1. Huitznahua

    Tiffany Maye school uniform 1.0

    Tiffany Maye Static Hair Mod by @Every_Tuesday. Thanks to @DrZombi for his feedback.
  2. Every_Tuesday

    Tiffany Maye Static Hair Mod 2018-01-19

    Its been a long time but i thought its only fair to share the mod with everybody at least. Thanks to @stuntcock , @Huitznahua , @SyntaxTerror and @DrZombi for the help and the great support
  3. Huitznahua

    Celeste Luvendass interstellar outfit 1.0

    Celeste Luvendass static hair by @dark_knight17. Thanks to @DrZombi for his feedback.
  4. Huitznahua

    Jessie Maye leopard print outfit 1.0

    Jessie Maye Static Hair by @D-Oxygen. Thanks to @DrZombi for his feedback.
  5. Huitznahua

    Lola Rembrite stewardess outfit 1.0

    Lola Rembrite Static Hair by @D-Oxygen. Thanks to @DrZombi for his feedback.
  6. D-Oxygen

    Lola Rembrite Static Hair 1.0

    Top by Iago | Bottoms by Iago | Kerchief by Iago Suggested body...
  7. Rudgar

    Dialogue: Test the HuniePop Audio Triggers 1.2

    Take this little something to check out @DrZombi 's adorable HuniePop Audio Triggers! Get the girls themselves in this thread! And don't forget to download the fitting backgrounds! Make sure that you have installed the two additionally required mods: DialogueActions by @Pim_gd HuniePop Audio...
  8. S

    Kyu (Huniepop) Static Hair 1.0

  9. DrZombi

    The HuniePop Girls

    TL;DR I'm trying to recreate all the Hunie Pop Girls. I've done all I could do myself but I can't draw so here are references, ideas, and a complete package with all charcodes and mods and everything I've done until now. And of course, last but not least, for those of you who'd wish to...
  10. DrZombi

    HuniePop Audio Triggers 1.11

    First of all, please note that this mod is an extension of Pim_gd and WeeWillie's DialogueActions. THE MOD WON'T WORK if you do not load DialogueActions before you try to load it. So always make sure you have DA loaded. Personnally, I put the 2 of them in my $INIT$ folder and add them to the...
  11. D-Oxygen

    Jessie Maye Static Hair 2.0

    Top from this mod by Iago | Bottoms from this mod by Huitznahua Suggested body...
  12. HentaiNinja

    Hunnipop Backgrounds

    Hunnipop Backgrounds!!!