1. Cobra02

    My Manga "The Blade Of King"- In case you missed it!

    Hey folks! I'm Cobra02 aka MadCoby, it's been ages since i've posted something here. :confused: Since the 6th chapter of my Manga is about to be released :cool: :cool:, and since i've never talked about it here i assume many members would like to check it out. :tongue: So just in case you...
  2. slayer

    Flower Children Shooter

    Here I attached jettmanas' Flower Children shooter minigame. Press 1-5 to spawn additional girls.
  3. ViridianShine

    The Amnesiac - A Zako Story

    Hello! I’m a lurker, and I’m here to add another story of decent length (at least, that’s the intention right now) to the pile. Since you’re probably reading a fetish story for one reason, this top post will be a quick summary of what’s to come. Just making sure you don’t waste your time before...
  4. ZakoLover

    [Zako fiction] A deal with the Devil

    Hello everyone, I'm back! And I am returning to write zako fiction! ^^ I will not continue the Fall of an Empire series though. Instead, I will start a completely new story. Not sure whether I will be able write it to the end :tongue:, but we shall see. Anyway, enjoy! :grin: ----- ----- -----...
  5. Minion

    Zako Cosplays and Photoshoots

    I've noticed more and more zako/combatants cosplays and photoshoots creeping up recently, especially on twitter, so I thought it would be good to have a place for these little gems. This board is for live action amateur photoshoots of combatants (sha;'ll we also include Behind the scenes...
  6. kmon22

    kmon22's zako art

    This is the first comic that I ever finish. I hope you like it.
  7. ZakoLover

    Fall of an Empire - A zako story

    Hello everyone! I am a newcomer here. Zako is my fetish and I am delighted to find out this place. I love reading the zako stories here, and I want to add one of my own zako fantasies. Short summary: A covert ops specialist was hired to fight an evil Empire full of young beautiful female...
  8. Cobra02

    Team Z: New ZAKO animated serie project SUGGESTION!!!

    Hi everybody, We are working on a zako animation story, we just started to make this happens, Our main goal is to make more zako series on the web if it was possible. The idea was just new, we want to be more professional and improve uour works, and make it better and better. The animation...