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Law and Order SVU: Olivia Benson vs Harley Quinn

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by galvatron88, Oct 6, 2014.

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    Feb 16, 2014
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    This is a story ive been wanting to do for a long time because i really love olivia benson on svu. Shes the baddest female cop on tv to me right now and i love her even more with the extra weight on the later seasons. So i figured she would be perfect for a story. hope you all enjoy.

    Olivia Benson, Pride of the force.
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    In her younger days she was in her prime. She was a fit alert 30 something detective who kicked ass and took names. She was the toughest female cop on the force... and she knew it.
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    Over ten years later, time seem to take its toll on the hard nose detective.

    Shes a little over 40 and seem to have enjoyed the 'sweets' life just a little too much as you can see. Her reflexes got slower, shes become overconfident and arrogant, her mind isnt as keen as it use to be, but in her mind she is just as good as she ever was. She enjoys her new gut as you can see... but will she regret it?

    The Story:

    It is a late night tuesday in a dark ally. Olivia just ran four blocks chasing down a mysterious young girl who appeared to be warring a clown suit.

    Olivia had her gun drawn, and in firing position. olivia is still panting hard after that long run. " Where are you? you bastard." Olivia thought to herself. Olivia can hear the girl laughing in the distance but she is forever brave and vigilant. Sweat beaded down her face, Her too tight blue shirt clings to her soft curvy torso showing off her round potbelly she developed from too much relaxing. Her tight black jeans shows off her rather wide plumpish but attractive ass as she crab walks.

    suddenly a female figure stood up out of the shadows. " FREEEEEZE! DROP THE KNIFE AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!!" Olivia said with her gun pointed right at the figures head. the figure did what she said throwing the knife down. " NOW WALK SLOWLY TO ME." As the figure walks forward it slowly revealed itself to be a small petite but muscular girl in a red and black clown suit, she had a white face with black around her eyes and black lipstick.

    Her expression was a large grin that looks inhuman to do, it was almost from ear to ear.

    Olivia shoves the young girl face first into a wall. " It looks like ur not gonna make it to the costume party." Olivia says very confidently. olivia puts the girl in handcuffs " My name is Death but you can call me Harley." The girl said. " death huh, i thought ur name was idiot cmon lets go." Olivia says as she pulls her away. " Just then olivia is distracted by the smell of a near by deli. She turns her head for a moment for a smell and thats when Harley back headbutts her in her face. 'SMACK' "ugh?" As olivia reals back from the attack a kick is sent flying to the side of the dazed cops face. 'POP' "AHH!" olivia may be an expert detective but is out of her league when it comes to fighting.

    Her head bobbles and her eyes glaze upward as the 175lb cop crashes down on her fat bottom onto her back. her arms went over her head in a useless fashion, her eyes still rolling as she moans on the ground.

    Harley breaks out of the cuffs. " Are you ready hog lady?... Are you ready for the beating of your life." Harley picks up the heavy set confused cop by the hair and stands her up on her feet. Olivia shirt had risen revealing a donut roll of belly fat.

    The helpless cop still dazed from the earlier attack, swings with a lazy right hand but is blocked and countered with a quick fist to poor olivia's gut. 'FLAP' "OOUFF!!" olivia lets out a gut wrenching sound immediately dropping to the floor like a bag of hammers making a loud thud. " Awwww cmon piggy, the fun is just beginning." Harley says. Olivia is crying gasping for air and wrenching on the floor. Then Harley picks her up again, " You are heavy miss piggy... you got to cut back." Harley says as she heaves the wide hip police women to her feet.

    Olivia knew if she didnt do something fast she would never see the light of day again. Olivia begins swinging like a mad woman. " RAH RAH RAH...." Olivia swing with all her might. Her beautiful breasts jiggle wildly after she stops. Her belly bounces with every movement. and her bubble but shakes with every step.

    Harley just dodges every punch like it is nothing. Olivia is desperate, she grabs her younger better and tries to wrestle her down using her superior size against her.

    Olivia may have a size advantage on the young clown but olivia lacks in intelligence when it comes to street fighting.

    Harley plants a sharp knee right into poor olivia's soft round belly. it is so hard olivia yelps like a wounded dog. she hops a little and her body gos weak jiggles from shocked nerves. Her eyes roll up from the pain of her belly wound,her mouth hangs wide open drooling. Harley back rolls her into a wall. the curvy detective slams into the wall with her thick legs over her head up side down. it was very uncomfortable for the plus size detective.

    Harley then gets on top of olivia and pounds away at her face breaking her jaw, knocking some teeth out, breaking her nose and busting an eye. Harley then turns the battered cop over on her belly and grabs her head. " P-please.... let me go." Olivia pleads for her life. "Only if you snort for me... yeah snort for me like the hog lady you are." with out hesitation olivia begins snorting like a hog. " suuuuuuiiiieeee comon hog squeeeeal like ya mean it." Harley says as she rides olivia grabbing a chunk of olivia"s booty cheek. " 'hhhRRRRRK, HHRRRRRR,HRRRR..." olivia squeals like a hog when suddenly. 'SNAP' Harley has broken the helpless cops neck. Her nerves jerks her body a little then stops. Her body is still face down.

    Later, Elliot finds her broken and battered body. with no trace as to who did it. He holds her in his arms and screams at the top of his lungs. " I WILL FIND YOU!!!"