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SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue (Updated: May 2nd)

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by Slingerbult, May 1, 2013.


Which THREE scenario parameters do you prefer? (For those that have played through the dia a few tim

  1. Romantic relationship

    32 vote(s)
  2. BDSM relationship

    31 vote(s)
  3. Incestous relationship

    43 vote(s)
  4. Willing female attitude

    49 vote(s)
  5. Submissive female attitude

    46 vote(s)
  6. Scared female attitude

    32 vote(s)
  7. Silent male attitude

    15 vote(s)
  8. Encouraging male attitude

    18 vote(s)
  9. Violent male attitude

    19 vote(s)
  1. Slingerbult

    Slingerbult Content Creator

    Sep 15, 2012
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    The year is 2031. The porn industry is struggling to reinvent itself after a period of great technological innovation, but very few new ideas for content. As a result, retro has become the latest major fad in porn, as the industry look back on the 2010s as the golden age of digital pornography. The more seedy VirtuaLink establishments (offering virtual first person neural simulations through a perfectly safe mix of drugs and technology) have thus tried to implement old porn games as a way to broaden their customer base.

    As you scroll through the adult section of one of these entertainment centers, you notice a familiar blue silhouette - SuperDeepThroat! Clicking the icon, you find that it's all there - the models, the hairs, the outfits, even a vast selection of backgrounds is available! Oh boy, you can't wait to upload your consciousness to the VirtuaLink version of the greatest adult Flash game ever produced. Apparently, some final customization options are selected from within the simulation. Having carefully made your settings, you gobble down the rather disgusting VirtuaJuice and stretch out in the NeuroChair. Within moments, you hear the familiar friendly chord that marked the beginning of so many fap sessions in your youth, and then *BAM* - you are actually there!

    Think of this dialogue as a plug-in that lets you customize the dialogue feature of SDT on the fly to suit your tastes. This dialogue is actually 27 dialogues in one, as you determine the dialogue based on three variables with three values each. Between these customization options, the dialogue covers the vast majority of flavors usually available in SDT dialogues - themes from romantic first dates to hard core BDSM sessions to daughters willing to please - it's all there.

    I hope that I will be able to keep this updated as new features are added both for vanilla SDT and the Loader. You'll find that this dialogue works best and is IMO much more enjoyable if you use gollum's awesome DialogueActions mod for the Loader. This enables automation, more realistic intro, clothing removal on restart and other neat features. I also recommend using NoGenitals, also by gollum.

    Obviously you can use any settings you like for model, background etc. The point of this work is to provide a fitting dialogue for whatever you have in mind - the dialogue adapts to your other customization options rather than the opposite. The intro options will override most mood and positioning settings however, so don't worry too much about them. After ejaculation, you can choose new settings if you wish and replay the dialogue. If you're using gollum's mods, I do recommend a clothed male model to not make the hide penis/balls triggers look disturbing.

    1) AaRL, for his Seven of Nine dialogue which inspired this work through its Holodeck setting. AaRL also helped kick around a few ideas in the early stages of this project.
    2) Booster, for his Hypnotic dialogue which inspired me to further explore the blurring of the boundaries between the male in game model and the player through the use of suggestive writing.
    3) T0mcat, for discovering the use of variables within triggers as a way to build complex dialogues without the need for Check conditions - the very basis for this work from a coding perspective.
    4) Pim_gd, for proof reading and beta testing a dialogue that was simply too big for me to iron out myself. Any shortcomings are of course still my full responsibility, but this would have been a much less finished work without Pim's efforts.

    Note: You set these in game, through pulled_up/pulled_down. Do not edit the .txt-file to set these!
    PROG: The progression meter. Has numerical values that lets the game keep track of where you are in the dialogue.
    REL: Your relationship with the model. Has values Ro (Romantic), Bd (BDSM) or In (Incestuous).
    HER: Her attitude. Has values Wi (Willing), Su (Submissive) or Sc (Scared).
    HIM: His attitude. Has values Si (Silent), En (Encouraging) or Vi (Violent).

    If you select a BDSM relationship, she mostly calls him Master and he mostly calls her slut (depends on attitude). In an incestuous relationship, he's called Daddy while he calls her by her name (*ME*) or something derogatory if he's violent. In a romantic relationship, both use the in game names more (*YOU*/*ME*) which allows for further customization. For example, if you want more of a school girl flavor, you can select a generic Romantic dialogue (perhaps with Willing and Encouraging attitudes) while naming her "Ms. Sux" and him "Professor Schlong" etc. - you get the idea. If you want to minimize the amount of dialogue, choose the Submissive and Silent attitudes. If you want a dominant female and submissive male, this can be achieved with "gender swapping" (kneeling male sucking on a strap on). In that case, I recommend setting *YOUR* name to "Mistress" and selecting a Romantic relationship (Scared/Submissive combined with Silent/Violent should work pretty well for this). However, the dialogue wasn't written with gender swapping in mind, so there will be a few references to cum etc. that will make little sense.

    v5beta: Released May 1, 2013.
    v6: Fixed a number of bugs, added support for vigorous lines and some short filler lines for HIM

    Downloaded it? Liked it? Comment here or add karma!

    Suggestions for improvement are very much appreciated, as well as ideas for future releases!

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  2. Casonig

    Casonig Potential Patron

    Nov 13, 2011
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    I can't get it to work.

    The dialogue field appears, but there's no text. Am I doing the settings wrong?

    ex. initial_settings:{"PROG":0,"REL":Bd,"HER":Su,"HIM":En}
  3. D.

    D. Potential Patron

    Apr 24, 2012
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    Dude, that looks like THE. BEST. DIALOGUE. EVER. WRITTEN.

    I just skimmed through it, seems a bit light for what it is, but it opens up so many possibilities!

    Congratulations, really!
  4. Lizoran

    Lizoran Avid Affiliate

    Oct 7, 2012
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    Glad im not the only one with this problem
    hope there's a fix
    btw I like the dialogue a lot (well apart from that problem) good job :D
  5. Pim_gd

    Pim_gd Club Regular

    Jan 25, 2013
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    Do not alter the initial settings - that will bug the dialogue.
    The dialogue allows you to set the variables in-game, rather than in the file.
  6. Rusty66

    Rusty66 Content Creator

    Nov 1, 2012
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    Awesome idea; especially the option select method. This does open many doors, indeed. Nice work.
  7. Casonig

    Casonig Potential Patron

    Nov 13, 2011
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    Oh, okay. Though I only started messing with the settings when it didn't work, so that is not the reason for my problem.
  8. Slingerbult

    Slingerbult Content Creator

    Sep 15, 2012
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    @Casonig + Lizoran: Are you using SDT or the Loader? Which version? Are you getting ANY text at all, or is the first intro line coming up blank for you? The dialogue is working for others so I guess there must be some unusual circumstances at your end to explain the problem. Could you check the in-game dialogue editor and view the log? That could give us a better idea of what the problem is.
  9. Lizoran

    Lizoran Avid Affiliate

    Oct 7, 2012
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    the intro and the initial settings show up, the rest are blank, tough im not using the latest loader (im using v5.21c but it is the latest sdt)
    I'll go and test it on the latest loader to see if it works and if not then i'll tell you after checking the log.

    well it seems that:
    1) All of the lines triggered at the same time, even the ones in other settings, but they don't show up.
    2) Hide genitals doesn't deactivate, tough it did the first time
    3) This happened:
    472: Adding custom line: "[MOAN]"
    473: Adding custom line: "[AUTO_HARD][MOAN]"
    474: Adding custom line: "[AUTO_HARD][MOAN]"
    475: Adding custom line: "[AUTO_HARD][MOAN]"
    476: Adding custom line: "[AUTO_HARD][MOAN]"
    477: Adding custom line: "[AUTO_HARD][MOAN]"
    478: Adding custom line: "Unknown command."
    479: Adding custom line: "Unknown command."
    480: Adding custom line: "Unknown command."
    481: Adding custom line: "Unknown command."
    482: Adding custom line: "Unknown command."
    483: Adding custom line: "Unknown command."
    484: Adding custom line: "Unknown command."
    485: Adding custom line: "Unknown command."
    486: Adding custom line: "Unknown command."
    487: Adding custom line: "Unknown command."
    488: Adding custom line: "No options available."
    489: Adding custom line: "No options available."
    490: Adding custom line: "No options available."
    491: Adding custom line: "No options available."
    492: Adding custom line: "No options available."
    493: Adding custom line: "No options available."
    494: Adding custom line: "No options available."
    495: Adding custom line: "No options available."
    496: Adding custom line: "No options available."
    497: Adding custom line: "No options available."
    498: Adding custom line: "[prc*PROG**REL*]"
    499: Adding custom line: "[prc*PROG*]"
    That's all the problems i saw, don't know if there's more.
    I'll try again in the latest loader to see if something else happens.

    Edit 2:
    So i saw some wrong things with my folders, fixed that, but nogenitals still didn't deactivate, so i will skip that for now and see if the lines pop up.

    Edit 3:
    So the blank lines seem to be moans, and now i understand that "No options available" and "Unknown command" are part of the dialogue.
    I think the problem is that the moan commands are selected more than any other lines and that seems (as im playing as of me writing this) to break the dialogue and make it so that lines stop showing (no vigorous lines no matter how fast, no precum lines, no held lines no matter how long she's held, nothing), might wanna look into that.(oh and no, its not my sdt because other dialogues work fine)
  10. T0mcat

    T0mcat Avid Affiliate

    Feb 5, 2012
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    +Karma for the great idea and the effort...

    Works for me..

    Using newest Loader + DialogueActions

    Might be that for most people the [MOAN] command** doesn't do anything without the DialogueActions - at least nothing but showing a blank dialogue box ;) You might want to add some visual feedback to those lines.

    I'll include a log of the session, so You can see just how often those [MOAN]s come up ;) - SHE was on a 50/50 setting for resistance and with the [AUTO_SOFT] it took quite a while until she was able to swallow the whole cock. So many resistance lines were triggered..

    237: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    238: Playing line "[int*PROG*]"
    239: Playing line "[CLOSE_EYES][NORMAL_STYLE][ARMS_LOOSE][RELEASE][CLENCH_TEETH][HIDE_PENIS][HIDE_BALLS]VirtuaLink established successfully. [int1]"
    240: Playing line "Welcome to your SDT digital retro experience! %0AYou are only a few steps away from your fully customized erotic adventure! [int2]"
    241: Storing PROG = 2
    242: Playing line "[pdn2]"
    243: Playing line "Romantic relationship? %0A(Select: Pull up. Next: Pull down.)"
    244: Storing PROG = 3
    245: Playing line "[CLENCH_TEETH][pup*PROG*]"
    246: Playing line "You have selected a romantic relationship. %0APlease set the model's attitude by pulling her down to scroll through the options."
    247: Storing PROG = 5
    248: Storing REL = Ro
    249: Playing line "[int*PROG*]"
    250: Playing line "[pdn5]"
    251: Playing line "Willing attitude? %0A(Select: Pull up. Next: Pull down.)"
    252: Storing PROG = 6
    253: Playing line "[CLENCH_TEETH][pup*PROG*]"
    254: Playing line "[ARMS_HIS_LEGS][HAPPY_MOOD]You have selected a willing model. %0ANow finally set your attitude by again pulling down to scroll through the options."
    255: Storing PROG = 8
    256: Storing HER = Wi
    257: Playing line "[int*PROG*]"
    258: Playing line "[pdn8]"
    259: Playing line "Do you wish to be silent? %0A(Select: Pull up. Next: Pull down.)"
    260: Storing PROG = 9
    261: Playing line "[CLENCH_TEETH][pdn*PROG*]"
    262: Playing line "Do you wish to be encouraging? %0A(Select: Pull up. Next: Pull down.)"
    263: Storing PROG = 10
    264: Playing line "[CLENCH_TEETH][pup*PROG*]"
    265: Playing line "[RELEASE][NORMAL_STYLE]You have selected an encouraging attitude. %0APlease stand by, your simulation is loading.Б.Б."
    266: Storing PROG = 11
    267: Storing HIM = En
    268: Playing line "[int*PROG*]"
    269: Playing line "[OPEN_EYES][SHOW_PENIS][SHOW_BALLS][int*REL**HER*]"
    270: Playing line "[LOOK_UP][SHOCK]Oh my God*, YOU*, your cock is huge! I can't wait to suck it! [int*HIM*]"
    271: Playing line "Just relax*, ME* and you'll be fine. [int*HIM**HER*]"
    272: Playing line "[LOOK_UP][HOLD]Yeah, I'm gonna take it nice and deep! [AUTO_HARD][RELEASE]"
    273: Storing PROG = 12
    274: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    275: Playing line "You're doing great*, ME*, keep going!"
    276: Storing PROG = 13
    277: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    278: Playing line "Yes, deeper and deeper now, that's a good girl!"
    279: Storing PROG = 14
    280: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    281: Playing line "Oh yeah*, ME*, I think you'll be taking it all the way down soon!"
    282: Storing PROG = 15
    283: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    284: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    285: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    286: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    287: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    288: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    289: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    290: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    291: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    292: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    293: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    294: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    295: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    296: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    297: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    298: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    299: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    300: Playing line "[res15*HIM*]"
    301: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    302: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    303: Playing line "[res15*HIM*]"
    304: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    305: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    306: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    307: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    308: Playing line "[res15*HIM*]"
    309: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    310: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    311: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    312: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    313: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    314: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    315: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    316: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    317: Playing line "[res15*HIM*]"
    318: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    319: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    320: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    321: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    322: Playing line "[res15*HIM*]"
    323: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    324: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    325: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    326: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    327: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    328: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    329: Playing line "[res15*HIM*]"
    330: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    331: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    332: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    333: Playing line "[res*PROG**HIM*]"
    334: Playing line "[MOAN]"

    335: Playing line "[fdt*REL**HIM*]"
    336: Playing line "[SHOCK]Oh yeah, that's great*, ME*! You're really good at this. [AUTO_OFF]"
    337: Storing PROG = 15
    338: Playing line "[gen*PROG*]"
    339: Playing line "[gen*REL**HIM**HER*]"
    340: Storing PROG = 16
    341: Playing line "[ARMS_HAND_JOB][AUTO_SELF]I'm glad you like it baby! [HOLD][LOOK_UP][HAPPY_MOOD][SHOCK] Б %0A[AUTO_OFF]Yeah, you wanna push your cock down my throat? [ARMS_BACK]Go ahead.Б.Б. [AUTO_HARD]"
    342: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    343: Playing line "[NORMAL_STYLE][NORMAL_MOOD][pof16*HIM*]"
    344: Storing PROG = 17
    345: Playing line "Oh yeah, keep going, you're doing very well."
    346: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    347: Playing line "[AUTO_OFF][pof17*HIM*]"
    348: Playing line "What a good little cock sucker! Б %0AWhy don't you come up for a bit of air? [pof17*REL**HER*]"
    349: Storing PROG = 18
    350: Playing line "Oh fuck*, YOU*, you're making me so horny! [ARMS_BACK][LOOK_UP][SHOCK] Б %0A[AHEGAO_MOOD]Stick it in again! [AUTO_HARD]"
    351: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    352: Playing line "[pof18*HIM*]"
    353: Storing PROG = 19
    354: Playing line "That feels so good*, ME*, keep going!"
    355: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    356: Playing line "[ARMS_HAND_JOB][LOOK_UP][pof19*HIM*]"
    357: Storing PROG = 20
    358: Playing line "I know you're gonna be a good girl and swallow all my cum now*, ME*. [SHOCK] Б %0ANow put your arms behind your back! Б [ARMS_BACK]"
    359: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    360: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    361: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    362: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    363: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    364: Playing line "[MOAN]"
    365: Playing line "[pof*PROG*]"
    366: Playing line "[MOAN]"

    367: Playing line "[prc*PROG*]"
    368: Playing line "Oh fuck, yeah I'm gonna cum! БББББ %0AOh yeah, swallow it, swallow it all!"
    369: Storing PROG = 21
    371: Storing PROG = 21
    372: Playing line "Thank you for choosing SuperDeepThroat. We hope that you found the experience to your satisfaction! [res2]"
    373: Playing line "[CLENCH_TEETH][HIDE_PENIS][HIDE_BALLS]For a complimentary replay, pull up - to exit the simulation, pull down."

    Can't wait to see what You come up with next, Slinger :D

    ** not that it would do much noticable WITH DialogueActions loaded.. that small "Ugh" sound can be missed easily..
  11. JGUIDO

    JGUIDO Vivacious Visitor

    Feb 11, 2013
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    It's not working properly for me. I seem to be getting the same issues as others.

    Nevermind. it just takes a second to load. working. :)
  12. Slingerbult

    Slingerbult Content Creator

    Sep 15, 2012
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    Re: SDT 2031 - a.k.a. The One Dialogue

    Thanks for all the feedback guys! I've uploaded a new version with the following fixes:

    *Fixed a bad redirect in the intro that may have been causing some problems (thanks Pim!)
    *Replaced colons in strings with their non-coding (%3A) variant to avoid any problems there
    *Doubled up on show penis/balls triggers for safety (hope that will fix the NoGenitals problem).
    *Added the [DEEPTHROAT] trigger to res15 lines. This should cut back on the number of resistance lines you'll see before first_dt, especially on soft auto. Note that [DEEPTHROAT] doesn't actually trigger first_dt or turn off resistance/intro in favor of general lines, but it does make it easier for auto mode to perform a "real" deepthroat.
    *Added a first_dt redirect to pof15 as otherwise, as far as I can see, there's no other way to progress past PROG 15 on a replay since there's no "new" first_dt on restart (meaning auto just keeps going). The old "link" here got removed in a previous version because it was buggy, but this should fix things. To avoid pof15 triggering first_dt without any actual DT having taken place (and risk getting stuck in intro lines) I've also made it so that int15 redirects to the "portal line" gen15. Int15 should only (under DialogueActions) be triggered in the very specific instance of first_dt having been triggered without any "real" DT having occured (through pof15). Hope that makes sense!
    *Added a large set of short, randomized HIM lines that he'll say while she MOANs pending first_dt and pre_cum. This should fix the large number of blank lines issue.
    *Added some support for vigorous lines, by redirecting to some of these HIM-lines.

    @T0mcat - thanks, that was an illuminating log indeed. I had no idea pull_off lines could trigger before first_dt (see line 299 in your spoiler). I guess I haven't seen them there before because resistance lines are much easier to trigger at that stage. My changes above will make it so that, if a real first_dt has not been reached (despite [DEEPTHROAT] triggers) when pof15 is called, first_dt dialogue will ensue anyway and the dialogue will continue. The only downside to this is that she might not actually have take it as far down as the conversation suggests, and that first_dt may repeat once later on, if she manages to actually deep throat during the auto_hard before pre_cum resets everything again. That's the only way I can keep the functionality of selecting replays from within the dialogue though. Also, it should not come up very often, and not be hugely noticable when it does. In future releases, there will probably be additional first_dt lines for each scenario, which will make any feeling of repetitiveness go away completely.

    As for future plans, I feel no need to write more "generic" dialogues - I'll just add more content to this instead. I do have plans for another project in an "epic RPG" style, but that requires being able to change backgrounds via dialogue. I might actually make a separate request for that in loader requests, as gollum seems to be busy with other things.

    Yeah, though even if I add more content later on for variety, I want to stick to a rule of 1 ejaculation = 1 play through = 1 scenario. So the length of any one scenario should be what it takes to reach ejaculation on standard settings with an average or automated play through. Then you can reselect the same scenario (which will hopefully be a more varied experience in later releases) or another scenario. The game allows for 4 ejaculations before having to reload "for real", so it's a pretty long scenario if you play it through completely.

    Once the core structure of the dialogue is tried and tested, adding more content will be easy-peasy, but I'll probably wait until new triggers/features appear in SDT or DialogueActions.
  13. Casonig

    Casonig Potential Patron

    Nov 13, 2011
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    Great, it works now!

    Though I don't really get the selecting part. I keep moving her goddamn head all around but I can't select any setting (the 'pull up, down to select' thing).
  14. AaRL

    AaRL Swell Supporter

    Feb 17, 2011
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    This is a definite check out me out dialogue! Thanks for the props. Ill give it a go this weekend some time and see if I can add anything to this, if possible...
  15. T0mcat

    T0mcat Avid Affiliate

    Feb 5, 2012
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    to pull her up: click left mousebutton, don't release it and move upwards
    to pull her down: click left mousebutton, don't release it and move downwards
  16. Casonig

    Casonig Potential Patron

    Nov 13, 2011
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    See, I didn't know the clicking part, thanks!

    As for the dialogue (which I was finally able to play with): it's great! Hooray, Slingerbult!
    Though the setup thing takes kinda long, but it makes sense in context, so that's fine.
  17. Slingerbult

    Slingerbult Content Creator

    Sep 15, 2012
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    Excellent, seems like everything is working fine in version 6 then. As for adding more content in the future, it would be helpful to know which scenarios are most popular, so I'm gonna make a poll for that and hope for a few votes at least :)
  18. Slingerbult

    Slingerbult Content Creator

    Sep 15, 2012
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    Alright, it's been almost a month and over 32 dialogue users have voted - thanks for your participation! While the poll will still be open indefinetely, a few trends have emerged:

    - male dialogue in general is of little interest. What she says matters much more.

    - you're a bunch of kinky bastards. :) BDSM and Incestous relationships are equally popular and almost twice as popular as vanilla romantic relationships.

    - willing and submissive attitudes are roughly equally popular and twice as popular as the scared female attitude. So even though you're kinky, you seem to prefer it safe, sane and consensual. Yey!

    This means that when I update with more material as stuff gets released, you can expect more lines from her in BdWi, BdSu, InWi and InSu paths for diversification. I won't remove anything old in new releases though - don't worry.
  19. JGUIDO

    JGUIDO Vivacious Visitor

    Feb 11, 2013
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    I always use the Romantic Willing Encouraging, I like to keep things realistic and for me thats realistic.
  20. raizer666

    raizer666 Guest

    Sorry but I am not able to use your Dialog files. I´ve got the DialogueActions swf, put them in the mods folder and run the "Mods Folder.exe". So far so good. I tested a few Mods and they worked. So I thought to test your dialog, I´d load the DialogueActions mod and opened your dialog as one, but all I get is "Mod failed to load". I´m at loss here, I don´t know what´s wrong.
    If you could help me, I would be very grateful :D