1. T

    SDT Mobile for Android!!!

    I have recently built an app that supports SDT (vanilla game) on Android OS version higher than 4.4. No Adobe AIR or Flash player is required on phone. Build with Adobe AIR SDK Tested on Android OS 8&9 -- OK Beta version for now, may add iOS support in the future. [VERSION 1.1.0...
  2. Sausage&Eggs

    Touch The Girl!

    https://sawatex.x0.com/index2.htm Some people maybe remember this flash game to touch DOA character Kasumi. There now exist a sequel game of same type but features more. Different girls (ninja costume is free dlc). I think this community is wonderful with SDT. Even when author retrie the mods...
  3. SyntaxTerror

    How to make proper RGB mods

    Hello I had to explain in PM how to draw "proper" RGB clothes (ie. like konashion's ones, with lines the same colour as the fill, but darker), so I copy it here. This requires that you already know how to draw an SWF mod. You can learn this with Synonymous' SWF costume mod tutorial. Procedure...
  4. SyntaxTerror

    How to arrange layers in your hair mod

    Hello. This reminder is aimed at SWF hair modders to help them manage hair layers. The layers are arranged like this, from top to bottom: HAIR_COSTUME_OVER HEADWEAR (front) DYNAMIC_HAIR_OVER HAIR_TOP HAIR_COSTUME_UNDEROVER CUM EAR & RIGHT ARM DYNAMIC_HAIR_BETWEEN EYEWEAR BODY (including right...
  5. Perdition

    Making basic Isolation Mods

    After having a conversation with ZeroTheFinal, I thought I should make thread of that conversation to help anyone that wants to make their own basic isolation mods. If people show interest in this then I'll update this thread with more details on how to use this program. The method I used...
  6. The Hacker Known As Snow

    Photoshop to Flash scaling incorrectly

    I'm using CS6 on Win7 and I'm remaking an old mod and I'm running into the same problem again. I really hate the solution of scaling the image 106%x105% but am mostly wondering why this happens. This only happens for HER left calf and left thigh if I remember correctly and nothing else in my...
  7. khalifa

    Flash projector performance

    I am having trouble using the loader through the Adobe Flash projector. While in a small window the game runs fine for me (about 30 fps). it is unplayable in fullscreen (around 12 fps). I tried to change settings in nvidea control panel but that does not seem to affect it a lot. Anyone got an...
  8. Blackmagic

    I need help with ModGuy's loader.

    Now I'm just am going to be straight up, this is my first ever attempt at modding anything. I for the love of god can not figure out how to get the mods to take affect. I figured out the hairs and that stuff, but not the actual mods. I'm using ModGuy's 5.45 loader with the (SWF Loader -...
  9. The Hacker Known As Snow

    How to make mods

  10. Sausage&Eggs

    Share Some Sexy Gifs

    Someone asked me about the gifs I made and I remember having gif thread in gvz before the site merge. Maybe this can be the place. Any gif is fine but I recommend using spoiler tags for multiple gifs and maybe link for large file size ones. Leaving this here so my copy paste easy My gifs are...
  11. Osakina

    Silhouette Game

    Since I was inspired a lot by SDT I thought I'd share my game with you guys first. Basically at the moment it's just an animation editor, and I'm not totally sure about the direction weather it's going to stay as just an animation editor or if it's going to be part of a bigger game. I had an...
  12. SyntaxTerror

    How to make an SWF background (static, animated, and/or 16/9)

    How to make an SWF background, static, animated and/or 16/9. Tutorial and tools Note: I am going to rewrite this tutorial soon to cover all types of SWF backgrounds: static, animated and/or 16/9 (HD). I left the old tutorial in a spoiler below and I put the code created by sby that allows the...
  13. SyntaxTerror

    SyntaxTerror messing around with his new toy: Flash CC

    Hello world I am curently trying to make SWF mods with Flash CC, Kona's STDMod.fla (from SDTModdingCS5) and the help of @Synonymous' [Costume Modding Tutorial] [An Easy Visual Guide]. I advance like an asthmatic slug (but I advance a little...) and I find very difficult to draw...
  14. V

    [Flash/Browser] Divine Arms - A magical Action-Adventure Hentai Game

    Heya Undertow Club! My name is kReig, developer for ViperV. We have a new project titled Divine Arms and I was wondering if anyone here would be interested. You may download the demo HERE. Or play it on Newgrounds. And if you like the demo, please support Divine Arms on PATREON ABOUT THE...
  15. Faceless

    14 Feb 18 - Mod.fla template v0.98.3

    For Flash CS 6.
  16. ModGuy

    SDT Loader

    In total, the loader has been downloaded around 513338 times. Download Make sure to use the standalone player whenever possible, this can help to prevent potential issues: Adobe Flash Player - Debug Downloads [/spoiler]


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