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Hairstyle request for Maki Nishikino from Love Live!

Discussion in 'Filled Requests' started by bleh123, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. bleh123

    bleh123 Guest

    More specifically, just a quick PNG hairstyle.

    Here's a frontal view of the character (sideview comes next!)


    And next are the sideview references:
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  2. tmb

    tmb Vivacious Visitor

    Mar 5, 2015
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    @zoltan022 has some of the Love Live girls in his thread, including Nishikino Maki in Love Live ! School Idol Project > μ's. :wink:

    You can use the "Forum"'s "Search Forums" ("Search Threads and Posts" tab) tool to locate characters.

    In this case, filling "Nishikino Maki" in "Keywords" and selecting "Undertow" > "Game Modding" > "Super Deepthroat" in "Search in Forums" has one result: @zoltan022's thread.