1. Gil The Mute

    Sonic The Hedgehog - Miles "Tails" Prower

    I'm new here (My english is not that good) and this are my first hairs. I did them on base with the fox hair of Furries' Furry Mods! so also credits to @Furries @stuntcock and @wolsik You can edit them if you want and tips are also welcome.
  2. Antimatter42

    Death Note: How it Should Have Ended ver. 1.0

    This is my take on an alternate ending to Death Note. Please don't mind the slightly dark ending to the dialogue, as I wasn't sure how else to end it. If anyone has any other ideas, let me know. Mods Required: -The loader. -the alley background by Kuroyuu. -Dialogueactions. -breastexpansion...
  3. Kyuubi

    Any Yaoi dialogue?

    I've looked but cant really find any Yaoi dialogues... Any would be nice actually. especially one were the female is actually a trap and is forced to suck the guy off. If you know of any, can you let me know?
  4. Gadot

    Gay Ryona?

    Hey, been looking around here for a while but I haven't seen much Male on Male Ryona, which makes me sad -- us gay guys like ryona too! So I figured hey, why not start up a thread? Here are some things I know of for source material, and I'd love to hear about some of the things you guys have...
  5. MalCharacter

    Intern Interview - Trap Dialogue

    Here's a Trap dialogue. It's a modified version of the Crossdressing Trap one by f93 from here: f93's Dialogue Thread - Tentacle Rape and Consentacles | Undertow The scenario: -----Intern Interview----- -'You just hired a new intern, a college student named Alex, and discovered that she's a...