1. Bawdy Ink Slinger

    Monster Girl Farmer (Play on any device. No download necessary.)

    Hey, so I put a lot of work into my game, Monster Girl Farmer, and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in trying it out. Here's my little blurb: Monster Girl Farmer is an erotic text-based RPG. Your farm is failing, but your fortune takes a turn when a starving Monster Girl barges...
  2. aminasiugnas

    Belly Inflation seems to be broken/not working?

    ... Okay, I give up. I think I'm doing something wrong. I'm currently using the Sarah v1.2 character mod made by Arkanae on LoversLab. Followed the instructions, even got the other two character mod zip files (coz why not?), am also using ModGuy's bundle. I got the folders where they should...
  3. UknownChaos10111010

    Bully dialogue 2020-01-03

    A very short story that is re-playable for role-play. I was inspired by the Lonely Teacher v3 - by Delev (improved by NoctSoul) dialog here and wanted to make my own with a similar structure. (download the animation pack) To get this to run smoothly: -Do not press the buttons until story is...
  4. K

    AOT Dialouge thing 1

    It's just a text file for SDT I've been working on for a little while. As the name suggests, It is a person being fucked by a titan. Why? Because why not. I think it came out rather nice, honestly Anyways this'll make my first post ever on here so and feedback or suggestions would be nice.
  5. Antimatter42

    .docx to .txt File Conversions

    I tried your solution, but then I realized that it won't work with my loader folder because all of the .txt files are Word documents. This is because I uploaded all of my SDT files to Google Drive, and everytime I download them from there, my laptop converts them to Word documents. So instead I...
  6. G

    Request for a Detective Scenario Dialogue

    Hello, I have just downloaded this game and I tried playing around with the dialogue system with very mixed results, and I would like to request dialogue for a captured detective scenario if anyone could help me out. The scenario description would be that a female detective is captured by two...
  7. stuntcock

    Dialogue Font Sizer 0.6

    This mod is not yet finalized. Beta testing (and feedback) is encouraged. Normal users should ignore this file. If dialogue authors decide to use it, then they'll probably include a copy of it in their dialogue bundles (along with specific font-choices for different scenes), so you'll acquire...
  8. F

    Something is VERY wrong with the text renderer...

    Basically, the character "Б," used to create delay text rendering, has started rendering as the letter "A." I'm using SDT Loader v5.41a from the WeeWillieBundle. Oddly enough, certain dialogues seem unaffected. (the ones already included in the bundle)