1. Kneehigh Boots RGB

    Kneehigh Boots RGB 2022-12-31

    Semi-request, based on Synonymous's design
  2. 3DMG boots

    3DMG boots 1.0

    Based on Synonymous 's 3DMG Costume, extract the boots
  3. 3dmg boots.jpg

    3dmg boots.jpg

    the ressource :
  4. Thigh-High Boots for ThickerThighs

    Thigh-High Boots for ThickerThighs 1.0

    [RGB Adjustable/ThickerThighs] Boots, for booting and other boot related things.
  5. Ryne's Boots FFXIV [F4H] [RGB]

    Ryne's Boots FFXIV [F4H] [RGB] LDR V1.0

    Minfilia of the First
  6. Elsa Boots | Frozen Ice Boots

    Elsa Boots | Frozen Ice Boots 1

    Let it.. blow
  7. Fuzzy 'Mule' Slippers

    Fuzzy 'Mule' Slippers 2022-02-11

    Fuzzy slipers
  8. Tombstone

    Fuzzy 'Mule' Slippers

    I would like someone to make Fuzzy 'Mule' Slippers. I would like them to be Type: Footwear (obviously), and if possible, the Primary RGB slider should control the Vamp and the Sole (the suede-like parts), and the Secondary RGB slider should control the insole and upper (the "fuzzy" parts)...
  9. Tombstone

    Looking for a link to a mod

    I'm trying to find this mod: If someone could reply with a link to this mod, or the name of the person who made it, or if someone has it in their collection or archive and would kindly re-upload it, that would be super. I have tried every keyword and/or tag search I can think of, and I...
  10. Tombstone

    Julian Hawkes' Mojito Twisted Sandals - Filled

    EDIT: Request filled- see third post in the thread Greetings! I here am new. To your planet, welcome! Seriously though, I don't know if the new guy should be making requests right off the bat, but I was hoping Rod or one of the 'Feet4Heels' gang might be interested in making a pair of shoes...
  11. Tinkerbell's outfit pack

    Tinkerbell's outfit pack 1.1

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Tinkerbell' mod, extract and separate the wings, shoes, and skirt
  12. Power Girl Boots

    Power Girl Boots 2014-12-31

    Power Girl Boots (2014) by BrokenToaster
  13. Goth Boots RGB Adjustable

    Goth Boots RGB Adjustable 1.0

    RGB Conversion of Goth Boots by dantethedarkprince
  14. Chun-Li (Street Fighter) Boots RGB adjustable

    Chun-Li (Street Fighter) Boots RGB adjustable 1.1

    An RGB conversion of Chun-Li's boots made by dantethedarkprince
  15. Nike Heels (Vanilla)

    Nike Heels (Vanilla) v.M

    Nike Heels Vanilla Shoes Mod by Mike
  16. Heels Leather

    Heels Leather 2012-06-19

    Vanilla Leather Heels Shoe Mod by TheCount
  17. Heels Wild Leather

    Heels Wild Leather 2012-06-19

    Vanilla Wild Leather Heels Shoe Mod by TheCount
  18. Ballet Shoes

    Ballet Shoes 1.0

    A pair of ballet shoes. Comes in RGB adjustable and one precoloured version
  19. Slender Leather Boots RGB adjustable

    Slender Leather Boots RGB adjustable 1.0

    A pair of RGB adjustable leather boots
  20. Strap Heels

    Strap Heels 2.0

    [RGB Adjustable] Hm, yes. Very strappy.

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