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How to Skin Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (MK9)

Discussion in 'Tools & Guides' started by poweruptonka, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. poweruptonka

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    How to Color Skin Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (MK9)

    Now keep in mind that I'm no expert on this forum site. So if you ever throw me a question in this thread I made; I can only do so much to help you. If I cannot help you, then I am sorry. I just wanted to post a step by step easy to follow guide. It was so hard GOOGLing the shit out of tutorials and not finding one that I could fully follow and understand. I had to re-read so many tutorials and do SO MUCH TRIAL and ERROR. Now with all that said. Enjoy.

    (My steps are explained way better.)

    Tutorial: Extracting, Modifying and Importing MK9 Textures ? Mortal Kombat Secrets

    Just make sure you have Java 7 installed or else a file you need named run.bat won't work.
    Also make sure during extracting or installing of any programs, that your
    ANTI-VIRUS program does not block any of those files you need; Or else you'll get lost while following the how to step by step guide. Because if you don't make sure your ANTI-VIRUS doesn't block these files you need it, your ANTI-VIRUS will lock away certain files, if it thinks it is a virus.
    GOOGLE how to exclude files from being scanned by your specific ANTI-VIRUS software/program.

    Files You NEED:

    **[1]-DDS plugin for Photoshop
    __32bit Windows
    __64bit Windows

    ~~OR ~~

    Paint.NET if you don't have photoshop. [It already comes with DDS!!!]
    Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing

    **[2]-MK9 Texture Tool by Scorpion2k7 For decompressing and extracting files.

    **[3]-UE Viewer(UModel) by Gildor For extracting textures in DDS format.
    UE Viewer | Gildor's Homepage

    **[4]-MK9 Texture Injector by RoqueDemon For importing modified textures into archives.

    **[5]-Your copy of the game


    STEP 1
    Hold down windows[icon] button and push R. (****windows icon is located between ~Ctrl and Alt~ buttons. Bottom left hand side of your keyboard****)
    cmd and hit Enter

    STEP 2
    (****Make sure you know the computer's address location of where you installed/extracted the 'UModel' [UE Viewer] folder****)
    Type cd and then the C:\ address of where you put the UModel[UE Viewer] folder.

    for example:
    cd C:\MK Editor\UModel and hit Enter

    (****Remember do not close this cmd window, just minimize it, because we will be coming back to it****)

    STEP 3
    Locate the character file you want in your Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition folder
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition\DiscContentPC\Asset
    C:\Program Files\Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition\DiscContentPC\Asset

    (****Where ever you installed it****)

    STEP 4
    Click on any file in the folder and push C and it will take you to the CHAR_charactername.xxx files.
    The CHAR_charactername.xxx files contains all the skins of that character you want to edit.

    (*****From this point on, I will be using CHAR_Scorpion.xxx as the example through this whole tutorial.****)

    STEP 5
    Scroll through and find CHAR_Scorpion.xxx and right click and copy, then paste it in a folder that will contain all your 'original skin files' that way in case you want back that original color/skin, all you have to do is go to that folder and copy the original file and paste it over the one you edited in the Asset folder of Your MKKE folder

    STEP 6
    Right click CHAR_Scorpion.xxx and copy, then paste it into your UModel[UE Viewer] folder

    STEP 7
    Now bring up the cmd window.
    umodel -nomesh -noanim -dds -export CHAR_Scorpion.xxx and hit Enter
    A new folder will be created with the name CHAR_Scorpion without the .xxx at the end



    STEP 1
    Now open up CHAR_Scorpion folder.
    -Open Texture2d folder
    -Find the Scorpion_Spec.dds and open it with photoshop or Paint.NET (free dowload)
    And start editing what you want as far as the color goes on the skin

    STEP 2
    Now that you're done, you need to save your work.

    -File Save As a DDS file, make sure to click on YES to replace current file.
    Now with the following settings
    DXT5 ARGB 8 bbpp| interpolated alpha
    check 'Generate MIP maps
    And hit/click Save

    -File Save As a DDS file, make sure to click on YES to replace current file.
    Now with the following settings
    DXT5 (Interpolated Alpha)
    check Generate Mip Maps with Super Sampling
    And hit/click OK

    Close your photo/picture editing program, you no longer need it.



    STEP 1
    -Go back to your UModel[UE Viewer] folder and right click and copy the CHAR_Scorpion.xxx file.
    -Now open up your Mk9TextureTool_V3 folder and right click and paste the CHAR_Scorpion.xxx file.

    STEP 2
    -Now left click the CHAR_Scorpion.xxx file and hold it and then drag it over the decompress.exe and let go/drop it
    -A folder named 'unpacked' will be created
    -Now delete the CHAR_Scorpion.xxx that is inside your Mk9TextureTool_V3 folder
    -Open the folder named unpacked and right click and copy the new CHAR_Scorpion.xxx, then paste it back into your Mk9TextureTool_V3 folder

    STEP 3
    -Now drag the new CHAR_Scorpion.xxx file over the extract.exe and drop it.
    (****A black window will pop up and start extracting your file****)

    STEP 4
    Open up that new folder named CHAR_Scorpion and click on any folder and push T.
    This will take you to the Textures folder.
    -Open the Textures folder and look for the Scorpion_Spec.Texture2D file and right click and copy it

    STEP 5
    1) Locate your MK9.DDSInjectorV1.2 folder and paste that Scorpion_Spec.Texture2D in it.
    2) Locate your Mk9TextureTool_V3 folder and copy the CHAR_Scorpion.xxx file and paste it inside
    the MK9.DDSInjectorV1.2 folder.
    3) Locate your UModel[UE Viewer] folder and open it. Open the CHAR_Scorpion folder then the Texture2D folder and copy
    the Scorpion_Spec.dds file and paste it inside the MK9.DDSInjectorV1.2 folder.

    (****At this point you should have the CHAR_Scorpion.xxx, Scorpion_Spec.dds and Scorpion_Spec.Texture2D
    inside your MK9.DDSInjectorV1.2 folder

    STEP 6
    Open/double click on the run.bat file and a black window will open.
    CHAR_Scorpion without the .xxx and hit Enter
    Scorpion_Spec without the .Texture2D and hit Enter.
    (****if you did everything right, just below where you typed Scorpion_Spec it should say File Injected. now close all your black windows****)

    STEP 7
    Now inside that same folder, the MK9.DDSInjectorV1.2 folder you are in right now, I want you to copy the CHAR_Scorpion.xxx file
    and paste it inside your Mortal Kombat Complete Edition Asset folder
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition\DiscContentPC\Asset
    C:\Program Files\Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition\DiscContentPC\Asset

    (****Where ever you installed your MK9 game****)

    And choose to 'Copy and Replace' and then click on the 'Continue' button on the next pop window.
    And now run the game and check out your work!!!
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  2. Salvatore

    Salvatore Guest

    perfect,bravo man!
    i want to add sth then ask sth else!
    to edit the skin of body we should use this xxx. file: PlayerName_Diff.dds
    to edit his clothe: PlayerName_Spec
    now my Q
    i extracted ui_ps_vs_jpegs.xxx (located in Asset folder) to edit jpg files in it
    but HOW REPACK A NEW XXX FILE from new edited files??
    thank so muuuuuuuuuuch
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  3. fleet

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    Apr 16, 2012
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    I assume "sth" means 'something'
    Please spell out words. Gamevixenzone is an international forum.
  4. spawn90

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    Sep 19, 2012
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    Would i be able to make a nude mod by using this tutorial help would be great and maybe a video showing how to do it to for us Novice guys
  5. donnyxh

    donnyxh Potential Patron

    Jun 9, 2012
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    but what happened with one file named scorpion_spec.dds? what is it for, you just explain to execute 2 files: scorpion_spec.texture2d and CHAR_scorpion.xxx while we have 3 files..? (inside MK9.DDSInjectorV1.2 folder). please explain.. thanks.