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Black Desert Online Mystic Class

I see BlackFire add data to resorepless already :grin:

Fate/EXTELLA (PC, 26 july)
Fate/EXTELLA on Steam

Fate franchise in hack slash game on PC. Not really follow much this property for many year now but I like the art and animation of the anime. VN original was pretty good. I hope game is fun and moddable. :tongue:

Dreem Daddy (PC, out now)
Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator on Steam
Dating sim with many different type of daddies.... I admit I am very curious.:tongue:

Yonder Cloud Catcher Chronicles (PC, out now)
Save 20% on Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles on Steam
This a game look very nice. Give me Stardew Valley feeling but in beautiful color and 3D. I haven't play this yet but I bought already. Too many thing to play for now. I hope this has mod support.

The Legend of Heroes Trail of Cold Steel (PC, Aug 2)

This is first game of trilogy. I play on vita already so will not rebuy until I get collection all at once. Game is very good if enjoying good anime rpg. A mix of traditional but has refreshing interface and design.
Story focus on military school life and politic war threat. You have some sexy class members too.
xseed translation is very good from my experience but my english is not fantastic so maybe I don't know.:wink:


Some element gameplay much like Persona series. Spend time with class or school friend to build up relationships.

Dark Elf (PC, 4 Aug)
Dark Elf on Steam
I find interesting. Developer OneOne1 is known hentai game maker, I never expect them to be available on steam. I usual buy product of them and other circles from dlsite but I will buy this to support steam releases.
Any way... Elf is one my fetish... This 111 game, probably do not need to wish for naughty mods hahaha
dlsite version for people who want that
Dark Elf Historia [ONEONE1] | DLsite

Not sure if sex game should be in here... Maybe better for different topic because many sex games and we have different section of forum for it.:rolleyes:


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Hahahaha Dark Elf translotion is so bad.... Don't buy. Steam edition has censor and remove. Might as well buy from dlsite and apply translation patching.

The Initial (PC, release)

The Initial on Steam
Look like Marie x Miku x pink.... Not bad! Action remind me of Sanran Kagura. Hopeful we can mod....


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Absolver 29 Aug PC/PS4
This game is a bit like For Honor in game play. It is PvP in open world like arena. There is a character creation and many customizable clothe and armor that change stamina and speed. You customize move set and strikes so you learn from fighting other players or NPC in world. This maybe potential for some ryona. I have not seen finishing abilities or grapple.
Here is cool video talk of game.
Customise player video


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Dead or Alive Extreme 3: Venus Vacation (PC, browser)
This is different to console version because it uses mobile gatcha like system. It introduce new girl is called Misaki

This game feature on DMM website and in Japanese only.
DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation
Search guide on how to play game on DMM in your country if possible.


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I have no effort to keep posting new upcoming game because new job so busy. many game I do want to share I think and lot that have nice looking model or gameplay. maybe too many. sad to see no post for so long so here is low effort.

in korea, new sword class for bdo lahn. Her awake weapon is double sword with chain remind me of angry bald man in god of war. her shop clothe looking pure and remind me of simple but long kibelius.


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Ummm well Dead or Alive 6 is announced! I bet that new girl will be in it, right?
There's also more stuff on Soul Calibur 6, Ivy is shown and Talim was hinted maybe? Said it will be the biggest in the series so I wonder if everyone will be there?

Smash Bros. Ultimate will have every character ever come back, some have new designs and voices (like Zelda!).

Hummm...Can't think of any new upcoming games that will have ryona but I'm sure there's some because E3.


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suprising me to see that these is new post here. I thought not much interest and haven't update in long time.

dead or alive 6 looking very good.
two feature i am interest in will be destruction of cloth and close up of strong hit.
destruction of cloth is feature i very much enjoy in all games. vindictus, black desert, soul calibur are good with this feature. from little screen shot i see in doa it look ok. game also show bruise and dirt on skin when cloth broken.
See kasumi been hit to face. imgage in poor quality :oops: but face expression can be seen :eek:

video here
GameSpot #E32018 on Twitter

arc system work have announce a kill-la-kill action game. i look forward to this one too and maybe have mod potential.
キルラキル ザ・ゲーム -異布- 公式サイト

I am too looking forward on orochi musou 3. many people do not like dynasty warrior 9 but i enjoy gameplay and character even by open world not well made. orochi base on dw8 and many crossing over character.

Game shining resonance refrain also coming in future. Shining use art of tony taka i think many know of him.


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I forgot to say some online game maybe interesting for some

Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet
Bless Online

Anyone played this:
Hakoniwa Explorer Plus on Steam

Hack and slasher with monster girl bosses.
I think game look interesting. i thought it hgame but seem to be not so much only some suggestive theme. I think pixel art style look nice but am disappointing not real h game.

maybe i still try one day.

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