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Made a post in the old GVZ that had a small bit of discussion about up coming games to look forward to. That thread is gone but I thought I'd start it again here and hopefully we get more participants as well.

New releases, re-releases or upcoming games. Pics, trailers, info are encouraged. A few words on why you are interested would be good too. Please also include platform and release date if known.

Lightning Returns (PC Dec 11)


Includes all console DLC except Aerith one which is currently not in the plans of making it into the PC game at all.
So yeah, Final Fantasy 13. The only one I haven't played on console. I am looking forward to this as we have a new combat system, one which we control a single character directly. There is a demo on PS360 I think. We also get to dress up Lightning. :tongue:

Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen (PC Jan 15)

Fantastic combat, lots of fun climbing monsters and setting things on fire. This is the game that made The Witcher 3's combat severely disappointing for me.
Beginner's Tips (Pretty good overview of game systems):
Non-English Video showing some settings and gameplay:

This game is easily one of my favourite action RPGs of last generation. Has a nice character creator and you can create a second character for your Pawn (check Beginner's video, it explains that). The combat is from Capcom and it was the MH B-Team that worked on this in their spare time. It is very good and you can see MH's influence as well as the DD influence in the newer MH games.

I was told it uses similar/same engine as some of the RE games so modding should be possible. :grin:

I'll stop here for now. After all not much of a discussion if I just ramble on about everything. So, what are you looking forward to? What are you playing? Questions? Thoughts?

Edit. If mods decide that we should keep threads about single games that is fine, please delete thread if so.


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Guess I'll just talk to myself then. :tongue:

Street Fighter 5
Maaaaan. I spoke about this in the GVZ thread and was totes on the Cammy train. I still am. However cut me in half and dump me on the Chun Li hype train as well.


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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 - Feb 25 (Console, Export Only) (Do i need to type more? :p)

Info: They will never sell it to the west, just import it instead, it comes with English sub
There won't any extra DLC or any more chars.

1231.jpg 2141.jpg 151515.jpg 23131313.jpg c01_stil_01.jpg c01_stil_02.jpg c02_stil_02.jpg c03_stil_01.jpg

DOAX3_Bonuses1.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses2.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses3.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses4.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses5.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses6.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses9.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses10.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses11.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses12.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses13.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses14.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses15.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses16.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses17.jpg DOAX3_Bonuses19.jpg

Devilian - 10 Dec
Diablo 3 + sexy characters

Info: It was censored on the NA version but i removed it.

0.jpg 1231.jpg 1321.jpg 21331.jpg 32131.jpg 432141.jpg 22533087674_e2ba4ca1a5.jpg class-1.jpg VwKnTHW.jpg

Blade and Soul Launch - January 19 (11th pre-order)
I never really loved it, the endgame was horrible, but at least the leveling is fun enough.

Asker Online - BT
I think it is still in Beta

Asker Online | Undertow (Chit chat)
Asker Online - Nude Mods and Mods | Undertow (Nude Mods)

Info: A Vindictus, you will have many abilites which you can customize in many different ways (like range, AoE, element dmg, increase dmg, reduce dmg and more)
I love this game, it is well made, the only thing that stops me from playing it is cause my borrowed laptop can't handle the insane graphics xD
It doesn't exist any English patch for it yet.

20150609060943a0e4977506dd3dz9.jpg asker-pc.jpg asker-temp_0.jpg

It is easy to Mod:

By Me:
2.jpg 5.jpg a1.jpg a2.jpg a4.jpg a5.jpg a6.jpg a7.jpg Screenshot0194.jpg Screenshot0195.jpg Screenshot0196.jpg Screenshot0197.jpg Screenshot0198.jpg Screenshot0199.jpg Screenshot0200.jpg Screenshot0233.jpg Screenshot0235.jpg Screenshot0236.jpg Screenshot0272.jpg Screenshot0274.jpg

By Riz
AskerScreen01.jpg AskerScreen04.jpg AskerScreen05.jpg AskerScreen06.jpg AskerScreen07.jpg


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Nad, you beat me to posting DOAX3. :3
Out of curiousity are you planning to get the PS4 or Vita version? Or both?

Looking forward to the Devillian release. I staved off buying D3 in recent sales for it. :D

I guess I'll just post a gif from DOA3X to get some excitement going.
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Out of curiosity are you planning to get the PS4 or Vita version? Or both?
Have the first hand-held from sony but they kept re-releasing same shit all the time but different numbers, so companies only released games for it for a few months.. <-<
so i will never buy handheld again.
xbox360 i know im sorry for buying and i regret it, i only bought cause of the doa, now im using at as a wall decorative :p

and i obviously got ps3 also, im sleeping with it, taking shower together, going out for a walk with it, eating with it, playing game with it and going to die with it :p
so yeah going to buy ps4 when it is cheaper and waiting until a good game gets released like the dox :p
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On one hand, I really like that they're promising not to pile DLC onto it like they have been doing for the mainline DOA.

On the other hand, I'm super salty that Tina isn't in the roster. It just feels wrong.


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Monster Hunter Online (CN Open Beta)
Character Creation Video

Monster Hunter Online looks interesting. I am a massive fan of the series. Some of the best 3rd person action I've ever played. I found and played Vindictus because I was told its combat is similar to Monster Hunter. Attacks have weight and skilled play can get you through tougher missions than you might be geared for. In MH you don't have "levels". Everything is about gear. You hunt monsters for parts such as talons, claws, tails, scales and you use that to craft weapons and armor to hunt bigger monsters which gets you better gear etc.
The open beta is in China. However no IP blocking and no keys are required so fee free to check it out.
DL Link: 怪物猎人Online-MHO-官方网站-腾讯游戏-所有猎人在此集结
Register with QQ account.
Guide: Monster Hunter Online (CN) Open Beta Registration and Download Guide

Looking forward to an eventual western release. Until then I'll happily play the CN one depending on connection.

Edit. Sneakily adding in an extra vid of Dragons Dogma.
Magic. Love that tornado at 2.15. The game looks so smooth and the draw distance is much improved.
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DoAX 3 trailer
New vid from the livestream (bad quality) :p

Some stuff:
Breast deforms/softness. It squishes when pressed against hard surfaces.
You play as the "owner" of the island. Zack is busy.
As owner you need to keep the girls happy. Different things for different girls.
As they like you more you can do stuff. Take photos. Unlock things.
Pole dancing. Rock climbing. Beach flag race and more minigames. No mention of jet ski though.
If the girl likes you enough and you ask them to get changed they might let you stay though you need to close your eyes :rolleyes:. If you open you lose affection.
Tan lines.
Clothes can shift/come undone. (Wardrobe malfunction).
Clothes can become see-through when wet. Reveals underwear and swimsuits beneath.


Maybe we should have DOX3 hype thread. OTOH not alot people discussing it. We speechless I guess. /wipes drool


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oh course the damn loli twins get in and no Mila. Of fucking course

Exactly. I've heard no Tina, Christie or Rachel either. This game is being marketed for one half of the world only, obviously. There's a higher age of consent in the States, so they won't be getting my dollars...not that they care.


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Exactly. I've heard no Tina, Christie or Rachel either. This game is being marketed for one half of the world only, obviously. There's a higher age of consent in the States, so they won't be getting my dollars...not that they care.

Of course. The game is technically only releasing in JP. You can import but don't expect an actual release in the West. They did popularity polls and Marie was the most popular in Japan - no surprise there really. It makes perfect sense to use her as the main marketing icon with Honoka to cater for Honkers fans. We still have some others such as Helena, Neotengu and a few others looking absolutely gorgeous.


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This game is being marketed for one half of the world only, obviously.
you can't blame them on this considering the state of women in video games in america right now and how if they are even remotely attractive it's a sexist racist pile of misogyny from the patriarchy. the game isn't even coming out here, so there's no reason they should give a shit about us.

it's still pretty damned alarming how popular marie rose is though, and that's not just a japan thing either.


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I'm a fan of gothic lolita. However Marie doesn't quite fall under that. I don't hate Marie, I quite like her character compared to most of the DOA cast. That said, Mila is my girl for now. She has the excitement/energy of Marie Rose without needing to go into the child like small frame and innocence. I despise how stupid some of the characters are. Kokoro watching the nunchucks slowly fly by and smashing the vase was... I have no words.

I might look for some new things to add to the topic rather than keep drooling over DOA girls (as fun as that is).