1. L

    moving layers

    Hi all. When making skin for him or using a penis replacement, no saliva is visible on the penis, as the penis sprite is on top of the saliva layer. Also, most of the spit strands are behind (units in front). Placing layers in Animate does not work. Is there a mod or setting that allows you to...
  2. H

    How to remove numbers at the top?

    I get the feeling this has already been asked and I apologise if it has but I can't seem to find the answer, how do I remove the percentages at the top of the screen? I know what they mean but can't remember how to remove them, please help?
  3. Underwear - Blacked

    Underwear - Blacked 1.1

    Top & Hipster Thong
  4. Cut-out Underboob Bikini

    Cut-out Underboob Bikini 1.1

    Top in two versions - regular and hard nipples
  5. Turtleneck Crop Tank Top

    Turtleneck Crop Tank Top 1.0

    Short crop top
  6. Zipper Top (Broken)

    Zipper Top (Broken) 2013

    Zipper Top (Broken) by TOlive
  7. Backless Top

    Backless Top 2013

    Backless Top (Loader) by TOlive
  8. S

    Please help me find this skirt and top

    Hello, I can't seem to find these two resources : this top and this skirt does anyone have a link or the files ? thx in advance
  9. N

    Request for a Blacked Underwear Mod (Her) -filled

    EDIT: Filled, see post #4 below I'd like a "Blacked" Underwear Mod for Her, this being a Top and Briefs (Both being Color Black and or White + White Elastic Band + Black Letters), basically I want some Top and Briefs that has that inscriptions with the requested colors, that being: Blacked or...
  10. Towel Wrap

    Towel Wrap 2.0

    A breast size adjustable towel wrapped around her body and one wrapped around her head
  11. Tac-Bikini (ACU Bikini)

    Tac-Bikini (ACU Bikini) 2013-07-01

    Tac-Bikini (ACU Bikini) by FakeDelde
  12. Nessa (Pokemon) Sword/Shield Outfit

    Nessa (Pokemon) Sword/Shield Outfit 1.0.0

    Outfit from Nessa (Pokemon Sword/Shield) and the water gym uniform in general.
  13. Tube Tops

    Tube Tops 2.0

    [RGB Adjustable] Hollow cloth cylinder.
  14. Clyde

    Clyde 1.0

    Clyde minus8 style
  15. Senketsu top

    Senketsu top 1.0

    Senketsu top only
  16. RGB Lucy Heartphilia (Cat Princess) Top and Bottom

    RGB Lucy Heartphilia (Cat Princess) Top and Bottom 2019-12-22

    Lucy Heartphilia rgb top and bottom
  17. Cheergirl2 RGB top and footwear

    Cheergirl2 RGB top and footwear 2019-12-21

    cheergirl2 rgb top and footwear
  18. Ryuko and Senketsu V2

    Ryuko and Senketsu V2 1.1

    Ryuko Matoi with her Kamui Senketsu
  19. Senketsu the Kamui V2

    Senketsu the Kamui V2 1.1

    Ryuko Matoi's Kamui Senketsu
  20. School Top

    School Top 2019-12-13

    RGB Adjustable Top From Kir's Import Thread


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