Gay Ryona?


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Apr 18, 2016
Hey, been looking around here for a while but I haven't seen much Male on Male Ryona, which makes me sad -- us gay guys like ryona too! So I figured hey, why not start up a thread?

Here are some things I know of for source material, and I'd love to hear about some of the things you guys have!

GyakuRyonaMale is a good place to go, but this is just fighting games and fighting scenes where the guy purposefully loses. Still a lot of fun!

GyakuXryona on DeviantArt is one of my favorites, tbh. Lots of wrestling and fun stuff like that, typically with multiple men!


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Feb 21, 2010
We have one M/M thread for images and one for videos. I noticed that they are hard to find because they recently lost their prefixes.
If you feel the need to have a thread with a different focus or have a suggestion how to better categorize M/M ryona don't be shy to voice your suggestions, I want to make this sub-forum as welcoming as possible.

[M/M] General video thread

[M/M] General image thread


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Jun 28, 2013
Welcome to the forum. I imagine due to the nature of the site, there is not that big of an interest in m/m ryona to be found.
That said, I'd be up for trying a male/male RP some day, though it's more to expand my horizon rather than being a massive turn on. But who knows? Anyway, PM me if interested and we can see if we can make it work.
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