Fall of an Empire - A zako story


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Feb 19, 2018
Chapter 2 - 2


“It seems that the rebels are getting bolder and bolder.” Kirara concluded after hearing the report.

“Yes,” her subordinate, Second Lieutenant Serra, fixed her glasses as she spoke, “the number of raids against our granaries has increased by fifty percent in the last two weeks.”


“So, should we send more patrols to deter them from acting so recklessly?”

“Normally, yes.” Serra replied hesitatingly. “But right now our girls’ morale is quite low, due to those two incidents …”

Yes, those two incidents. Two patrol squads were attacked, the soldiers brutally murdered. There were only two survivors, one was seriously injured and the other was raped by the assailant and now suffering from the trauma. The culprit left behind a message, “I will come to you all”, so no wonder that everyone was so uneasy.

When Kirara heard the news, she was furious and intended to send out troops to hunt down the man, but Serra managed to convince her that was a bad decision. “Normal soldiers are not well suited to deal with that kind of specialists. We should report this immediately to the Viceroy and requested her aid.” She said. Serra also advised her to send the two survivors to the Capital to serve as witnesses. Their testimony about the horror they had to endure would move people to action. Meanwhile, they should warn the soldiers to be more cautious, in order to prevent more casualties. Unfortunately, the consequence of this defensive tactics was that the rebels were now acting more openly.

“Do you have any suggestion for this situation?” Kirara asked.

“I think we should just ignore them. Even though they are very annoying, it’s not like they can actually cause any damage. We should stay defensive, waiting until we have dealt with the real threat.”

“People will say that we are cowards.” Kirara said. She peered at the erudite subordinate, appraising her reaction. Serra hesitated a little, then decided to speak up her mind, “Allow me to speak frankly, ma’am. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is our girls’ lives.”

“Good!” Kirara nodded, satisfied with the answer.

Despite being not a mainlander but a local, Serra was her most trusted officer. She was intelligent, hard working and unquestionably loyal to the Empire. Kirara believed that it was a great fortune for her battalion to have such a capable girl. Therefore, even though technically Serra was just the Operator of the HQ, she was Kirara’s de facto second-in-command. Since the real executive officer was …

“I’m coming in~” they heard a cheerful voice from outside. A moment later, the door opened and a young cute girl entered the room. She was carrying a tray with two small tortes, a teapot and two cups decorated with enamel.


Smiling, Captain Miku walked to Kirara’s table and put the tray on it, “I thought maybe you two are hungry, so I prepared some cakes and tea.”

Serra frowned a bit, but immediately returned to her normal expression. She turned to Kirara, “Major, if there’s nothing else, I will take my leave.” She bowed and left the room, without giving Miku a single look.

Kirara sighed. It was obvious that Serra disliked Miku. She was a intelligent and prideful girl, so she hated the fact that she was lower ranking than someone she considered dumb. And Miku was not exactly the smartest person here.

“She doesn’t like cakes?” Miku said obliviously. She tilted her head, being confused.

If Kirara had to point out a flaw of Serra, then it had to be how envious she was. She was vying with Miku for Kirara’s attention, a competition that her “rival” didn’t even know that existed. Silly girl! Kirara thought. There was no need to contend, both of them were important to her for totally different reasons so they would never replace each other.

“If Serra doesn’t want the cake, how about we eating together?”

“Okay~” Miku replied, gracefully pouring the tea to the two cups. This pretty blonde didn’t fit the military at all, but Kirara was glad that she was here.

You look so cute!

“Did you just say something?” Miku said, batting her eyes innocently. Kirara realized that she had just unwittingly whispered her thought aloud. “Nothing! Nothing at all!” she laughed, brushing it off.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I sat still, silent as a stone, making myself part of the forest. I waited patiently. They would be here soon.

I glanced at the walled building. My target, Major Mobami Kirara, was inside, along with the rest of the HQ of the 762nd Battallion. Even though Kirara was the main target, wiping out the entire HQ would greatly benefit the Resistance. Furthermore, my client didn’t want me to eliminate Kirara quickly, but instead give her a long and humiliating execution, so it was better to kill everyone else before getting to her.

They gave me a camera which I could attach to my suit, in order to record the Kirara’s demise. They intended to release the footage right before the attack, aiming to demoralize her soldiers. I suspected that there was another reason though. Kirara’s mother, General Mobami, was the one who led the invasion five years ago and brought this country to its knee, so no doubt vengeance played a part in this decision.

For a whole week, I had been stalking around the enemy base. I got the rough idea of how many guards they had as well as their patrol schedule, with the help of my infrared vision. Still, there was information that I could only get from a guard, so I needed to capture one and interrogate her. Of course, a guard missing would get attention of other people sooner or later, so I needed to attack right after the interrogation.

I heard two girls’ voice, laughing and chatting. The patrol had arrived, just as scheduled. The guards of this base always patrolled in groups of two, so I needed to be more careful. I chose these two because they were both recruits and therefore easier to take care of. Since I only needed one, I would use the other to test my blade. Despite how much I hated that crazy chick, I was fascinated by her swordplay, and I had been practicing for a while. Now I would use it on a real enemy for the first time.

I could see them clearly now. One girl has long black hair and slim figure, wearing what was essentially just a bikini, while her short haired friend had her body more protected, even though her suit was still carved in strategic places. Both of them were armed with plasma pistol.

5_soldier_1.jpg 6_soldier_2.jpg

“I have just heard about something very interesting.” The girl in bikini said cheerfully. “Want to know?”

“Another stupid rumor?” The other girl replied disinterestedly.

“Not at all! Not at all!” The black haired girl laughed. “Actually …”

But she never had a chance to tell her story, since I had jumped out of the bush and slashed horizontally at her exposed stomach. The blade cleaved cleanly through her flesh, muscle, organs and bone. The girl wearing two pieces was now in two pieces. I was sure that she died before the upper half of her body hit the ground. Amazed by the perfect cut, for a moment I somewhat understood what Haruka felt when she was wielding this sword.

The other girl tried to scream, but I reached out my free hand and clamped it tight over her mouth. I could feel her soft lips curling under my palm. I touched the tip of the blood stained sword to her navel. “Be silent! Or you will be next!” I drawled. Her bewildered and terrified eyes stared at me, then she nodded.

In order to make the interrogation more pleasurable, I made her strip. She was now naked, sitting on the ground, her hands trying to cover her exposed body and tears moistening her cheeks. I asked her about the interior of the building, what the purpose of each room was, and how the guards inside changed shifts. The scared girl answers everything, fearing my ire.

“Good! That was everything I wanted to know.” I said, satisfied with the information I got. “You will let me go?” The girl looked at me hopefully.

“Sorry, but I need you to sleep.”

Before she could protested, I constrained her body and put her in a sleeper hold. She struggled in vain. As my grip around her tighter and tighter, her eyes were widened and her tongue rolled out, drooling all over my arms. Her body went limp, but I didn't stop there. This was an important mission, so I didn't want to take chances. With one single snap, I made her sleep an eternal one.


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Feb 19, 2018
Chapter 2 - 3


“I’m coming in~” Serra aped Miku’s cutesy tone. What the hell was that stupid airhead thinking? She was a military officer, a high ranking one nevertheless, not a goddamn maidservant.

“Haha! Did the captain do something to annoy you again?” Serra heard someone laughing behind her. She knew who it was without the need to turn around. “Everything she does annoys me.” She replied.

“Why do you have to be grumpy all the time?” The other girl had moved to in front of her, smiling. She was tall and muscular with a protective suit hugging her athletic figure. She had fair skin, typical for a woman from the Northern Countries, and natural blonde hair, unlike the fake dyed one on the head of that birdbrain.


“Zhenya, how the hell can you put up with that idiot?”

“Well, she didn’t act high-and-mighty. She didn’t get in our ways.” Zhenya shrugged. “And the cakes she makes are tasty.”

“Making cakes is not the main job of the second-in-command!” Serra glared at her friend. “Don’t you think that it’s so unfair that we have to struggle to earn our places while she can get everything she wants without having to lift a finger?”

Zhenya and Serra got along well, since both of them were the natives of nations conquered by the Empire. Such people were second-class citizens in their new country, and enjoyed less privileges and protections than the ones from a higher caste. However, there were several ways for a person to be granted the full Imperial citizenship, and one of those methods was to join the Imperial army. Serra had been going to a local Cadet High School, and got her citizenship as soon as she became a commissioned officer in the army. Zhenya was not as fortunate. Non-commissioned officer and foot soldiers wouldn’t get their rewards until they had served for ten full years.

“She is from one of the most prestigious families of the Empire. She is also the younger sister of the major’s friend. They have been close since they were small. There is nothing you can do about it.” Zhenya frowned. “And why do you complain anyway? Isn’t this good for you? The major considers you her second-in-command, everyone knows that. You have more chances to show off your talent.”

Serra had to admit what her friend said was true. In a way, she was lucky. The Empire’s invasion had destroyed the old order, ruining the lives of countless people, but it also brought opportunities to many others. Young talented girls were allowed to join the Cadet High School, enjoying good quality education without having to pay the intuition fee. Serra had been working hard and graduated at the top of her class. Then she was assigned to be an Operator of the 762nd Battallon, under the command of Major Mobami, one of the most competent commanding officers in this country, no, this province. Unlike the ilk of typical Imperial officers who were arrogant and impetuous, Major Mobami held her in high regard and she was willing to listen to her advice.

Yes, I shouldn’t be distracted by such trivial matters. She thought. She was being given a great chance to prove her worth to the Empire. What she should do at the moment was to keep moving forward, a bright future was waiting for her.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I sprinted through the darkness, eliminating the patrols around the base. Their death were quick and silent, since I didn’t have time to fool around, I must reduce their number as quick as possible. I made their corpses well hidden, but sooner or later someone inside would realize that something was wrong and raise the alarm, so it was time to use the gadget Cecilia gave me.

It was a Jammer, a device that could block any signal from or to a small area. Once I activated this, the HQ couldn’t contact the other bases and request for reinforcement. A wonderful item, but not without limitation. If I used it too early, the Operator of this base could realize that something was amiss; and after activating the Jammer for a while, the other bases, who lost contact with the HQ, could get suspicious and sent troops here to investigate. In short, managing time was essential in this mission.

After turning on the Jammer, I leaned against the wall near a window. According to the girl I interrogated earlier, the soldiers who were off-shift were sleeping in the room. My infrared vision confirmed that there were indeed six girls lying on bed there. They were harmless now but when the alarm was raised, they could get in my way. So it was better to kill them now when they couldn’t fight back.

I cut the glass, opened the window and got inside. Even though it was dark and I couldn’t see the interior, there was no mistake that I was in a girls’ bedroom. There was a sweet and pleasant scent in the air. It smelled good. I heard the girls respiring softly, deep in their sleep. However, their peaceful sleep would be soon disturbed in a violent way.

Using my infrared vision, I could see exactly where each of them was. I crept up to the nearest girl. I couldn’t see her face but I was sure that she was pretty, just any other Imperial soldier I had met. Our faces were so close that I could breathe in her fragrance. For a moment I wanted to embrace her and make love with her. Stay focus! Now is not the time for that! I told my self. I slid out a knife and cut her throat quick and hard while pressing the other hand to her mouth. She jerked and struggled, but I held her tight until she went limp.

Not wasting any time, I moved to the next. I raised the blade and stabbed the slumbering beauty clean in the heart through her nipple. She died instantly, without making a fuss.

The third girl was sleeping naked, and she had kicked her blanket onto the floor, exposing her vunerable body entirely. I rammed my bloody knife in her navel and slitted her belly open, hand clamped over her mouth. The gutted girl clutched at my arms, twitching in pain, but it wasn’t long before her suffering ended.


I decided to not cover the fourth girl’s mouth with my hand, but instead I locked her lips with a kiss. As my hand hardened its grip around her neck, her soft tongue stuck out as she was trying to breathe, and I twisted mine with it. The tongues danced together as our lips meshed and blended. I felt like I was sucking her life force to the last drop.

I pressed my hand over the fifth girl’s mouth, but before I could kill her, something unexpected happened. The last one woke up. Fortunately, she was so drowsy that she didn’t realize her friend was struggling. She just stood up, opened the door and went outside, probably to go to the toilet. I needed to finish my current victim quickly, so I stabbed her repeatedly until she was dead. Then I darted through the door, following the girl who left.

I stalked behind her. Unlike the dark bedroom, the corridor was lighted, allowing me to appreciate the girl’s attractive figure. She was wearing a purple nightgown, her ass showing through its transparent fabric. Her butt moved slowly from side to side as she walked, and I wanted to push her down and impaled her from behind. Too bad I was on a mission right now and I had to kill her. It was a shame but I told myself there was no need to think about it too much. After all, there will always be more of these young pretty Imperial girls.


Killing her in the corridor was risky, though, so I followed her into the bathroom. The room was big with a spacious area for bathing and an array of toilet stalls. As she opened the door of one of the stalls, I rushed in, grabbed her by her hair and forced her head into the toilet. Panicked, she tried to push back, but no matter how hard she tried to lift her head up, my hand made sure that her nose and mouth would never rise above the water. I moved the other hand to under her skirt, fondling her cute butt as her life was ebbing away.

As I was about to get out of the bathroom, leaving my victim behind, I heard voices and laughter of a group of girls in the corridor. I swiftly moved back into the stall to hide. The voices got louder and louder, then I heard the door opened. There were about five or six girls, chatting cheerfully. From their conversation, it seemed that they had just finished their guard shift.

And now they were going to take a bath.


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Killed 6 sleeping girls! How sad.
And on, I can't kill Miku. She is too cute and innocent *_*

Do the agent has some sleeping pill or syringe and put it in Miku's tea before she serve her dishes to others? (Just some idea pop in my head but you don't need to put it in the story if it not fit :P)
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Yeah, I don't think that it's suitable to be included in this chapter, but I do want to have a drugging/poisoning mission in the future :grin:


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Chapter 2 - 4

They were bathing.

When I activated my infrared thermal optics, I could see five feminine figures outside through the wall of the toilet stall where I was hiding. They were just shapes of red and yellow on a blueish background though, so it was not exactly a good tool for peeping.

I was lucky. I launched my assault right at the moment when the guards were changing shifts, so it took more time for them to realize that something was wrong. But sooner or later the alarm would be raised, either a guard noticed that the patrols outside were gone, or the Operator found out that the communication with the other bases had been disrupted. So I need to reduce their number as fast as possible while I still had time.

“What do you think of the Northern girls?” a girl asked.

“They are taller and stronger than us.” Another girl said with an envious tone. “And their boobs are huge.”

“I am not talking about that, idiot. I am asking whether we can trust them. They used to be enemies, right?”

“Yeah, yeah. But their countries are part of the Empire now, and they swore their allegiance to the Empress. The major seemed to trust them, so I don’t think there is anything for us to worry about.” The envious girl continued. “Damn! I wish my boobs are as big as theirs.”

“Yours are big enough! Why are you complaining?” I heard the third voice. “Think about the body proportion. You are shorter and slimmer than them. It will look very gross if your boobs are that big. You Type 86 are so stupid.”

“By the way, guys, do you think I am getting fat?” A girl with a high pitch voice said.

“What the fuck are you talking about? Are you mocking us? Yeah, yeah, we know, your body is perfect. There is no need to slap that fact to our faces every time.”

“No! No! Not at all! I just weighed myself a moment ago. It showed that I am fifty gram heavier than yeste –” She was interrupted by a shrieking sound. “Is that an alarm?”

Okay, it was time to stop their silly conversation.

I kicked the door and charged at the naked girls, with my sword in my hand. They let out a scream, but not before I decapitated the nearest girl. She was sitting in the water, obliviously washing her body. She hadn’t realized what was going on before death came to her. The big bathtub was tainted with blood when her headless body fell.


“Who … Who are you?” There was a girl sitting on the floor instead of the bathtub, foam covering all over her body. Wrong move! When I was considering who would be my next target, speaking first was a bad idea. I turned and walked toward her. “No … No … Don’t come here … Don’t come near me …” She cried.


I stood before her. Her pretty face was marred by terror. She was trembling, covering her breasts with her hands, but she forgot to close up the legs, ending up exposing her nether regions. Her vulnerable posture looked so captivating. In order to kill off the temptation, I thrust my sword (the real sword) through her vagina. She looked down in horror at her mutilated crotch, screaming.

Realizing that I intended to kill them all, one girl jumped out of the bathtub and tried to flee, but I immediately moved to stand in her way and stabbed her in the navel. She collapsed to the ground, convulsing. I left her there and moved to the next victim.


“Don’t do it! You don’t have to do this!” The fourth girl begged me, tears running down her face. I recognized the voice, this was the girl who was called Type 86, whatever it meant. I agreed with her friend. Her breasts fit well with her figure, there was no need for it to be bigger.


As I readied my sword, the terrified girl tried to turn and run away. I drove the blade forward, piercing both of her beautiful breasts. She let out a yelp of pain, but I didn't stop there. I continued my attack with a horizontal swing, cutting through her rib cage, heart, lungs and spine. Her two pieces of body, connecting to each other only by her nipples, dropped to the water.

I looked back at the two girls on the ground. The gutted girl was lying, whimpering in agony. Leaving her alone and she would bleed out herself. On the other hand, the girl with damaged womanhood was desperately trying to crawl to the door. I walked to her, grabbed one of the legs and pulled her back.

“No! No! No! Please! No!” She cried. Her other leg was kicking violently, her two hands scratching the floor. I kicked at her wound. She made a pathetic gasp, then became silent, barely breathing. I ended her suffering by impaling her heart from behind.

There was only one left, a girl who was frozen in the corner, her face bloodless. Since there were no more enemies in the room, I allowed myself a few second to appriciate her perfect body with a nice pair of breasts, a cute navel and a stubble on her crotch.


“Please, don’t kill me.” She pleaded, with a still somewhat high pitch voice.

“I think there is no need for you to worry.”

“Yes?” The girl asked, looking at me hopefully.

“You are not fat at all.” I replied, driving my sword through her cleavage.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----


“How is it?” Miku asked.

“It’s great!” Kirara replied, mumbling. “These cakes of yours, I can eat dozens and still want more.”

“Really? You can have mine if you want~” she smiled, pushing her torte toward Kirara. The older girl was startled, staring at the cake. “It’s … it’s … half eaten.”

“Oh sorry, it’s not very hygienic, is it?” Miku said, thinking that she realized the problem.

“No, that’s not the point …” Kirara said, her face was flustered red. Is she blushing? Why does she panic? Miku was confused. Then Kirara cleared her throat, her composure returning. “I said that we would eat together, right? Which means, I eat mine, you eat yours.”

“Oh come one! Why do you have to be so inflexible?”

“Just. Eat. Your. Damn. Cake.” Kirara growled, glaring at her.

“Fine, fine, fine,” she said, appearing to be annoyed. But she was not mad at all. Sometimes Kirara was weird like that, and Miku found her reaction kind of cute in its own way.

She had known Kirara for a long time. As her sister’s best friend, she visited their estate a lot when they were small. The three of them were always playing together. Unlike her lazy and carefree sister, Kirara was serious, strict and self-discipline. She imposed a lot of principles and rules on herself and followed them to the letter. Other people might find Kirara stubborn and hardheaded, but Miku thought that she was admirable. She was someone that could stick to their goal to the end and achieve what she wanted no matter what.

Then they grew up, both Kirara and her sister joined the army, and Miku was alone in the big house. She was not literally alone of course, there were her parents and the servants there after all. But her friends were gone. Miku wanted to be together with them, just like when they were kids. So she decided to become a military woman as well.

Her parents tried to talk her out of this. Her sister tried to talk her out of this. Kirara tried to talk her out of this. But for the first time in her life, she was even more stubborn than Kirara. She studied hard, she trained hard and she took the exam to Cadet High School.

And she failed spectacularly.

Miku was neither smart nor athletic. She had every characteristic that the military did not want. Yet, somehow she was accepted by the army, somehow she became an officer, and somehow she was assigned to be Kirara’s subordinate. Even someone like her could understand that a few strings had been pulled.

Now she was with Kirara. She cheated in order to be here. It wasn’t her intention, but it was cheating nevertheless. She also knew that she was useless. In this base, there were girls like Serra or Zhenya, who were much more capable than her. Even so, she still wanted to be here and supported Kirara in her own way.

“Are you mad?”

Miku turned to Kirara, and found her looking at her nervously. She had been lost in thought for a while, and Kirara must have interpreted her long silence as anger. “Of course I am! I am super mad! Why did you have to yell at me like that?” She frowned, looking away from Kirara, while giggling on the inside.

“I … I …” Kirara panicked. Seeing the serious Kirara losing her composure was so much fun, Miku had to do her best to hold her laughter. Then suddenly, Kirara’s face became serious again. “I don’t think that I can hold it anymore.” She said, staring straight at Miku’s eyes. “There is something I have to tell you.”

Oh, that’s new! She looked at Kirara curiously, “What’s it?”

But before Kirara could say anything, they heard the alarm siren echoing through the whole base.


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Feb 19, 2018
Chapter 2 - 5


Zhenya entered the room.

“What happened?” Major Mobami demanded. “Ma’am, we have lost contact with the patrols outside the building and several indoor guards.” Then she concluded. “It’s high likely that we are under attack. They have already infiltrated the base.”

“How many?”

“Still unclear, ma’am.”

“How could that happen?” The major was shocked. “They took out a lot of our soldiers and we know nothing about them?”

“It seems that the intruders are very swift and efficient when they silenced the guards, making sure that no one was able to raise the alarm. They also chose to attack when the guards were changing shifts. As the result, we didn’t realize anything before it was too late.”

“So it’s too late now?” Major Mobami smiled dryly. “Have you contacted the other bases?” She asked Serra, who had just arrived.

“I couldn’t. All channels were unresponsive.” Serra said with a serious expression. “I believe that the enemy has used some kinds of device to interrupt our communication.”

“Do the rebels have access to such kind of technology?” The major cried, utterly astonished. “Unbelievable!”

Zhenya shared the same emotion. What was happening was beyond her belief. The idea that the rebel would even try to attack the HQ was already absurd, it was even more unthinkable that they managed to cause such damage.

“Could it be … him?” Captain Miku said, trembling.

There was a dead silence in the room. Everyone was recalling the horrible fate that fell upon the two patrol squads. The sweet and innocent captain Miku was visibly scared. The major, while still keeping her normal composure, looked obviously disturbed by the idea.

I have to protect them! That is my duty! She thought.

How strange it was! Not a long time ago, the Empire was her enemy. She fought against them, now she was protecting them. Well, the past was the past, her country was gone and there was nothing she could do about. What she could do now was to fulfill her duty as a soldier. She had failed before, but she wouldn’t fail again.

“Ma’am, we still have many soldiers. The off duty girls after hearing the alarm will immediately arm themselves and fight off the intruders. And there are also my girls, who are always ready for battle! We will escort you to evacuate the base safely!”

“No! We can’t!” Serra cut off her suggestion. “We don’t know the number of our enemies and where they are, what their plan is. The attack may be just a distraction, while the real enemies are laying an ambush and waiting for us outside. I think we should hole up. The other bases will soon realize that the communication has been cut off and send reinforcement here.”

The major nodded. “Zhenya, call the girls and fortify this position. Serra, investigate what causes the jamming and find a way to get rid of it.”

“Yes, ma’am!” They replied and left the room.

As soon as the door closed behind them, Zhenya said, laughing. “As unexpected, Serra! Still calm even under pressure.”

“Don’t talk to me like that, I’m pissing myself here.” Serra turned to her, showing an expression she had never seen before. “What if … what if …” She was on the verge of tears. I am an idiot! Serra was a local, therefore considered a traitor by the rebels. If they had her, she would suffer a fate worse than death.

“Don’t worry!” Zhenya assured her friend. “If that bastard comes here, I’ll kick his ass!”

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

I observed the movement of the red glowing shapes through my infrared vision. It appeared that they had decided to dig in instead of fleeing the base. It didn’t matter anyway. If Mobami Kirara tried to escape, I would ambush her; if she stayed, I would go to get her. Her best bet was to make everyone run to every direction, which could ruin my plan since I would have difficulties finding where she was, but I highly doubted that she would make that decision.

I looked at the naked corpses sprawling on the floor of the bathroom. Curvaceous bodies of young pretty girls who got brutally slaughtered. It was a shame they had to die like this, I suspected some of them were virgins. But it would be over soon. There were only ten enemies left, many of them were officers who were not expected to be exposed to actual combat. I only had to kill the remaining guards, fuck the shit out of Kirara as well as other officers, who were no doubt as beautiful as these girls, before executing them. Making up my mind, I left the room.

I darted through the corridors toward where the girls were, keeping checking their positions with my vision. There were two soldiers ahead, I hid myself in the corner before they noticed me.

81.jpg 82.jpg

They must be the Northern women that I had heard about before. They looked taller and more athletic than the Imperial girls I had encountered. They had fair skin, one of them had blonde hair while the other a brunette, and their boobs were huge. They were not properly armed though, perhaps the Empire hadn’t trust them completely. They didn’t wear protection suit, and their weapons were pistols.

There were three doors in the room they were guarding. One was the doorway that would probably lead to Kirara’s place. The two soldiers stood there, staring at two other entrances to the room.

I was carry an assault rifle, picked up from one of the guards on the way here, which was deadly enough to the two scantily clad girls. I counted to three, then jumped out and opened fire. My first target was the brunette facing me, her pair of breasts were riddled with bullets before she could react. I switched to the blonde, who was looking at the other entrance, when she turned and pulled the trigger. Her bra was cut by the bullets, exposing her ruined breasts. The nice rack was bouncing as her body dropped to the floor.

Suddenly I heard a sound from behind and evaded in reflex, feeling a sharp pain in my left shoulder. I looked back at where I was. There was a girl standing there, her hand holding a pickaxe covered with my blood. I could have a hole in my head now instead of my shoulder if I didn’t dodge. Where did she come from? I turned off the infrared vision when I started attacking the two Northern girls so I temporarily lost track of the rest. But she should be behind them, right? How could she sneak up behind me?


I didn’t have time to think about it, since she lunged at me, swinging her pickaxe. I parried it with the rifle, then tried to kick her in the stomach, forcing her to jump back. I jumped backward as well to increase the distance, readying my gun to shoot. But the previous collision with the vicious pickaxe had damaged the rifle, rendering it useless. I threw the gun away and drew my sword.

Both of us charged at each other and exchanged a few blows, then it became obvious that she was at a disadvantage. Despite my injury, I was physically stronger and my weapon had better reach. Her only chance to kill me was the last attempt to attack me from behind, now she was only fighting to delay the inevitable.

The girl screamed in pain as the arm holding her weapon was sent flying, blood splattering everywhere. But I wouldn’t stop there. Angered by my wound, I decided to make her suffer with a brutal death. With a downward swing, I amputated her other hand, then continued with a horizontal slash, chopping off both of her legs. Before her limbless body touched the ground, I thrust my blade forward, impaling it to the wall. The girl stared at me, gasping, her face contorted by pain.

Knowing that the girl wouldn’t trouble me no more, I turned on my infrared vision to check the positions of the other enemies. They didn’t seem to move, so there was no need to worry about another surprise attack. I pulled my sword and the girl dropped to the floor. Was she dead or still alive? I wasn’t sure, but it didn’t matter anyway. I ran through the doorway to my next destination.

There were three soldiers guarding the next checkpoint. The room they were in had only two entrances and one of them led to Kirara, which means all the guns were pointed at the other door. Anyone walked through it would immediately had a lot of holes in his body.

84.jpg 85.jpg 86.jpg

Attacking them head on was suicidal, but I didn’t have to. Now the “stealthy phase” was over, I was free to use my louder toy. I pulled out a grenade, drew out the pin, and lobbed it into the room. I used my vision to know their locations precisely, so I could aim to make sure the grenade would cause the most damage.

I heard the girls crying in panic, following with a earsplitting explosion. Three pretty girls had been reduced to bloody mess. I checked to make sure that there was no movement, then held my breath and sprinted through the room without looking at the gory carnage.

There were only four left, who seemed to be unarmed. I had better be careful. If I accidentally killed Kirara without a proper execution, the Resistance wouldn't be happy.

As soon as I emerged from the room decorated by internal organs of girls, a blonde jumped at me and kicked at my wrist, sending the pistol that I picked up from one of the guard flying away.

“So we meet at last, lady killer!” Her mouth twisted into a cruel grin.

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Chapter 2 - 6


I scanned the room. Other than the blonde who had just attacked me, there was another girl with long black hair cowering in the corner. Judging from the strange equipment on her head, she must be who they called an Operator. It didn’t look like that she would join the fight, so I only needed to focus on my current opponent.

This Northern girl had a pretty face, framed by her beautiful golden hair. She was wearing a leather suit emphasizing her trim and well-muscled figure in a way that could captivate most men that set their eyes upon her. But I knew that she was dangerous enough to be a threat. She had just disarmed me and I had no intention of fighting unarmed against a hand-to-hand combat specialist. My uninjured hand moved toward the sword sheathed in the scabbard at my hip.

Before I could draw the blade, she pounced. Since I could fight with only one hand, I was forced to give up the sword and blocked the attack instead. I pushed her body away before lunging in to kick at her unprotected stomach. She sidestepped just enough and my leg passed a hair's breadth away from her navel, and before I could make a follow-up attack, her fist drove into my ribs, slamming the breath from my lungs.

Damn, she is good! I cursed, jumping backward to increase the distance so that I could get the sword out. But she stuck to me like glue, unleashing a series of quick blows to interrupt my attempt. The sword in the scabbard became a burden, I couldn’t use it and it slowed me down. I tried to grab her hand to restrain her movement, she answered by making a kick toward my groin and I had to evade backward. If I tried to take the offensive, she twisted like a cat, dodging my strike and danced around me.

She was fucking annoying!

Calm down! Calm down! There is no need to be agitated! I told myself. Yes, while this battle was frustrating, it was nothing compared to when I was on the verge of life and death during the fight against Haruka. It was true that I was getting hit a lot, but her punches didn’t have the impact of the looming demise like the vicious blade of that crazy woman. On the other hand, I only needed to land one single hit on her, then the battle was over. As my mind became clearer, I began to formulate a plan.

My right hand reached the hilt of my sword, expecting her to come to attack. She took the bait, believing that there was nothing I could do. That was a grave mistake. She had gotten used to the idea that I fought with only one hand, so she didn’t see that coming. I gritted my teeth, working through the pain, and rammed the fist of my wounded hand to her crotch. It hurt like hell, for both of us. But I landed a hit, so it was over. I knocked the staggered girl to the ground, then gave her a few more kicks in the stomach to make sure that she couldn’t get up.

I drew my sword, looking down at my defeated enemy. She could neither move nor resist, but returned my glance with mocking, defying eyes. “Do it! Make it quick!” She growled through her pain. I smirked, “If you cry and beg, I will consider giving you a quick death.”

“In your dream, bastard! Do whatever you want, then! I will never beg!”

Still acting tough, huh? My shoulder still hurt a lot, and her stubbornness fueled my anger. If she wanted to play tough, then I would play tough. I stabbed the sword downward between her legs, penetrating deep into the floor, its blade was close enough to touch the leather pants covering her womanhood. I wasn't entirely sure whether it would work, but I had seen and felt how this blade easily go through flesh and bones even with the use of minimum force, so decided to give it a try.

“What … What are you doing?” She asked, her eyes widened in a subtle panic, as I grabbed both of her legs. “Just try to test the sharpness of my sword.” I grinned, beginning to pull.

Her scream echoed the room as the blade sliced through her vagina. “No! No! Not this! Not this!” Her face was contorted in agony, tears flowing out of her blue eyes.

The blade was now at her lower abdomen, her uterus must had been in two pieces by now. “Please! Stop! No more! Please! I beg you! It hurts! It hurts!” So you are begging now? Sorry, but it’s already too late!

The blade had passed her navel. She no longer had any strength to scream, all what she let out was pathetic groaning sounds. “Just … kill … me … please …” But I continued to pull.

The blade cut through the leather covering her chest, revealing a pair of white milky breasts, separated by a red bloody gash. She was already dead, so I stopped. I had no intention of cutting her pretty head in half. I really liked her face. It's a pity, if she hadn't been too stubborn and I hadn't let anger and bloodlust take better of me, I could have some fun and she could have a less painful death.

I looked at the other girl, who was huddling up into a ball at the corner, sobbing and shuddering in terror. There was a pool of yellow fluid spreading on the floor under her legs. She looked so weak and pathetic that I couldn’t help but feeling a moment of guilt, but only a moment.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----


Serra was covering the ears with her two hands so that she didn't have to hear Zhenya’s scream. What did she do to deserve such a horrible death? Why did he have to be so cruel? But it was not the time to lament her friend’s fate. The man was standing right next to her now, towering over her. She quivered with fear when he looked into her face.

“I … I surrender …” she whimpered.

“Sorry, but I take no prisoner.” The man shook his head.

Her heart nearly stopped. He was joking, right? He was trying to scare me, right? No. Of course not. A dumb girl like Miku may try to fool herself like that, but Serra knew better, especially after she witnessed how he brutally butchered Zhenya. So she would die now? At this place? Why? Why?

“I … don’t want to die.” She sobbed.

“Then you shouldn’t have joined the army in the first place. You are an officer, which means you volunteered.”

Of course she knew that. She joined the army in order to get the reward the Empire promised. Even so, she didn’t want to die. She was still very young, and there were still a lot of things she wanted to do, goals she wanted to achieve. She couldn’t accept the fact that her hope and dream would end here.

“Please … don’t kill me … I will do anything you say.”

“Anything, you said?” The man was pondering. She knew it was useless. She was smart enough to understand that no matter what she did for him, he would kill her in the end anyway. Even so, she would grab this tiny ray of hope. She would do everything, anything. Maybe, just maybe, on a whim he would give her mercy.

“First question, what is your name?”

“Serra.” She replied, trembling as a new fear began to creep into her heart.

“Serra?” The man was puzzled. “You are a local?”

After a moment of hesitation, she nodded, expecting the man would jump at her and tear her apart. But he only said, “I see. How about the other two in the next room?”

“They are Major Mobami Kirara and Captain Takano Miku, commanding and executive officers of this battalion. They are both from the main land.”

“Let’s go meet them then.” The man said, grabbing her shoulders. He made her stand up then pushed her toward the door of the commander’s room.


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Thank you, I'm glad you like my story :D
This chapter is longer than my initial expectation. Still two more parts to go!


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Chapter 2 - 7


Miku shuddered when she heard the scream. Was that Zhenya’s voice? What was happening to her? Shouldn’t they come out to check? But even if she wanted to, she couldn’t move her frozen body.

She glanced at Kirara. The older girl appeared to be still keeping her composure, but she could see her lips quivering. Noticing her gaze, Kirara turned and their eyes met. What did Kirara saw in her eyes? She didn’t know, she was not even sure what her expression was at the moment. Kirara grabbed her hand and said, “No matter what happens, I will protect you.”

“If someone can get past Zhenya and enter this room,” she smiled, “I doubt that you can do much.”

“Even so, I won’t let any harm come to you,” Kirara yelled, “even if it cost my life.”

“Kirara,” she took a deep breath then looked the girl who she considered her second sister in the eyes, “I don’t want to die, but I won’t let you die alone.”

“Idiot, what the hell are you …” Kirara was interrupted by the sound of door opened. Both of them turned to the entrance, where stood Serra and a masked man in black.

She no longer heard Zhenya’s scream. Was she … dead? And what happened to Serra? She didn’t look a bit like the Serra she knew. The proud, intelligent and beautiful Operator was now a wreck of her former self. Miku saw a wet yellow stain on Serra’s white skirt. Poor girl! What had terrified her so much? What had happened out there?

Kirara drew her pistol and pointed at the man. “Let her go or I will shoot!” She was mustering all of her strength and tried to be intimidating. But Miku knew it was useless. There was no way she could fire, Serra was in the way. The man smirked, “Drop the gun, or I will break her neck!”

While Kirara was still hesitated, the man walked forward, still keeping Serra between him and Kirara. When they were close enough, suddenly he threw the hostage at her.


What had just happened? Miku wasn’t sure. All she knew was she heard a gunshot, and now Serra was twitching on the floor, her hands clutching at her bloody stomach. Kirara had dropped the gun, looking down at her two hands in disbelief, terrified by what she had done.

Miku stood up and move toward Serra, but the man stopped her. “I must help her!” She said. The man shook his head, “I don’t think you have time to worry about the others.” He grabbed her collar and violently tore her uniform to shreds, revealing her slim and soft body.

“What … What are you doing?” She asked, her cheeks flushed. The man said nothing, proceeding to tie up both of her hands behind her back. Then he did the same to the stunned Kirara.

Now both of them were kneeling on the floor, naked. Having her body exposed to a male stranger was indeed a terrible experience to her, but there was something else she was more concerned about. Serra was still bleeding.

“If we don’t bandage her up, she will die.” She told the man. He nodded, “Yeah, she will. But so will you two.”

Miku’s heart skipped a beat. “Why?” She asked, on the verge of tears.

“You ask why?” The man laughed. “You two are the highest ranking officers here, of course you are the main targets of this raid.”

“Wait!” Kirara interrupted. “Do anything you want to me but leave Miku alone! She has no parts in commanding this battalion. All she is doing here is making tea and cakes. She is useless. There is no need to kill her.”

The man laughed even louder. “She is a captain. She is an executive officer. And you are telling me that all she does is making tea and cakes?”

“Yes, believe me!” Kirara continued her plea. “She is useless. She should never be in the army in the first place. She just wants to for some reasons, what a spoiled kid! We couldn’t persuade her to give up so we gave up instead. We arranged so that she was assigned here, far away from the front line, and close to me so I can take care of her. She is like a sister to me. She is just a stupid child. Please, so mercy to her!”

“First, I don’t have time to verify what you said.” The man told Kirara. “And second, whatever her reasons are, she is in the army now, wearing an uniform. Well, she isn’t at the moment though.” He smirked, glancing at Miku’s bare small breasts. “She went to war, and war had come to her.”

“But … but …” Kirara was still not giving up.

“It’s enough, Kirara.” She smiled at the older girl. “Thanks for trying to help me but I don’t think he will let me go no matter what you say. Besides, yes, you’re right, I am useless. Even so, you and everyone else here accepted me. Now you tell me to to bail out on you when things get ugly?”

“Brave girl!” The man said. “But I wonder how long you can still be brave. Anyway, I am ordered to give you the most humiliating death. Hmm, humiliating … What should I do? What should I do?” He pondered, scratching his chin. “Ah yes! I could do that again. Yes, it will do. Okay! Let’s go, ladies!” The man made them stand up and shoved them through the door, leaving the groaning Serra behind.

Miku gasped when she saw Zhenya’s mangled corpse. Even though she had told Kirara that she was prepared to die with her, her resolution gradually waned as they passed through the rooms. The rooms splattered with blood, flesh and intestines. The rooms with two Northern girls, their breasts mutilated by bullets, and another who had been chopped to pieces. Finally, they arrived at the bathroom with five naked corpses.

“What … are you going to do to us?” Miku whimpered, expecting him to cut them down here.

“First, I want you to pee.” The man said, opening the door of one of the toilet stall.

“What? Why?”

“Just do it!”

“I can’t. It’s embarrassing!”

“Either you do it yourself,” the man threatened, “or I will squeezed it out for you!”

Miku wasn’t sure what he meant, but she didn’t think that was something she wanted to know. Reluctantly, she sat on the toilet and released her bladder. The man didn’t bother to look away, it was so embarrassing. “I’m done, now what?” She said after her bladder emptied, her face flustered red.

“Now stand up, step one step forward, then turn around!” She did what he said. What is he trying to do? She thought, confused. Then suddenly …

Wait, what? What just happened? The next thing she knew was her face was in the toilet, her own piss invading her nostrils and mouth. She struggled, but no matter how hard she tried, there was a pressure from above that kept her head in its place.

I am being drowned? In my own piss? If she could cry now, she would, but all she could do was sputtering and gasping. She didn’t want to die like this. No, she didn’t want to die at all.

Kirara, save me!

But there was no one there to save her. A moment later, the life of the sweet girl had been extinguished.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----


Kirara was on the floor.

When the man started drowning Miku, she tried to stop him, and got kicked in the stomach. Then she was lying there in pain, helplessly witnessing the murder of the girl she loved.

I’m sorry, Mayu! You asked me to take care of your sister, but I couldn’t protect her!

The man left Miku there, her head still in the toilet. He seized Kirara and forced her to go into the stall. He made her bend over, crouching on all fours, her face nearly touched Miku’s butt. Then he grabbed her breasts with both of his hands, while his knees kept her legs spread wide open, then began to ram his rod deep inside her.

Kirara’s mind was a mess. A lot of things passed through her head at the same time. Sadness because of Miku’s death, agony because she was being raped, terror because she knew she was going to die soon, despair because of her own helplessness. She didn’t know what was what anymore. She didn’t know what she should think about in a situation like this. Then he told her.

“Want to lick that pussy?”

“What?” Kirara was astonished.

“The way you looked at her was not how one looked at her sister. You loved her, right? You wanted to fuck her, right? So why don’t you touch that body? You won’t get another chance in this lifetime.”

Kirara had always been living in the shadow of her mother. Other than her few closest friends, everyone else only saw her as the daughter of the famed General Mobami. As the result, she was always strict to herself, setting up a lot of rules and principles and following them to the letter. She must do her best to live up to the prestige of her house and must not do anything that could taint her mother’s reputation. She was happy when Miku was assigned to her’s place, but she had to hold back her feeling. Illicit relationship between soldiers in the Imperial army was against the regulation. Yes, it was never strictly enforced and people did it all the time. But they were not her. Mobami Kirara would never broke the rules.

But it no longer mattered now. Miku was dead, and she was going to die soon. Rules, principles, prestige, reputation, everything was meaningless. So why couldn’t she be selfish for the first and the last time in her life?

I’m sorry, Miku! I’m going to defile your remains. Forgive me, okay?

Kirara burrowed her face into Miku’s ass. A bad smell hit her nostrils. Of course, Miku had just peed before she died so some of her urine still remained in her crotch. Nevertheless, Kirara licked it anyway. Miku, you know what? Your pussy tastes better than your cakes! The younger girl would have been disgusted if she had ever been told those words. But, Kirara wished she had the chance to say it to her when she was still alive.

She didn’t know how long time had passed, but finally the man released his seed inside her. He let go of her and moved forward, tossing Miku’s body aside as if it was just a sack of meat, then he grabbed the back of her head and brought it to above the toilet.

“Your turn! Any last word?”

She was going to be killed in exactly the same way as the girl she loved, to be drowned in Miku’s piss. Maybe to her, dying this way wasn’t too bad.

She shook her head, and the man pressed her down. It wasn’t long before her body went limp.


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Is it still possible to save Serra :( ? Also my god, our character is soo cruel but at the same time I understand everything has a perspective. How did he record the deaths? Does he hae body cam?


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Due to time constraints, I've only read Chapter 1 with only a couple glimpses of the second one, but this is great. Touches on my most bizarre fetish of zako that I feel bad for dying horrifically. Strange sense of both enjoying their demises while also feeling bad for them. Yet despite the individuals being sympathetic, the actual cause is downright evil, with them gunning down civilians. In this sense, I very much liked Hana. She has a great sense of being a "bad girl" who the "hero" kills while also being sympathetic to the point where you feel bad seeing her die. She was outwardly rude to her squadmates, but also just didn't want to get attached to expendable recruits. She was also drafted, not actually choosing by her own accord to join the military. In her final moments, in her mind she's simply begging for the chance to beg. Hana was certainly my favorite. Akane, the classic "Short ways away from retirement" character so of course she's easy to feel bad for, but what actually made Hana more interesting to me was that she shows negative traits too, rather than seeming nice and sympathetic in every way, but was still just a regular and not really that mean girl with her own problems and background.

Long story short Hana is the best girl and I wanna hug and comfort her. :oops::oops::oops: Though if she was still around she would probably have an aversion to hugs now. :tongue:

EDIT: Okay, completely caught up now, and dang, that last one just kinda made me sad. We spent the whole chapter learning about and seeing the daily life of mostly Kirara, Serra, and Miku, then at the end the story culminates in their humiliating cruel deaths. Which of course, how else would it end? But I'm not really that into it here. Personally for me, a little pity towards to zako is good, but there are some instances that pity outweighs the interest in their inevitable demise. Like, it's easy for me to stomach if the character is either: brief enough that despite her being seemingly sympathetic, you don't really see enough of her to care that much, or: enough of a bad person that despite their sympathetic traits, I still enjoy seeing them killed. For instance, if ever cutesy sweet thing that happened with the main girls still happened, but there's also a little talk or action about how one might have a hobby for torturing small animals, or another is super invested in the war but hate how the empire is bringing in "inferior races" for support, or they go on a break to torture a prisoner of war. Personally for me, I simply prefer that kind of antagonist in these kinds of stories because it fleshes them out and makes them somewhat sympathetic, but makes it clear their still the bad guys and need to die. With a mostly innocent character like Miku being one of the top targets here, and the main villainess of the first chapter being an utter monster, It seems you like a variety, so I'd recommend that if there's a third chapter maybe you could do a semi-sympathetic, but still not a good person type, if you'd be interested in that of course.

And to end of one of my occasional walls of text, I'm betting the final target at the end of this series will be the empress herself. Just a hunch. :wink::wink::wink:
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Thank you guys for your opinions :D

Miku is my favorite character in this chapter and I enjoyed writing about her very much. Perhaps that's why I got carried away and made her too sympathetic. Originally, I only intended her to be a rich spoiled stupid kid who went to where she shouldn't (she still is though, after all that's what everyone else thinks of her). As the result, I was conflicted when I had to write to her end. Letting her survive just makes no sense while a quick simple death is too anticlimactic after all of the built up, so finally I decided to make it a tragedy.

But don't worry, characters like Miku are very rare. Most are gray. This is a war after all, who has never dirtied her hands? So you probably won't see a sweet and innocent girl has to die a horrible death again. Probably :tongue:

How did he record the deaths? Does he hae body cam?
Yes, the camera is attached to his suit.

And to end of one of my occasional walls of text, I'm betting the final target at the end of this series will be the empress herself. Just a hunch. :wink::wink::wink:
Yeah, because it's not totally given away by the title :grin:


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Thank you guys for your opinions :D

Miku is my favorite character in this chapter and I enjoyed writing about her very much. Perhaps that's why I got carried away and made her too sympathetic. Originally, I only intended her to be a rich spoiled stupid kid who went to where she shouldn't (she still is though, after all that's what everyone else thinks of her). As the result, I was conflicted when I had to write to her end. Letting her survive just makes no sense while a quick simple death is too anticlimactic after all of the built up, so finally I decided to make it a tragedy.

But don't worry, characters like Miku are very rare. Most are gray. This is a war after all, who has never dirtied her hands? So you probably won't see a sweet and innocent girl has to die a horrible death again. Probably :tongue:

Yes, the camera is attached to his suit.

Yeah, because it's not totally given away by the title :grin:
I must say though, despite my complaints, focusing on the main villain throughout the chapter to lead into the hero's final confrontation with her is a pretty solid idea. Under different circumstances where there's more to dislike about the villain, I can see this type of setup making her death feel very satisfying rather than tragic. I'd say stick with giving antagonist-point of view sections because they're pretty great.


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Chapter 2 - 8


One week had passed since the Agent’s raid against the HQ of the 762nd Battalion. The enemies were in complete disarray after the destruction of their headquarter and the subsequent release of the footage of their commanding officer’s humiliating death. The Resistance lost no time in exploiting the opportunity. They immediately engaged the Imperial army in District 7 to wrest control of the area. The 762nd Battalion was annihilated with most of its soldiers perished in the battle, their bodies littering the field, and the survivors were now dragged out of their hiding places, stripped naked, and summarily executed.

Cecilia looked down from the hill. Her girls were gathering the carcasses of their enemies to make a great pile of beautiful bodies that would soon become fertilizer for the Farm. Not far away was a big tree where she could see several naked corpses dangling. Hanging was always the preferred execution method of the Resistance. It didn’t cost bullets, it was quick but still enough to make the condemned suffer and it had profound effect on the ones in the line waiting for their turns. Cecilia saw three Imperial soldiers, one sobbed and begged when they put the noose around her neck, two others were sitting on the ground, hugging each other and crying.

“Is that really necessary? I think killing off all of the prisoners is a bit too much.”

“Said the guy who murdered two girls by making them drink their own piss,” Cecilia laughed, turning to the Agent. “Okay, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I criticize you or something. After all, I am the one who gave you the order. I’m just … curious. How did you do that? I mean, I have shoot people, I have hanged people, but that’s extent of what I could do, while you are capable of doing something far more brutal. And you are a man no less. If every man were able to butcher young pretty girls like you, we woman wouldn’t have to fight in the first place.”

“I don’t know,” the Agent shook his head. “On the one hand, I'm aware that I’m cruel to them. On the other hand, I just do it as if it’s the most natural thing to do. Maybe I was just born that way.”

“Yeah, you are very different from all of the men I have ever known,” Cecilia said then changed the topic. “By the way, my girls were making a fuss because they couldn’t find the corpses of Mobami Kirara and Takano Miku. Do you know anything?”

“Oh, I buried them,” replied the Agent.

“Why?” Cecillia was puzzled.

“Let’s just say that I have a soft spot for lovebirds,” the Agent shrugged. “I suspected that your soldiers could attempt to desecrate their remains even more.”

“Aye,” she nodded in agreement, “someone wanted to impale Mobami Kirara’s corpse with a pole and use it as our new battle standard.” Then she looked him in the eyes. “But you are a weird guy. After all the things you had done to them, you wanted to protect their bodies from being defiled? I can’t decide whether you are a heartless bastard or not.”

The Agent said nothing, peering at the execution ground. The first prisoner was dead. The rebels proceeded to tear the two hugging girls apart and drag one of them toward the tree. They were crying and calling each other’s name.

“You think the Resistance mostly consists of what kind of people?” She asked.

“The patriotic ones?”

“No,” Cecilia shook her head, “the ones who hold grudges.” She looked at the puzzled Agent and explained. “It is not vague ideology that keeps you continue to fight for years under terrible conditions, hatred does. Most of my girls have scores need to be settled with the Empire. Just think about it, the people who merely dislike the Empire won’t leave their home to go to live in the forest. They will stay at the cities, gritting their teeth and begrudgingly accepted the new masters. Some even collaborated with the Empire, hoping for a better life.”

“For example, her.” Cecilia pointed at the girl who was overseering the execution. “Ah, she was the one who took me to your tent when I first arrived at your camp,” said the Agent.


“Yeah, her name is Farina. She had two sisters, both died during the invasion five years ago. Her family hated the Empire so they supported the Resistance. One day, the soldiers came to their house and killed everyone. Farina was the only survivor. She barely escaped to the forest and joined us. Here she made new friends, then watched most of them died due to combat, diseases or wild animals. See? The anger and frustration was piled up over years, and now is the time for them to vent.”

They heard a gunshot. The last girl tried to flee and was shot in the leg. Farina grabbed her ankle and dragged her back to the tree while the girl was scratching the ground, desperately trying to resist.

“I’m not saying it is the right thing to do,” Cecilia sighed. “When the attack started, I am as eager to slaughter the Imperial bitches as anyone. Seeing their bodies littering the field did give me great satisfaction. Now though … I am kind of sick of killing. But I can’t bring myself to tell my girls to stop. I feel like I would be a hypocrite if I did so.”

“You sound like you are different from them,” the Agent asked, “what is your story then?”

“Well, my family belongs to the types who grit their teeth. We hate the Empire, of course, since they have turned our lives upside down. But there is nothing we can do about it, so we have to accept a new life …”

“What made you change your mind?”

“One day, I had an accident. I fell in a river and swept away. I thought I would die. When I woke up, I was in the forest. She saved me.” Cecilia pointed at Louise, the quiet girl who had been silently standing beside them the whole time.


“We talked a lot and I learnt about the Resistance,” she continued. “Then I had two choices: Coming back to the city and continuing to be an obedient dog, or to trying to fight to claim back what I and everyone else have lost. I chose the latter.”

“But you said yourself that people can't continue fighting for years under terrible conditions without strong reasons like hatred," the Agent mused.

“Well, how should I put it?” Cecilia replied. “I found out that I was good at this job. Yes, it’s simple as that. And it seems that the leaders of the Resistance have the same opinions with me. They kept promoting me and now I am a commander of hundreds of girls.”

“Yeah, the Resistance needs levelheaded women like you.” The Agent nodded. “Do you know what happened to your family?”

"Dunno," she shook her head, "I have never come back to the city. I can’t. Too risky! I could have put my entire family in danger. I’m sure that they think I’m already dead. Yes, the old me had died in the river. I am a rebel now, so it’s better if we have separate lives. Maybe, I will come back after we win.”

“That will take a very long time.” The Agent shrugged. Then suddenly he seemed to notice something, staring down at the execution ground. “Oh, it’s her!”

Cecilia looked down as well. A new prisoner of war was dragged toward the tree. She was a bespectacled girl with long black hair, completely naked except for the bandages around her belly.


“An Operator of the HQ, who I encountered during the raid,” the Agent explained. “She was shot in the gut, then I totally forgot about her. I guess someone arrived after I left and patched her up, and she survived.”

“Not for long.”

The girls appeared to be more angry than usual. They sneered at the Imperial soldier, threw stones at her, and spit at her face. One stone hit her wound in the stomach and she dropped to the ground, and the girls kept kicking her until she got up.

“I wonder what is happening down there?” Cecilia pondered.

“I think that they have found out that she is a local.”

“A local?” Cecilia was astonished.

“She told me her name was Serra or something. That is a local’s name, right?”

Cecilia nodded in understanding. Collaborators were hated even more than the invaders. She looked at the girl named Serra. Was she an evil person who was helping the enemy murder her own countrymen? Or was she just a young naive girl who wanted a better future for herself? It made no difference though. No mattered how much she begged and cried, they wrapped a noose around her neck. It wasn’t long before she became just another corpse dangling from the tree.


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Feb 19, 2018
So the second chapter has been finished, I hope that you enjoyed the ride :grin:
What do you think of this chapter, the named characters (other than Miku ;)) ) and the nameless soldiers?

Anyway, here is Extra Info #2:

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Extra Info #2:

A Brief Timeline of the Empire

The 1st year of Her Majesty’s Reign:
The Empress ascended to the throne, after the mysterious death of her husband.​

The 2nd year:
The First Princess was born.
Incubation centers were constructed throughout the Empire.​

The 3rd year:
The First Reformation was carried out. The Imperial Army was organized into six Legions.​

The 4th year:
The Second Princess was born.​

The 5th year:
The First Northern War: The Northern countries had already realized the advantage of female armies and started to field them. However, due to the lack of time to prepare and access to incubation technology, their armies were vastly outnumbered by the Empire’s Legions. The war ended quickly with a peace treaty with favored terms for the Empire, who also absorbed many technologies of the North, including plasma weaponry. The Empire intensively studied these new technologies and adopted them to their army.
Plasma weapons adopted from the Northern countries

The 6th year:
The Third Princess was born.

The 7th year:
The Western Border Conflict: In this war, the Empire used plasma weapons against the Mech Corps of the West to test its power. This was also the first time an Experimental Combat Unit was deployed. Nevertheless, the war ended up a stalemate and both sides agreed to make peace.
The Western countries were alerted by the Empire’s aggression and tried to create a Defense Pact among the countries neighboring the Empire.

The 8th year:
The attempt to create the Defense Pact failed due to the disagreement among the nations and the Empire’s interference using bribery, coercion and sabotage.
For the first time, the world learnt about the existence of the Secret Eyes.

The 10th year:
Telepathy technology was discovered. Anyone who equips this device on her head can send her thought to anyone else within a large area. The Empire started to train a new class of specialized officers, the Operators. The HQ of a company-size unit or above always employs one of these specialists, who is responsible for helping the commanding officer coordinate the troops. It was boasted that an Operator’s communication can never be disrupted.

An Operator, the essential specialist of any larger Imperial formation

The 11th year:
Two more Legions were raised.

The 12th year:
The Eastern Conquest: The Empire invaded the Eastern countries, overwhelming them with their number and technology superiority, especially the plasma weapons were used to penetrate the famed battlesuits of the East with ease.

The 13th year:
Another attempt to create the Defense Pact failed. It’s rumored that the Mistress of the Secret Eyes herself directly intervened to foil this plan.

The 14th year:
The Second Reformation was carried out. The soldiers of the Empire were now outfitted with the Eastern battlesuits as the standard armor of the Imperial army. Two more Legions were raised.

Battlesuits adopted from the Eastern countries

The 15th year:
The Second Northern War: The Empire’s Legions marched north, beginning their Northern Conquest campaign.

The 17th year:
The last Northern country surrendered. The conquest of the North was completed.
The Western and Southern countries created the Alliance, which will declare war to the Empire if any of its member gets attacked.

The 18th year:
The 11th Legion was raised.

The 19th year:
The 2nd Legion, commanded by General Mobami Ririka, invaded the Island and successfully conquered it. The Island became one of the Empire’s province, governed by a Viceroy appointed by the Empress. The conquest of the East was completed.

The 20th year:
Various insurgent groups of the Island united under the banner of the Resistance. It was suspected that they were funded by the Alliance.

The 21st year:
The Empire declared war on the Alliance.

The 22nd year:
The 12th Legion was raised. Takano Mayu was appointed its General and became the youngest general in the history of the Empire.

The 24th year of Her Majesty’s Reign:
An agent from another continent arrived at the Island.
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