1. doomguyalt

    Link (The legend of Zelda) Hair and clothes for her

    Hello I wanted to make some her requests regarding TLoZ Link, hopefully someone is willing to make them a reality. -OoT Adult Link outfit (multiple pieces if possible) (Tunic, gloves and boots, maybe hat)
  2. Unlikely

    [Flash/Browser] Hard Times in Hornsville - free adult/fetish sandbox game

    Hornstown 4.41 is out! With the update we've released our first book inspired by trisha story check it out here! Welcome to Hard Times in Hornstown, a sandbox time-management game focusing on adult fetish gay/trans/straight themes and thank you for supporting this game on patreon! Probably...
  3. F

    Dialogue suggestions

    I don't think i will be able to finish the translation of the "A Girl's submission"dialogue by VincentL this evening. and I'm still catching up with the posts i missed but it seems (at least for me) there are still some dialogue topics that i couldn't find yet. Since i lack the talent and the...
  4. Vatoon

    Yaoi req.

    I made "HER" a Boy so.. maybe someone could make "HER" (not really a "HER" anymore turned "HER" to an "HIM") xD moan like a boy ^^ i would be happy with that x3 i hope my wish can come true !
  5. hiddenlair

    [Flash/Browser] Palacius - Elite Athlete Adult Game (Yaoi/Gay)

    There are very few Yaoi/Gay games so I decided to create Palacius Elite Athlete. I published it in Mikandi. I also have a html5 preview on my website about the game.
  6. Gadot

    Gay Ryona?

    Hey, been looking around here for a while but I haven't seen much Male on Male Ryona, which makes me sad -- us gay guys like ryona too! So I figured hey, why not start up a thread? Here are some things I know of for source material, and I'd love to hear about some of the things you guys have...
  7. Z

    Foxy from FNaF (Gayprettymuch)

    JESUS CHRIST DON'T KILL ME. It's all about that fox booty. It would be more furry than robot REFERENCE: (most are NSFW)
  8. O

    Male bottom

    Hello, sorry if this is the wrong section. I'm not too certain if this is the right place. I found this picture, (and a few others like it), but I've searched for several hours now and haven't been able to find any mods like this other than a few screenshots. I've found quite a few guy hair...
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