1. BashCandicoot

    most likely to not happen but, SDT in IOS/Android?

    jerk it on the go, anytime. SDT in mobile would sound very cool, but would be most likely to happen. There is some browsers in both app stores where you can use flash player and play SDT on a website, but it’s not the same computer experience., not a suggestion, just thought it would be a cool idea.
  2. S

    SDT loader working on android!!!

    FIRST THING FIRST: Hello, I'm Shanto and here is my first thread. I'm french, so excuse the grammar error plz I heard that lot of people cant run loader on their phone. Actually, i think i m one of the first that did it successfully. So, let s get started. FIRST STEP: You are gonna need some...
  3. M

    Automation Protocol Dialogue 0.1

    So, this is my attempt to piece together some dialogue. Used Android.txt as a template and reference. So also thanks for that. Basically, this is just a fun dialogue I threw together, mostly as a concept idea for a larger idea: An android with buttons to swap personality tropes. This...
  4. ds14048

    Lime Dynamic Hair 1.0

    Lime Saber Marionette Lime dynamic hair This mod uses dynamicHairExtender by stuntcock modVersion:Number = 5.91;
  5. ds14048

    Lime dynamic hair with costume 1.0

    Lime Saber Marionette Lime dynamic hair with costume This mod uses dynamicHairExtender by stuntcock modVersion:Number = 5.91;
  6. Alice George

    New member

    Just wanted to say I'm a new member to Undertow. I need help finding and downloading a game.. hmu if you can help?
  7. G

    Botila from Kong: King of the Apes

    Super hot android with blue lipstick and sleeveless cyber unitard.
  8. dantethedarkprince

    Sonny 1.0

  9. AriNya

    Orianna Static Hair 1.0

    This hair mod is an recreation of Orianna Mod in the LolHentai version of SDT. I'm not the original author. :3 Enjoy. Suggested body: charName:SD...
  10. Adinaleen

    My Drawing

  11. D

    SDT for Android

    This is a very poor conversion of .swf to .apk... but it works. At least on my Galaxy S4 mini. Converted with SWFChan's SWF2APK service ( Requires Adobe AIR to be installed on your phone. Use low quality option to decrease lag. You do not have...
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