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Request for a Detective Scenario Dialogue


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Dec 3, 2010
Hello, I have just downloaded this game and I tried playing around with the dialogue system with very mixed results, and I would like to request dialogue for a captured detective scenario if anyone could help me out. The scenario description would be that a female detective is captured by two females. The detective is dressed in a lacy bra, and pantyhose; her hands around on the female's legs; one female is holding the detective's head (female helper mod), and the other has a strap-on. the background is dungeon. The dialogue would be begin with the female interrogators asking the detective what she knows about them. The detective would tell them that she has backup on the way but the female interrogators see through the lie. The female helper then pushes the detective's mouth on the strap on, then pulls her back, they then ask her again demanding what she knows. The detective is defiant and tells them to go to hell. The female helper pushes her on to the strap on a few more times, telling the detective that they could easily suffocate her. The female helper then pushes the detective's mouth all the way, the detective's eyes go wide looking up. She then pulls her off again. The detective then starts to beg and plead telling them she'll talk. The female replies that it's too late. The female help then pushes the detective's head all the way down again and holds it there. The detective then panics coughing and drooling, tapping her hands on the woman's legs. All the while the two females tease the detective telling her how sexy she looks, (comments on her pantyhose legs, her sexy coughing, etc) while she is being held down. Ultimately the detective goes out.
Just to add, that I originally intend for the detective to expire but if that is too much, then you can just simply say that she passes out. If you want to add a round 2 to the mix that's fine as well. I do appreciate this a lot and thank you for taking a look at my request.
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