
(NSFW) Older Malon from an angle
(NSFW) Not-quite-profile of older Malon, but still a good angle.

Anju references:
In-game profile (damn 5th-gen graphics...)
Here's a good fan-art profile shot which, if nothing else, further displays the length and color of her hair.
Found a decent cosplay of Anju
Almost-profile of Anju
Not much detail, but the basic shape is right (booru)
Again, the basic shape is right (booru) (Anju is on the right)

Hopefully that's a decent variety of references, but I'll keep looking for better ones. I know there are a lot more requests than there are artists to fill them around here, so I appreciate the time taken to consider mine.

Edit (4/26): Added seven more references. Fixed a broken link.

As long as our requests are together now, I can add a few reference pics for Manioman. Nayru and Din are hard to find, though, and there isn't much 34 of them.
In-game Nayru pic
Obscured in-game Nayru pic
Really good fan art of Nayru showing how her hair hangs in front of her ears
In-game Din pic
Another in-game Din pic
Decent fan art of Din, but unfortunately it's not really a profile shot
The closest pic I could find to "accurate" Din 34, almost a profile shot


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Apr 26, 2011
Bumping for great justice with a wealth of new profile reference pics. All of them are from DeviantArt, but I sifted through and found 2-3 good pics for each request except Shiek.

Perfect angle. The water is a bit distracting, but the hair is very well done.
Uncolored, unshaded, angle is slightly off. But the style is right and the 'do is perfect, so it might help somebody.

References like this are what all true warriors strive for. Only problem is it's not colored!
Not a bad pic, style is basically right and it's a profile shot. Again, it might help somebody.

This black-and-white picture is more of a sketch, but it's the perfect angle and her bangs are spot on.
Once again, perfect angle. Not a lot of detail, but the artistic style is pretty clear in a lot of the earlier references.

You'll have to zoom in, but I can't see anything wrong with this pic. Perfect angle, perfect style.
Perfect angle again. Not a lot of detail, but there's some good shading and it's very accurate.
This is just another pretty good profile shot I found, probably unnecessary, but the more the merrier eh?

Two more: This pic features both Din and Nayru at the very top; the full lengths of their hair is obscured, but the tops are great, and that's the hardest part, right? Plus they're both in profile. Lastly, I wasn't really looking for Shiek pics, but I found this one anyway. Very little detail and the style isn't quite right, but it's a profile view and the hairdo is pretty accurate.

Even if you don't want to take up the challenge of making the imports, I would very much appreciate some feedback on my reference pics. I'm trying to find decent ones, but if these aren't good enough a little critiquing might help me narrow down my search to find just the right pics.


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Jul 6, 2011
Legend of Zelda Nabooru




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Jul 2, 2011
Re: Legend of Zelda Nabooru

I'll sec def the top one, looks unique and different compared to majority of sdt hair due to the gems and what not. ^_^


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Jul 15, 2011
Speaking of Zelda girls, I for one would LOVE to see someone make the new model for Zelda from (the upcoming) Skyward Sword. Here's a few reference pics if anyone wants to take a whack at it:
http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1195086 (this one's a good one, it looks like its concept art from different angles, which I'm guessing would be helpful).
You can also watch the trailer here and maybe get an idea:
I tried to find as much reference as I could. I'd greatly appreciate if someone could make this version of her. :)


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Feb 19, 2011
My vote goes to Nabooru / Malon as well; posted are the best references for Nabooru I could find, as there are barely any side-shots.





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Jul 20, 2011
fuzzydude64 said:
Speaking of Zelda girls, I for one would LOVE to see someone make the new model for Zelda from (the upcoming) Skyward Sword. Here's a few reference pics if anyone wants to take a whack at it:
Finished Zelda from Skyward Sword.

There aren't any good reference pics for Zelda so I used Tifa import's outline as a reference.

Zelda from Skyward Sword

Preview: [attachthumb=1]

Template: [attachthumb=2]




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Aug 16, 2011
I'll second the whole list, especially Anju and Malon. I'd also like to request Ashei.

Front Shot, game art -

Side Shot, art -

All Angles, render -

Side Shot, 34 -

Hope these are good enough; I found a couple of semi-worthwhile samples at photobucket, but none of them would load for me, for some reason.


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Jul 15, 2011
Yes. ;D Many thanks, Kir! Great job on SS Zelda!
I too, would also like to see the suggestions above me. :)

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Aug 29, 2011
If we're making requests, I'd like to toss in Princess Ruto (older) from Ocarina of Time. It's probably tougher because you'd need to find a good skin color for the body. Also, I don't know if you can use swf imports to make bras yet (you'd really only need to make one working version for the breast size you deem appropriate because it's not likely to be used on non-Ruto characters), but looking at the new model from the 3DS version, she has a sort of shell or fin type cover for her chest. I can't find any pictures of her 3DS model, however, so that's really optional. For reference (all pictures are official concept art and/or character models):

I look forward to the result and would love if anybody can contribute a decent photo that captures her better from the side. I'll keep looking in the meanwhile. Thank you!
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