1. SyntaxTerror

    RGB Dynamic Long Hair (04) 2.1

    This is the basic game hairstyle made by konashion (Azuka). RGB adjustable colours code is due to the programming skills of ModGuy. Predefined colours code has been designed by the almighty sby. Notes: To use, open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab. This mod works with Vanilla and the...
  2. wonderwall

    problem with Asuka Plugsuit mod

    Hey guys, I'm relatively new to taking SDT further than the vanilla game and just recently discover the troves of mods here. It's all very exciting (and lewd). I'm hoping to get a question about a particular mod, the Asuka Plugsuit. For some reason I can only generate the arm sleeves but no...
  3. NuclearNicky

    Tekken 7 Ryona Tournament リョナ - Queen of the Iron Fist Tournament

    A Tekken 7 ryona video series in the format of a tournament, and the losers get varying degree of punishments depending on the results. To avoid bias, the bracket placements and the winners and losers of the first bracket are decided through coin-flips. Because the game isn't out in the West I...
  4. Ah P

    Asuka Costume 1.0

  5. Ah P

    Asuka Dynamic Hair 1.0

  6. Zyrell

    Asuka Static Hair 1.0