hair request

  1. A

    Kaguya Luna Hair and Costume Request - filled

    Please make it breast slider adjustable. I don't need the shoes because they don't really look that good but everything else of the costume would be awesome. Using this reference HERE you should have everything you need as it is a full character reference sheet. Hair can be static or dynamic...
  2. K

    Hair request: Yuuki Yuuna is a hero

    Mimori Togo Yuuki Yuuna Fuu Inubozaki Itsuki Inubozaki Karin Miyoshi Sonoko Nogi P.S. the Sonoko one was the only Sonoko side shot i can find since i can't find an older version and also I will be making more requests later
  3. mralphatree

    Dagashi kashi : Hotaru

    I want an .swf of Hotaru Shidare from Dagashi kashi.
  4. rynel_21

    Hibike Euphonium - Kumiko Oumae

    Hi everyone! Here are some reference pics of Kumiko Oumae from Hibike Euphonium. I'm deeply thankful if someone will work on this. Tnx in advance guys!