game development

  1. Chikimaro

    Aideth the Reborn (Survivor game development)

    Hi there, i'm Chikimaro a C++ Game developper/Moder/Cheater/You can call me what ever you want , today i want to share my game development with all of you and to get some opions about it. A few months ago, I saw a thread related to creating a hunting game. I liked the idea, so I started...
  2. CUPI

    CUPI mixed fighting/wrestling game

    Hello, I am CUPI and I am developing a mixed fighting/wrestling game! It is in heavy development and you can play and follow the development. Download the latest (first) debug build and play around with it: CUPI - Mixed Fighting is creating male vs female games | Patreon Features: -...
  3. Dorumeka

    Possible game in development. Any love for some cute henchgirls getting k.o.'d and ripped apart?

    Hi, I'm Dorumeka, an indie 3D artist and game dev probing a bit into the pervy side. As with you, I have had some pretty weird kinks for most of my life. I now decided to put some time into making some of those fetishes into little semi-games or little interactive toys. I've been lurking here...
  4. Juggernaut

    WIP Futanari Combatant - Battleroyale Arena II (platformer, action, guro, futanari)

    Hi all, I'm making an arena platformer shooter game with futanari opponents and guro action. The game is based on artist TMZF's futanari combatant series. It is a sequel to my previous top down shooter game FUTANARI COMBATANTS BATTLEROYALE ARENA. The new game will feature the same theme...
  5. RimProject

    (Help Wanted) Let's talk about a girl called Rim

    (English is not my first language, fell free to correct my mistakes :smile: ) In the past, I wanted to make a h-game. But, it's very time consuming . I choose Flash/AIR as platform, but I try to create all engine, unfortunately I always got lost in development phase, now I have the engine...
  6. Toffi

    Tutorial 1.0

    Includes a demo-project as well as hardsaves and poses to fiddle around with. Release: June 2016 Download the FM2nd-engine here: 2D_FIGHTER_MAKER_2K2.rar (2.34MB) -
  7. B

    Looking for a Game Development Team

    Hello there! I run a small adult game studio with a few other people. We specialize in adult games and various other adult products. One of our clients wants to open his own portal site full of mini games that would encourage users to upgrade to premium accounts, unlocking more, sexier games...
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