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JessTheMonkey's Incest Dialogues

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by JessTheMonkey, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Yeah I'm no good at modding or drawing... But I do think that I have a creative mind and the ability to write half-decent stuff! So I'm going to be contributing my dialogues to this forum (which seems to be lacking in my opinion...). The more the better!

    My first dialogue is about a younger sister, kinda a bitch and kinda resistant. This is my first one so be easy on me... I tried adding in thoughts for her to make her seem more slutty, as if she was enjoying it all but it didn't work out like I planned and those were showing up more often than anything else. Since she can think while sucking dick and what not. Also not many moods are used since I mostly tried to keep her pissed off.
    You have blackmailed your sister and now she has to suck you dick. She doesn't want to in the beginning... She'll threaten, guilt trip, and attempt to bribe you. By the end though, she's worshiping herself as a "pro" dick sucker (Well kinda).

    My second dialogue is still a WIP. It's a mother-son dialogue which I'm only posting just because... I like what I have so far but am a little unsure where to take it. I feel like it might just be a general mother sorta thing with nothing to special or unique.
    Update: I've decided to make the mother into a sort of ex-slut. I still need to put in cum/passout/finishing dialogues but have for the most part everything else. Lots of different dialogues and interactions between them... Much more than my bro-sis one!
    Your mother used to be the popular slut in highschool... Over the years she has lost her talents and has considered herself nothing but an old mother. Now with your father gonna away she is rediscovering her past talents with you. Careful though, mom gets a little pissed off when you try and control her, she used to be the best after all. Just let her do her thing on her cock...

    Criticism and suggestions are much appreciated! I'm always looking to get better!

    Thanks guys,

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  2. Eastwood007

    Eastwood007 Potential Patron

    May 1, 2012
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    I like what I see, good job man.
  3. Faron

    Faron Content Creator

    Apr 13, 2012
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    These are Great, looking forward to your future works, or enlargements for existing ones, ;D keep up the good work.
  4. pinosante

    pinosante Avid Affiliate

    May 9, 2012
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    Love your perverted dialogues. kudos!